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  1. canFunny commented on Bob Gorrell 2 days ago

    I just hope that is an American gun, we don’t want the Chinese to take that away also.

  2. canFunny commented on Nick Anderson 2 days ago

    DUCK MAN, DUCK you simpleton.

  3. canFunny commented on Peanuts 2 days ago

    Lucy is not crabby, she is abusive! to make matters worse she is her psicologist. Who volunteers to tell her “doctor heal thyself”? Not me.

  4. canFunny commented on Heathcliff 2 days ago

    Fun, it took me a second look, but I got it.

  5. canFunny commented on Tom Toles 3 days ago

    For once I agree with you, planned parenthood starts with the parents of child, we, my wife and I, made a concerted effort to teach our three kids early on their lives (when they could understand and were able to ask questions) about the consequences of unprotected sex. Now they are doing the same for their children, and as a result none of our children and grandchildren had to go through unwanted pregnancies. Planning to teach your children about responsible sex before they get into troubles is true planned parenthood. What the government is doing is just providing excuses for those unwilling to control their own lives. I do agree that rape and incest cases should be provided with abortion if wanted, but open and free abortion for everyone is like saying " keep on having them, we’ll keep on killing them". What a horrible way to control population when it can all be avoided just by parents taking the time to teach.

  6. canFunny commented on Bob Gorrell 3 days ago

    Now if all that you pro-democrats are saying is actually true, and taking a more objective point of view, one can clearly see that the Republican are more political savvy and more political astute than the Democrats. They are for now called the opposition and are doing exactly what the Democrats would do if they were in that place. That’s their job. Blindly accepting what the president tries to do is the Democrats job.

  7. canFunny commented on Nick Anderson 4 days ago

    @Robert Landers
    Please note that I’m not calling you an idiot, but your comment is idiotic. There is lots that could be done; laws that allows criminals to go out ahead of time could be reformed, local officials who do not comply with their mandates should be fired from their positions, sentencing can also be changed to reflect the severity of the crime, as it is right now the norm is a slap on the hands. You must get the drift by now. Don’t give up, keep working at it. The laws are there for the protection of the population, they just need to be strengthen and enforced. On the other hand taking people’s freedoms away, does nothing for the protection of the law abiding.

    As I see it your reaction is a detriment for the “more gun laws movement” No thinking, lets throw the baby with the dirty water. If every body is shooting I will too. Snap out of it, this is still a country of laws, and we must abide by it.

  8. canFunny commented on Nick Anderson 4 days ago

    @Ted Lind
    I like your suggestion, however I find it impractical; I work hard at driving as safely as I can, when I sit at the wheel every morning I try to set my mind into a professional state of mind as if driving was my job. The problems start when I actually go into the road, the number of infraction done by people who are actually in possession of a valid driving licence is just horrible; from speeding, lack of courtesy, fail to signal, texting, I can go on and on. What scares me the most if the number of people who drive without a licence and without auto insurance, so do drunk drivers. The licence in many ways is nothing more than a formality, a formality that many people just chose to ignore, because they know they can get away with it. They know enforcement of laws is way down on the priorities of the authorities. Enforcement of Gun laws are in the same level of priorities. More and stricter laws will not make a difference, because the enforcers of the law are not the ones making the law nor are they interested in interpreting the law, they are in many cases overwhelmed and overworked, also they know that a slick lawyer can easily spoil all their efforts. You want the killings to stop; make people accountable for their actions.

  9. canFunny commented on Glenn McCoy 5 days ago

    Take a look at Nick Anderson. What’s worse is he is not even funny. I do judge the cartoonists first on how funny they work is, then whether the content is accurate or not. Most of the time Nick Anderson is just plainly put a slave to his desire to bad mouth any one not a democrat. I also judge cartoonists by their art work, taking into consideration that their work is cartooning, Nick’s work is average at best.

  10. canFunny commented on Matt Wuerker 8 days ago

    A communist. Like the Chinese leadership. Great at ordering people around, but lousy at running a country’s economy.