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  1. raceme97 commented on Pickles about 6 years ago

    Wow, six spammers on one cartoon

  2. raceme97 commented on The Flying McCoys about 6 years ago

    Ever notice how many Chinese resturants are located by Veterinarian clinics

  3. raceme97 commented on Close to Home about 6 years ago

    You know some moron is going to try this now

  4. raceme97 commented on Strange Brew about 6 years ago

    I always knew the spandex crowd were from another world

  5. raceme97 commented on 9 to 5 about 6 years ago

    I love cdward’s post, the church has been the true creator of civilization. Before all the government entitlement programs it was the church that helped those in need. Almost all schools and hospitals were built by the churches. The churches were used for most community events and meetings. I am an aetheist but I feel the churches should recieve more respect because while not perfect the church has done far more good than can be measured. We only hear about the pedophile priests and the cons by a few pastors while no one acknowledges all the good that churches do.

  6. raceme97 commented on Frank & Ernest about 6 years ago

    Did he go to Harvard or Yale?

  7. raceme97 commented on Free Range about 6 years ago

    Don’t ever vote for a lawyer for political office

  8. raceme97 commented on B.C. over 6 years ago

    Fanny means something else in Europe

  9. raceme97 commented on The Duplex over 6 years ago

    Somebody applied for a patent on deep fried beer balls, beer inside a crust.

  10. raceme97 commented on Working It Out over 6 years ago

    And you must be our latest termination, are you ready for unemployment?