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  1. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Stuart Carlson 5 days ago

    “Obama’s shooting BRICKS.”

    He’s hitting nothing but net. Unfortunately, it’s the basket on the wrong end of the floor.

  2. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Henry Payne 5 days ago

    This is why I won’t drive a car or tank made after 1967. When the EMPs go off, I’ll be one of the few people who can enjoy the low gas prices.

  3. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Clay Jones 5 days ago

    “Whether I would make it or not, at least I’ll have given myself and my family a chance at surviving. Good luck at ducking…”

    Kill ’em all & let God sort them out is my motto. Anyone too stupid to duck when I start shooting is probably a liberal.

  4. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Clay Jones 5 days ago

    “That gun lobby you love to hate is actually the face of five million members who have no faith in the government when it comes to the second amendment.”

    You are 1000% correct! But, we are still far behind the arms race with our perfidious government. Until my vulpine retreat is armed with force at least capable of taking out the State Militia, I won’t feel safe.

  5. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Ted Rall 5 days ago

    “Once again Mr.Rall has shown that liberal idiocy knows no bounds.”

    Absolutely. Sandra Bland might be alive today if she had shown the respect due to the officer given their comparitive stations in life.

  6. DoctorUmmmNo commented on La Cucaracha 29 days ago

    An amnesty deal tied to a set time wall building could raise one up quick, latter-day indentured servitude

    We already have the illegals working for bare sustenance and confined to living in specific areas of housing. There used to be another name for it, but I’ve forgotten what it is. Anyway, it’s working fine for me. I get cheap produce & the grounds at the vulpine retreat have never looked better.

    If any of them get too uppity, it’s easy enough to send them home and replace them.

  7. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Robert Ariail about 1 month ago

    Some think it’s a symbol of rebellion. Here at the vulpine retreat, we prefer this one:

  8. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Nick Anderson about 1 month ago

    There is a method to their madness… How long before someone sues a Church for refusing to marry them?

  9. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Steve Breen 12 months ago

    “I am also very aware of the screwups that have occured at the CDC over the years and able to predict problems in the future since they never seem to learn from their mistakes.”

    The CDC is comprised of humans, who are error prone. But, they do learn (slowly) from their mistakes. I don’t think there is any other outfit that is better capable of dealing with a dangerous virus.

    That said, the media is hyping the dangers of Ebola for all the ad revenue they can. The truth is, that while Ebola is serious for anyone infected, Ebola is far less contagious than the cold or the flu. Ebola requires only slightly less intimate contact than HIV to transmit from one person to another.

    Our concern should not be over bringing one or two people who are known to be infected to the U.S.. Our concern should be how to deal with someone who is unknowingly infected coming to the U.S. Even so, the odds of a widespread Ebola epidemic in the U.S. are more or less the same as the chances of a massive asteroid hitting Atlanta over the next year.

    If you want to worry about a real health problem, look at dangerous waters of Lake Erie affecting Toledo.

  10. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Steve Breen 12 months ago

    “You really have no knowledge of medicine or science, do you? Until you do get a more realistic understanding of them, you would do well to restrain giving your advice on such subjects.”

    I saw multiple problems with Mephisto’s post, but you didn’t actually address any of them with this response. You did eventually respond with more substance. I credit Mephisto with being willing to lay his thought process out. He makes some good points in the conversation, though I don’t agree with most of them.

    I’ve noticed you have a tendency to dismiss people because they lack credentials. I think it’s easy enough to find people with credentials who support all sorts of ridiculous ideas. I always try to deal with the merit of the claim, not the person who makes the claim.