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  1. B8TMAN commented on Sarah's Scribbles 4 days ago

    As a Gen X coming from a low income family, I really have to give my thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for the generous scholarship.

  2. B8TMAN commented on Lio 11 days ago

    Nope, can’t enter the Rally. Does not meet standards of what a truck is in the name ‘Monster Truck’

  3. B8TMAN commented on Pearls Before Swine 19 days ago

    Butt Love

  4. B8TMAN commented on Close to Home 29 days ago

    The movie, ‘Idiocracy’ from 2006 takes place 500 years into the future. In reality, it’s already here. People have dumb themselves down by wanting to be entertained all the time and not wanting to do anything with politics, or even take it serious. Regardless of party preference, we allow ourselves to let the “media” (angry, one-sided, screaming people) tell us what to believe and who to vote for.

  5. B8TMAN commented on Close to Home about 1 month ago

    My parents needed that

  6. B8TMAN commented on Sarah's Scribbles about 1 month ago

    The blades on the razors of the same manufacturer are exactly the same between women’s and men’s. The only differences are the color and design of the handle, and the price. Anything advertised to women when there’s a men’s or regular version of it is usually more expensive

  7. B8TMAN commented on FoxTrot 2 months ago

    The most common one says that in olden times, homes had thatched roofs in which domestic animals such as cats and dogs would like to hide. In heavy rain, the animals would either be washed out of the thatch, or rapidly abandon it for better shelter, so it would seem to be raining cats and dogs.

  8. B8TMAN commented on Pie Comic 3 months ago

    This seriously sounds like High School

  9. B8TMAN commented on Close to Home 3 months ago

    If they can afford jet packs, then they could just afford the tools to break down all the barriers

  10. B8TMAN commented on The Adventures of Business Cat 3 months ago

    Better be the current year, or else it’s gone really sour