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  1. ldipalermo commented on Signe Wilkinson over 3 years ago

    It is too bad children are not taught to respect themselves, and others property, in the “inner cities”. They would realize that you can get an education any where there are resources and teachers. Also, if you vandalize and destroy ,the school you are permitted to attend that is what you have to live with.
    It takes two parents to raise children the right way and give them all they need, and deserve, financially, emotionally, and physically. To often in “inner cities” multiple children are being raised by a single parent who does not have enough of anything to do a good job.

  2. ldipalermo commented on Henry Payne almost 5 years ago

    DrCanuck We have no “decent jobs” as the government and unions have regulated and taxed all manufacturing and production so severely they cannot not afford to operate in this Country. As you know we now have a “service” driven economy. Not only does the service industry pay little, it requires little, so all you federally funded collage students who take out loans so the federal and state governments give them the loins share of your tuition, should be taking classes in waiting tables, driving cabs, answering phones, as government regulations and unions have pushed any production out of our once great country. Oh yes as you," Dr." know, the healthcare industry is always booming, but it takes quite a bit of effort, and commonsense to become a medical professional, also a great deal of self-control.None of which is real evident in the occupier’s movement, especially “quite a bit of effort”.