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  1. canFunny commented on Tom Toles about 5 hours ago

    To all you lefties who love to post in here, I have a question or more like a request. Can any of you take the time and make it intelligent enough for all of us to understand; explain Venezuela, what is happening in there? While you are at it, explain why are all the Leftist governments being kick out of power through out all South and Central America? Remember make it intelligently, so you shoot your foot. Also clarify why is the rhetoric of taking from the rich and pretend to give to the poor is still being used when no one believes it. I don’t ask any more because other than that the left has nothing else to offer.

  2. canFunny commented on Ken Catalino about 5 hours ago

    No one believes it man, but the cartoon sure is funny.
    Your conspiracy paranoia is taking over your life.

  3. canFunny commented on Jeff Danziger 4 days ago

    Really, I talked to my sister in London, and she said most people like her voted to leave the EU, because they didn’t want to be subjugated to socialism, they wanted self determination. She also said that the main stream media is distorting the results and the intentions of the people. They are tired of working their butts off to support people like the Greek, and that had nothing to do with racism. The other thing she mentioned was that they are tired of the political correctness, and the name calling (racist, xenophobic, etc.) No one cares about that anymore. Actually it seems to reaffirm their resolve to stay out of the EU.

  4. canFunny commented on Michael Ramirez 6 days ago

    @guy fawkes
    Hey, you are fear mongering!!
    You have no basis for what you are saying. I assume you get your information on Trump through the main stream media. Why don’t you look at other sources every now and then, you may sound more intelligent.
    Don’t forget to call me Racist, Islamophobic, homophobic, and all that, while you are at it make sure to call me Hispanophobic. Although, my ancestors are Hispanic.

  5. canFunny commented on Mike Lester 6 days ago

    The Brexit, it was a blow to the corrupt EU/UN, and the Globalist/Socialist. And they should be scare that the same will happen in the US. One only has to look at the horror it’s happening in Venezuela to see the future under NWO. Almost every country in Latin America is kicking the socialists out, they are tired of the corruption and bullying, as former socialists reporters are commenting; the left governments turned out worse than the right. I guess the rhetoric of taking from the rich and pretend to give to the poor is not working any more. And that’s the only thing the left has to offer and their failing at that too.

  6. canFunny commented on Matt Wuerker 16 days ago

    Actually you are not that far from the real solution; Mandatory gun use training. Know what to do will go a long way in preventing tragedies. Sort of like First Aid. Also knowing about guns and what they do will go a long way in deciding weather to obtain a gun or not, like an educated decision. If ever the country is faced with the possibility of a tyrant, knowing that the population is trained in Gun use will be a deterrent. I’m aware this will never happen, especially with people like you who like to throw infantile comments as if they were truths. If you think that guns are a problem do something about it other than just talking or writing useless comments, many legislators have been very clear that the majority of the existing gun laws are not been enforced, what makes you think a new one will. Also think of this; the whole world have heard of the British and Australian failures of gun confiscations, how many American will actually give their guns up. It is estimated, not proved of course, that only 5% of the guns owned by Canadians were actually registered, when the registry was in effect. It was so expensive that the current government doesn’t even want to mention it. So it seems that education is a solution.

  7. canFunny commented on Steve Kelley 16 days ago

    The truth is that the republicans and democrats is no longer in use, the left has divided and polarized the country that now is just the right and the left; the left including: democrats, socialists, feminists, etc. Now, why is the right silent? it is because they have nothing to justify. It was the left who wanted to bring Islamic terrorists without vetting. It was the left who is leaving people without legal and other wise means to defend themselves. It was the left who was bullying people into silence with name calling, it was the left who blindly promote every immorality into the culture of the country. Really this Orlando tragedy is all the left’s fault. Blaming guns, inventing lies about Trump, and the name calling will accomplish nothing, as will do new gun laws. Why don’t you grow up and take responsibility for your actions. Oh, don’t forget to call me racist, xenophobic, homophobic, etc.. That really hurts, NOT.

  8. canFunny commented on Clay Jones 18 days ago

    So how does that compare to Democrats importing murderers from other countries to come and promote and actually execute innocent people while having their fun?

    To the posts before this one, a tragedy took place just a couple of days ago, and you are worried about a fool who said a fool’s prayer. You don’t even care that 50 people, your neighbor, or your neighbor’s son and daughter have been murdered. How insensitive.

    It’s interesting how these pro-democrats cartoonists don’t even care to mention the mass killing. of course now it doesn’t make sense to blame the guns when we all know this what brought upon the nation by your local and national DEMOCRATS. What ever you democrats do or say will never compare to this HUGE mistake, and you’ll be reminded of it for a long time.

  9. canFunny commented on Steve Benson 18 days ago

    Well, you are already starting to divert the attention to something else; Mr Ali was an American citizen living in the country, and he never even mentioned mass murder of any person regardless of his/her’s sexual preferences.

    This mass murder of otherwise innocent people is sponsored totally by your local and national DEMOCRATS, my suggestion to you Combatcarl, find a hole and stay there for a long time.

    With all due respect to the victims; what are the 70 virgins will say to that murderer when he shows up in heaven followed by 50 homosexuals, he killed 50 innocent people and according to my beliefs they are going to heaven.

    I’m a christian, I don’t like homosexuality, but it has never cross my mind to go and kill a person. Neither have my religious leaders ever mention that. So what looks better? not been able to buy a wedding cake or have your local and national DEMOCRAT bring murderers into the country.

    The main stream media will hide, divert and work hard to to this event erased from the memory of the nation and the world, but DEMOCRATS, rest assure we will remind you of this horrible mistake for a very, very long time. This was your fault, and you’ll be made responsible for it. Don’t blame the guns, blame the man holding it, blame the Imman who convinced the murderer to do such thing, and when you find him, run him off the country, he doesn’t deserve to live in a free country.

    To the families of the victims, my most sincere condolences, we know your pain and feel it with you, and hope God will comfort you.

  10. canFunny commented on Henry Payne 20 days ago

    I agree with almost everything you wrote. What really makes me shudder is the smug attitude of the Clinton supporters. They seem to know and accept their way of living and are egging for anyone to do something knowing that the Clinton will remain free, as if they know the Clinton are criminals and that there nothing the law can do. The state Dpt. has already found her guilty, that means we all know she treated State secrets like gossip, and please don’t tell me other did it too, the rules had changed and she (Clinton) knew. Someone mentioned Al Capone, is that the kind of people that democrats can offer the American citizens to be their president? What a crock!! Of course we will hear all kinds of terrible things about Trump, but really we all know that is more of media fabrication than actual reality.