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  1. canFunny commented on Clay Jones about 13 hours ago

    The Ferguson prosecutor made one crucial mistake; he should have shown this cartoon to the grand jury. It would have definetely resulted in an indictment. Judgement by the press only counts for the naive.

  2. canFunny commented on Chip Bok about 13 hours ago

    The saying: it takes a village to rise a child." Now we know what kind of village rised Brown.

  3. canFunny commented on Nick Anderson about 14 hours ago

    Here is another angle to give ammo to the liberals or at least to confuse them; with the all children starving in the world, Obama is playing with his food.

  4. canFunny commented on Michael Ramirez 1 day ago

    @John Locke

    @Balto Bill
    are you saying that rioting is an African American trait?

  5. canFunny commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    If I lived and/or own a business in Fergunson I would moved to another city, obviously hate runs rampant whether one is black or white. Bad city.

  6. canFunny commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    actually the golf club is there, you just have to look harder. See if you can also find a guy who sneaked in with a gun, a guy being forced out and a suit case full of lies.

  7. canFunny commented on Stuart Carlson 3 days ago

    Actually a condom or abstinence would be way more effective.

  8. canFunny commented on Steve Breen 5 days ago

    I’ll have you know that most central american countries are under communist or socialist regimes. Too bad that these governments have never been keen in fighting crime, actually they become accomplices; don’t believe it look at the FARC, they run the biggest drug smuggling operations in both continents. And as an additional feature the law enforcement agencies are grossly under paid. The US has ceased to be an influence in Central and South America for a long time.

  9. canFunny commented on Michael Ramirez 7 days ago

    Considering that the Russians wont sell oil to the Europeans, the Europeans will be happy to by Canadian oil, so will the Japanese and Chinese. The difference is that they will not be buying from the US. Saying that the pipeline will only create 50 jobs is naive, the existing refineries will not be able to handle the work, new ones needs to built and for that workers are needed. So is the need to sell and promote. The Democrats are in a slash and burn mode, and the only ones to be hurt are the working class.

  10. canFunny commented on Steve Benson 7 days ago

    As opposition, the Rep’s are doing exactly what they are supposed to do, oppose. The real problem lies on the fact that the executive order does nothing to solve any immigration problem; it’s all empty words meant only to re-organize everything into a different mess. The same promises have not been kept, and people will still come illegally into the country. The hardest part will come at budget time.