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  1. midland1967 commented on Cathy about 7 hours ago

    For half of our married life, Pugie, our 20 year old cat, was the barrier between my wife and I. It is hard to live with an obsessive worrier, seriously anxious and quick to angry person such as I. My wife is my caretaker. She organizes my life, baby me about my fears and keeps things going in our marriage. She would get worn out. Pugie gave her comfort from having to live with such impossible man.
    When Pugie had to be put to sleep, we had the vet come to our home. The pain for my wife was so great, she could not bring herself to hold Pugie. I did. Nobody should leave this world without being held.

  2. midland1967 commented on Cathy about 10 hours ago

    A few days ago, I was at Marine Corp Recruit Depot. I saw a unit of BOTH men and women doing combat training drills. Yes, women want equality in hand to hand combat, Cathy.

  3. midland1967 commented on Cathy 8 days ago

    Please free yourself about being overweight. You are the same size when you were a high school junior. My wife is 60 pounds over the ideal weight. But I still love her as deeply as when we met. In your interview, you said you wanted to get married but it was the guys. Yes, men from our generation were not ideal partners for marriage. Do you think a guy who is going to get drafted makes a good candidate for marriage? A lot of us came back with a lot of mental problems with the war. These guys were not very good candidates for marriage. What about the rest who didn’t go. But think of all the drinkers and drug users. They were not good candidates for marriage. What was left of eligible men had a pretty big field to choose from.
    It was not you being overweight, Cathy. Just remember how crazy our generation was.

  4. midland1967 commented on Cathy 12 days ago

    My daughter has no desire about marriage like our generation. It is not a burning issue like our generation. She only wants the experience of having her own baby.
    The only incident to mar my son’s birth was my father. The only question he had was did the child have “Chinese eyes.” Not that the baby or mother were well, but just that. My father was a racist.
    My oldest sister was accepted to the University of Michigan, one of the major universities in this country. His concern was that she could find a Chinese engineer or doctor to marry. She married a tall blonde and blue eye fellow. He disowned my middle sister when she married a white student at Central Michigan University.
    The family dark secret came out when my father died. His mother was a love child between his sea captain grandfather and his Japanese mistress. His grandfather’s Chinese wife, barren, took my grandmother as her own. I think my father wanted to keep from diluting the family’s Chinese blood.
    I volunteered for the Vietnam War to get away from his insanity. I found a little Mexican woman who gave me love and a family. Like George said, how can a man live with a woman for 40 years? Love

  5. midland1967 commented on Cathy 13 days ago

    Why do people think vacations and marriage lead to happiness?
    All I heard about vacations was it was an escape from a job they hate. My daughter lives vacation every day. She loves working with disadvantage students, counseling them to get into college. But she does not live her job day and night like most people. She tells me that she goes to Chinatown to take Tai Chi twice a week. She goes to dance classes. She loves the night life in New York City, dancing with her friends.
    I tell her not to get marry unless she loves that person with great passion to give up her lifestyle. Marriage is hard work. You have to work hard with a husband to make a marriage work. You can love somebody, but you could never make a marriage work. It is a hundred times harder with a child.
    She is excited about going to China in September. I told her you can’t bring a baby on that vacation.

  6. midland1967 commented on Cathy 13 days ago

    I told my daughter to follow her stars. She may not be rich, but she has had fun. You want to look back and said I lived the best. Never let a man make decisions for you. It is your life.

  7. midland1967 commented on Cathy 14 days ago

    We are only going on vacation for my wife’s sake. She is the fun loving one. I am the one who spent five days in Hong Kong in the Hilton and bars. I didn’t drink. I was the womanizer so where do you meet women in foreign countries.
    We are over 60 and things are breaking down. So we plan to go on trips every six months. I have an excellent travel person. If you compute your time on your hourly rate, you would find that you have spent twice as much by not using an expert.
    I will take lots of pictures and videos for her Facebook page. I will try to pretend I am having fun at the Grand Canyon.
    Bottom line, you should live where you would want to vacation. We live in sunny San Diego on the coast. My sister visited us. We went to Mission Bay. “You must come here all the time.” No, just when you are here.
    Coronado, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Imperial Beach, Cabrillo National Park and so forth. My wife loves to walk on beaches so we do.

  8. midland1967 commented on Cathy 15 days ago

    My two brothers still live under his shadow. They feel that they have failed in life. Sometimes, I still hear my father’s voice. “You could have been so much more.” A weekly newspaper publisher, he was one of the first minorities in Michigan Republican leadership. Robert Griffin, his political ally, was the Minority Republican Senate Leader during the Nixon years.
    But I was always the troublemaker. My siblings would say, keep quiet. But I couldn’t, especially about supporting Nixon. But most of all, I wanted my life. My sister said, “He was just trying to save your life when he got those orders to Washington DC.” He could have just sent me anywhere else out of harm’s way. He just wanted to steer me into a political career.
    At 65, I have lived a private life. My wife told me, “I love you more than you love me.” What more can a man have? My father lived for his success. I lived for my family.
    This was my life, not his.

  9. midland1967 commented on Cathy 15 days ago

    We are our parents. Our children are now in their late 30s. They move in lighting speed while looking at their iPhones. We try to be off the streets by noon because they drive at high speeds and do not stop at stop signs. We never beyond 20 miles from home. If we ever go to LA, we take the train. LA drivers are nuts.

  10. midland1967 commented on Cathy 15 days ago

    She is a government auditor. But she is a single black mother, raising sometimes an out of control young boy. “Women are still behind in equal pay. Feminism is about women getting the same pay as men.”
    We had a problem with a branch manager. He used his veteran preference as a weapon against women. He used to tell young women auditors that it was impossible for him to lose his position. The agency moved a woman veteran from Washington DC to bump him out of his job.
    When in the emergency room, I was cared for by a young nurse. She was a divorced mother of two children. With a smile, “I pay alimony to him.” I think she was happy to pay the money to get rid of him.