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  1. canFunny commented on Lisa Benson 11 days ago

    Argentina has free university and collage education. Now a degree that would generally takes four years to complete, in Argentina takes ten years. Unfortunately no one will hire such graduate because their credential are worth the “size of pea.” Cuba also has free university education; their doctors are forced to seek work in other socialist countries. these countries pay the Cuban government, which after taking a huge slice for them (when I say huge I mean massive) then they give the rest to the doctors, who actually live in misery, with no hope of getting out of the chains. All these pseudo-socialists/communists (Dems) should go and live in those countries for a while and get a dose of reality.

  2. canFunny commented on Clay Jones 14 days ago

    @size of a pea
    you are giving credit where credit is not due. The oil prices are not down because of Obama’s economic actions, the prices are down because Obama betrayed the Saudies, and because the Russians offered a sheaper oil to the Chinese. Prepare yourselves for a very rude and violent awakening, the oil prices will rise again and it will cripple this and many other nations.

  3. canFunny commented on Michael Ramirez 15 days ago

    @John Locke
    I like what you said about your own opinion; hiding behind someone else’s quote is good for a university paper, but not good enough for real life. I would like to see what the conclusion of those quoting endlessly really are, I would like to see if they have their own voice.
    Maybe Michael is not racist, you are baiting. Your hate is sipping out like an infected wound.

  4. canFunny commented on Mike Lester 17 days ago

    Muslims didn’t just happen to be in Europe in a holiday trip in the middle ages, they were there to conquer and to subjugate and kills hundred of thousand of people. Unfortunately the history books only tell us of the aftermath, and when the crusades started.
    There is, however one point to be addressed, the actual Pope is showing how the Catholic are changing with the time without changing their doctrine, which I think is good. Muslims on the other hand are not; they still prefer to kill the temptation rather than teach to resist the temptations. What is happening is that they are creating generations of people without character or conscience who will obey without questions.

  5. canFunny commented on Pickles 17 days ago

    This cartoon shows the exact reason I’m enjoying being single.

  6. canFunny commented on Rob Rogers 18 days ago

    For the first time in years I agree with Rob Rogers, even though at times I find his pen to be poisonous. Don’t stub yourself man.

  7. canFunny commented on Darrin Bell 18 days ago

    Who is teaching those morons that is okay to go and kill people because they think differently? Their teachers should be held accountable. As I have experienced most average Muslims are not into murdering until they are tought.

  8. canFunny commented on Clay Jones 25 days ago

    By been “left wing” you are actually wading in to the big pool of communism. And, just a reminder; from Stalin and on, including Castro and Mao, they have persecuted, harassed, slaughter and exterminated hundred of thousands of homosexuals and lesbians. Their attacks on families and family values were devastating and sadly, legendary. Do you really think they have change? Dream on.

  9. canFunny commented on Michael Ramirez 27 days ago

    Where did you get that God gave us all these religions? Is it in the bible somewhere, because I missed it. He wants us to follow the one and true religion, however, you have to go and find it and it will depend on your “honest” efforts if you succeed or not.

    You are using the old and tired Soviet era propaganda, which says that Jesus was the first communist. If God gave us free agency what would He want to do with communism? (and socialism is nothing more than the little brother of communism) What good it will do to Him to oppress us? You people need to read more.

  10. canFunny commented on Jim Morin about 1 month ago

    I counted twelve reindeers, is that correct? What are all their names? This should be a fun game for Christmas day; name all twelve, and you are not allowed to use polititian or political parties. Set, Go.