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  1. Jon L-ski commented on Bliss about 22 hours ago

    Rooting for the Red Wings in this upcoming series!!

  2. Jon L-ski commented on Tim Eagan 8 days ago

    Money is just a way of getting a message out, the onus is still on the voters to be informed. If the message money is pushing is false, the media will correct it soon enough and the message will backfire.

  3. Jon L-ski commented on Monty 14 days ago

    Nicely put by “wakeangel2001”. Bitchy is possibly more sexist, but still get’s applied to both genders. Putting words and terms on the Euphemism Treadmill is RETARDED! (Pun completely intended.)

  4. Jon L-ski commented on Tim Eagan 15 days ago

    Problem is that only 1/4 of the folks were actually uninsured who signed up which is far different than what Obama stated would happen and different from what the CBO projected…


  5. Jon L-ski commented on On A Claire Day 17 days ago

    Good grief, just hang something over the hole until you fix it already.

  6. Jon L-ski commented on Doonesbury 19 days ago

    No minimum wage is needed. The market works best when it has the least amount of government interference. If somebody wants to work for peanuts, they should have that option. Good employees make more than minimum wage anyhow. Higher minimum wages have provably made getting first jobs tougher for people and that delay on entering the workforce does cost them money.

  7. Jon L-ski commented on Tim Eagan 22 days ago

    First off, we should NOT have our healthcare being purchased by our employers. They should just give us the money and allow us to buy what coverage we want. Then you don’t have situations like the stupid Hobby Lobby lawsuit. In fact, get the government out of a lot of their stupid regulations and they won’t even need as much money.

  8. Jon L-ski commented on Jen Sorensen 24 days ago

    Guns are not a healthcare issue any more than cars are. Yes there are injuries and deaths associated with both, but these are not biological issues which is what the Surgeon General should be talking about.

  9. Jon L-ski commented on Big Nate 30 days ago

    And the kid is WRONG again. Try Thomas Hardy who had his character hanging off the edge of a cliff back in 1873 at the end of one chapter. The novel was published, monthly, chapter by chapter in Tinsley’s Magazine.

  10. Jon L-ski commented on Big Nate about 1 month ago

    Cliffhanger came about BEFORE films from when newspapers published novels, one chapter at a time (back in the 19th century.)