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  1. canFunny commented on Jerry Holbert 1 day ago

    The only reason to lift the embargo it’s because the Europeans want to do more business in Cuba. Which American businessman want to loose to the Europeans?

  2. canFunny commented on Jerry Holbert 1 day ago

    OH OH, I smell an executive order coming up. This is how the New World Order grows.

  3. canFunny commented on Ken Catalino 1 day ago

    I’m surprised that Sony hasn’t offered a pile of money for the hacker who would hack the hackers. give them a taste of their own medicine, and money it’s just the incentive.

  4. canFunny commented on Glenn McCoy 2 days ago

    The embargo has been the topic to terrorize Cubans since 1960. Take the embargo off and the Castros and Co. will have nothing to talk about. Maybe the tyrants will be overwhelmed by the food that will finally arrive, and end the poverty and hunger the Cubans have suffered since 1959.

  5. canFunny commented on Gary Varvel 4 days ago

    Yes, they’ll ask the USA to protect them. We all must come to the realization that the Taliban’s roots are in Islam. It’s like brothers hating and killing brothers, and the moderates ones want someone in between.

  6. canFunny commented on Stuart Carlson 8 days ago

    I’m getting a little kitten that I hope to rise to a fat cat.

  7. canFunny commented on Jim Morin 9 days ago

    Watch out there is a stone going your way, duck!

  8. canFunny commented on Jim Morin 9 days ago

    And one more for your list; Bill Clinton.

  9. canFunny commented on Phil Hands 10 days ago

    avoid comiting crime.

  10. canFunny commented on Pickles 15 days ago

    My ex asked me once to go with her to the fabric store; I’m an artist so I knew more about color, patterns, etc. She on the other had knew very little. Soon I started to express my opinion and give her direction. Other women there overheard and started to ask me questions… that was the last and only time I was invited. Earl you are my hero, go to the fabric store and make yourself the biggest newsanse you can.