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  1. canFunny commented on Steve Breen about 8 hours ago

    @Beau Nobo
    No you don’t know history, Isis was waiting on the side lines for the opportune moment provided by Obama. If Isis didn’t rise there are three or more factions waiting, all of them absolutely sure that they are the true Islam.

  2. canFunny commented on Gary Varvel about 15 hours ago

    In a true intreprenurial spirit the Clintons are rising their own money, especially since no big corporation wants to be tied to them. So bring money from Saudi Arabia, or Russia or whatever.

  3. canFunny commented on Scott Stantis about 15 hours ago

    @J.Littletree 1973
    I believe in free speech, and I would defend your right to it, but “S*IT” man give me a break, you are all over, I have no idea what you are talking about.

  4. canFunny commented on Steve Breen about 15 hours ago

    @Beau Nobo
    Actually Beau denis1112 is right, what he is describing has been going on for centuries, the difference is that now the radical Islamic is demanding stronger closennes to the Khoran or the Islamic text. Bush actions were only a distraction to a certain outcome. I doubt that Bush or Obama were aware of the Jihads intentions. In other words they both walked in to a hornets nest mislead by the Saudis. The European leaders also played a role in misleading the US, in plain view they seem condone the war, while in private they were promoting it. We ere all deceived into thinking that this is all about oil, but is not; is about power, and almost the whole of the Islamic world is tired of power the Saudis have had for a long time, tired of the wealth not been distributed. In reality what the Khoran says is irrelevant as long as it serves the purpose of those interpreting it. No different than the Bible and Christians. Greed and power in what counts.

  5. canFunny commented on Scott Stantis 3 days ago

    I ask again, why is the arrow on Hillary’s campaign logo pointing to the right? Who is she planing to serve?

  6. canFunny commented on Ted Rall 3 days ago

    Thanks vfwiffo, I thought I was the only one.

  7. canFunny commented on Lisa Benson 3 days ago

    Lisa, you forgot “token.”

  8. canFunny commented on Clay Bennett 4 days ago

    You can say anything you want about the republicans, but Hillary’s bid for the presidency is nothing more than a coronation of a token. Everyone who calmly and objectively looks at this new elections can see, that is not possible to have no other credible democrat in the race.

  9. canFunny commented on Clay Bennett 5 days ago

    This comic is showing signs of desperation. Get hold of yourself Clay.

  10. canFunny commented on Michael Ramirez 5 days ago

    Why is Hillary’s campaign logo with the arrow pointing to the right?
    If the country’s middle class is so destitute, who is contributing to her campaign?