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  1. canFunny commented on Matt Davies 2 days ago

    @BrassOrchidDo you realize that you have just made my point, you have said what I stated; American only know “hearsay”, but if my facts are not good enough for you, why don’t you talk to a Cuban residing in the US, the question is then, will the fact that they escape from Cuba will be enough for you. The greediness of Americans doesn’t affect the Cubans because they don’t deal with the Americans, they don’t loose or gain. Emotional responses do necessarily make truth. Your response is emotional.

  2. canFunny commented on Matt Davies 2 days ago

    @The Wolf in your midstCastro never had any intentions of letting the Americans rule him. His political views were well known long before the revolution, he used the Americans (then) and the Americans let themselves be used.It must be clear that the embargo only affected American businesses and citizens, Castro was free to do business with any other country in the world, Spain and France did a lot of deals with him, however, most of them failed, mainly because Castro insisted in doing everything his way. Even today, after Obama’s visit when it looked like progress has been made, but when it was time to get something done Raul Castro demanded that the investment of money must be paid to him, and then he would arrange for the work to be done. No one is investing in Cuba any more, least of all Americans. The idea that Cubans would benefit from any investment is as false as expect Cubans to be free, the Castros are one of the most richest people in the whole of the American Continent (South, Central and North) they own Banks which operate not only in the US but in many countries in Europe, and yet Cubans still live in poverty, hunger and fear. As most Americans aren’t allowed to travel to Cuba, most of the Americans comments are hear-say, they only know the drunken comments of Canadians, but had they need to use their hospitals, or other services they would be shocked by the filth, lack of resources, and the indifference of the underpaid and unappreciated professionals. The claims of advanced education are just as false, granted everyone in the island knows how to read and write, but what good will it do when the main education purpose is to indoctrinate people to obey a communist regime.

  3. canFunny commented on Clay Bennett 2 days ago

    @Upton O’GoodeIsn’t moronic to expect Trump to appoint people who are not in his way of thinking? It would be like asking Hillary to appoint Trump to be part of her would be cabinet, they are miles apart, she is a professional politician, he is a businessman. Labeling Trump’s cabinet don’t help neither, you probably never heard of these people before, you don’t know how educated they are, or what their accomplishments are. The main stream media planted a seed in your little mind and you are convinced that they are all nazis. You took the “Kool Aid” and drunk it all. Take a vacation to the reality island.

  4. canFunny commented on Matt Wuerker 3 days ago

    @Mr BlawtJust in case you missed it the Nazis called themselves Socialists (left) who am I to argue with that. Using the same rhetoric they ate the other German socialists’ lunch.

  5. canFunny commented on Jeff Stahler 3 days ago

    @ Uncle JoeYes, there is a definite attempt to re-write history; Castro had intention to join the URRS long before he gain power, other wise Guevara would have never joined him. Almost immediately after ceasing power Castro declared Cuba a Marxist state, and also announced a default to the international loans. Allende tried to do the same, turn Chile into a Marxist state, and to default on its loans, they did managed to slaughter a couple of hundred people before they were stopped. Re-writing history is a socialist/communist specialty, re-naming is another, now socialism/communism is called Globalism.

  6. canFunny commented on Matt Wuerker 3 days ago

    @stipple, Old Crow NoboYou two are contradicting yourselves, you want exactly what the Nazis did during their time in power, so still do the socialists/communists, silence every dissenting voice, who knows they may even say the truth. Let every citizen exercise their right to inform themselves however they want, let them judge on their own what’s right or wrong. You really do not hold a moral or intellectual high ground. You can be deceived just as easily.

  7. canFunny commented on Gary Varvel 3 days ago

    @Mr BlawtThe democrats counterpart in Canada (Liberals) are shedding tears, however, the rest of the country hang their heads in shame at their PM stupidity.

  8. canFunny commented on Jeff Stahler 3 days ago

    Jeff Stahler, you are right, it is still smoldering, under its new name communism carries on, Globalism. Many more than what we think don’t want it, England, France, US, etc.

  9. canFunny commented on Robert Ariail 3 days ago

    @Ji2mDon’t be so sure, communism new name is Globalism, and there is a lot people working hard to spread it all over.

  10. canFunny commented on Tom Toles 5 days ago

    @Old_CurmudgeonCute rhyming, while you are at your computer why don’t you look at “#pizzagate: what do we know so far” These are the people who are bringing you Global Warming so you can look away.