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  1. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Steve Breen 10 months ago

    “I am also very aware of the screwups that have occured at the CDC over the years and able to predict problems in the future since they never seem to learn from their mistakes.”

    The CDC is comprised of humans, who are error prone. But, they do learn (slowly) from their mistakes. I don’t think there is any other outfit that is better capable of dealing with a dangerous virus.

    That said, the media is hyping the dangers of Ebola for all the ad revenue they can. The truth is, that while Ebola is serious for anyone infected, Ebola is far less contagious than the cold or the flu. Ebola requires only slightly less intimate contact than HIV to transmit from one person to another.

    Our concern should not be over bringing one or two people who are known to be infected to the U.S.. Our concern should be how to deal with someone who is unknowingly infected coming to the U.S. Even so, the odds of a widespread Ebola epidemic in the U.S. are more or less the same as the chances of a massive asteroid hitting Atlanta over the next year.

    If you want to worry about a real health problem, look at dangerous waters of Lake Erie affecting Toledo.

  2. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Steve Breen 10 months ago

    “You really have no knowledge of medicine or science, do you? Until you do get a more realistic understanding of them, you would do well to restrain giving your advice on such subjects.”

    I saw multiple problems with Mephisto’s post, but you didn’t actually address any of them with this response. You did eventually respond with more substance. I credit Mephisto with being willing to lay his thought process out. He makes some good points in the conversation, though I don’t agree with most of them.

    I’ve noticed you have a tendency to dismiss people because they lack credentials. I think it’s easy enough to find people with credentials who support all sorts of ridiculous ideas. I always try to deal with the merit of the claim, not the person who makes the claim.

  3. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Tom Toles 12 months ago

    ^ Standardizing background checks & sharing lists of criminals & mentally unstable people seems like a good idea.

    But, the truth is we can’t anticipate irrational behavior.

  4. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Tom Toles 12 months ago

    Toles misses the obvious. Assault rifles account for very few homicides in the US. Local gun bans are pretty much useless.

    We have some pretty good laws on the books that let those of us who are responsible gun owners enjoy our rights. Let’s enforce those laws.

  5. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Ted Rall 12 months ago

    Fail, Rall. Total, epic, major ethical fail.

    The money did not belong to Brinks, though they were certainly insured for any loss. Losses would eventually result in an increase in Brinks’ insurance, which would only be passed on to their customers. Some are big corporations, some are not. Eventually, the cost gets passed to the customer. That’s me & you.

    It’s one thing to push for wealth transfer through legislative means (odious, but legal), but you’re not doing that. Joe Cornell understands right from wrong, but you don;t.

  6. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Tony Auth 12 months ago

    “There was a window cleaner who worked on skyscrapers. He was known to be a nice guy, a real optimist. One day, he fell off the scaffold, hurtling 60 stories down. He was heard by many, on different floors as he fell “So far, so good””

    Newtonian Physics can’t predict the existence of a pile of mattresses below your hypothetical window washer.

    Climate scientists can’t predict our ability to deal with changes to our environment.

  7. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Tony Auth 12 months ago

    “Skepticism says maybe, maybe not.”

    Real skepticism says, “not” until proven otherwise. There are some facts about climate science, but much of what the left presents as certainty is, in fact conjecture.

    Human activity is almost certainly responsible for increases in global temperatures. Good enough for me.

    The alarmist predictions of severe consequences of failing to take drastic action now do not carry the same weight. They certainly don’t account for our ability to adapt to a changing environment.

  8. DoctorUmmmNo commented on La Cucaracha 12 months ago

    Steve Ballmer has offered $2… billion? Wow, yes! $2 billion for the second most popular basketball franchise in LA.

    I think my nephew’s Little League team has to be worth a hundred grand at least.

    Sterling should be under no obligation to sell, but turning down that outrageously generous offer seems pretty stupid. It’s not like anyone will want anything to do with the Clippers if he retains ownership.

  9. DoctorUmmmNo commented on La Cucaracha 12 months ago

    “Oh boo hoo cry for someone who deserves it, the American natives. people”

    There. I fixed it for you.

  10. DoctorUmmmNo commented on Jeff Stahler 12 months ago

    McCain is in his prime, just like John Conyers.

    Bergdahl is almost certainly a deserter & should be tried by a Court Martial. We paid a high price for that justice.

    In the meantime, poor Susan Rice got suckered into going on TV & announcing that Bergdahl served with “honor & distinction”. Some people just won’t learn…