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  1. Dual commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 2 months ago

    Ahhh, The Country of Elongated Pacifiers…

  2. Dual commented on Darrin Bell 3 months ago

    Godwin’s Law invoked in record time

  3. Dual commented on Peanuts Begins 6 months ago

    We had a young cat who bodysurfed down snowy hills

  4. Dual commented on Richard's Poor Almanac 7 months ago

    They’re stripping the headers off of Thompson’t art, right? Beyond the vandalism it makes these strips hard to understand at times: premise and all that…

  5. Dual commented on Non Sequitur 7 months ago

    There is so much coolness in Wiley’s drawings…

  6. Dual commented on Shutterbug Follies 8 months ago

    This is NEW???

  7. Dual commented on Richard's Poor Almanac 9 months ago

    Ah, the foresight to predict Lindsay Lohan….

  8. Dual commented on Big Nate 9 months ago

    VERY odd timing for this story arc.

  9. Dual commented on Peanuts 10 months ago

    Again with the red. GoComics’ colorist doesn’t trust Charles Schultz’ art to carry its own weight.

  10. Dual commented on Dilbert Classics 10 months ago

    Oh, and another computer automated our largest recording console.