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Cleo and Company by Nighthawks

Cleo and Company

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  1. Doh commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 minutes ago

    goes great with macaroni, the FSM [flying spaghetti monster] approves. :) Peace.

  2. Doh commented on Overboard 12 minutes ago

    wave back att’cha. :)

  3. Doh commented on Over the Hedge 16 minutes ago

    and those that forget,get toasted socks.well done, crispy,brown,charcoal socks. :) heh,heh.

  4. Doh commented on Get Fuzzy 21 minutes ago

    I love Satchel in panel two. He’s in the middle,in a few ways. Peace. :) Whatta grin! +10

  5. Doh commented on Little Dog Lost 39 minutes ago

    Admit your own shortcomings and smile. none of us are perfect. :) Peace.

  6. Doh commented on Minimum Security 41 minutes ago

    Thank you. Well said! :) Peace.

  7. Doh commented on Daddy's Home about 1 hour ago

    High 60’s yesterday; 50’s today,but supposed to be sunny,we will see. :) BTW: no tree,i let them grow.

  8. Doh commented on Citizen Dog about 1 hour ago

    Good morning everyone. :) Peace.

  9. Doh commented on Ballard Street about 1 hour ago

    Good morning everyone. :) Peace.

  10. Doh commented on Working Daze about 24 hours ago

    and breathes thru his ears. :) Peace.