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  1. Jon L-ski commented on Jen Sorensen about 20 hours ago

    No ethical voter, with the courage of their convictions, could vote for either of those two candidates over the available 3rd party candidates. The only folks who can vote for them are the folks who are ignorant.

  2. Jon L-ski commented on Jen Sorensen 29 days ago

    Wow, this cartoon is completely backward! The suppression of free speech has been quite predominantly from the left, and there is an outstanding amount of evidence backing that up.

  3. Jon L-ski commented on Betty about 1 month ago

    I’m 48 and I told my youngest son about catching a Kabuto on my bike ride into work this morning.

  4. Jon L-ski commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    Gary Johnson 2016

  5. Jon L-ski commented on Liberty Meadows 2 months ago

    We did that to the freshmen in high school. We left shampoo bottles filled with a mix of Nair and shampoo (you need some shampoo for suds) in the shower room and sure enough it took care of some hair.

  6. Jon L-ski commented on Jen Sorensen 2 months ago

    The problem with the comic is that this movie remake hasn’t received many great reviews. Perhaps it is getting panned because it simply is not a great movie.

  7. Jon L-ski commented on Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog 3 months ago

    Google the “Flyboard Air Cavalaire” (sp?)

  8. Jon L-ski commented on Overboard 3 months ago

    Dandelions are actually a VERY HEALTHY food to eat.

  9. Jon L-ski commented on Candorville 3 months ago

    The 95 cent comparison is quite valid. And businesses hire who they think are best qualified to do the job. The reason women don’t get hired for the positions as stated is typically because they do not demonstrate they are qualified (even if they may be, it is up to the women to prove it the same way the men do.)

  10. Jon L-ski commented on Jen Sorensen 4 months ago

    The problem is a society which thinks that keeping people disarmed and defenseless is a good thing. If more people were willing and allowed to defend themselves by force of arms (which is a great equalizer in that they work just as well for a 90 pound lady as they do for a 240 pound brute of a man) then not only would there be less such events, but those that were attempted would usually end much quicker and with far less loss of life.