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  1. Jon L-ski commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 2 months ago

    There are some totally false takes. When foreign governments interfere with the market, that is also a problem (see the steel image). However, the government should not be propping up the local steel industry, it should tariff goods from outside nations that manipulate their prices. The Federal government already interferes with baseball and prevents some free market activities, if they were not involved, the owners would happily go to a full free market.

  2. Jon L-ski commented on Overboard 8 months ago

    It’s kind of hard to feel the wind when you are moving with it… Isn’t the wind usually at your back in that kind of ship… just saying.

  3. Jon L-ski commented on Tim Eagan 8 months ago

    The idea the founders had was that the citizens be as capably armed as any foe they would have to take on, including their own government (as the founders had just done.) So, while yes the militia man on the left had a single shot, muzzle loader… so did any opponents he could be expected to face.

  4. Jon L-ski commented on Ben 8 months ago

    Parents are only asking for trouble when they bring the kid into their bed. Sooner or later the kids will sleep.

  5. Jon L-ski commented on Soup to Nutz 9 months ago

    Saw that joke in a txting screenshot image where a kid texted his dad to come pick him up because the teacher said that and the kid answered the same way.

  6. Jon L-ski commented on Overboard 9 months ago

    The patty has to be COMPLETELY over the line. This absolutely was a foul and those announcers need to sharpen up on their rules of the grill!

  7. Jon L-ski commented on Tim Eagan 9 months ago

    As a Libertarian, I am pretty loathe to support government, and what the Republicans have done in Oklahoma is beyond stupid. However, Obama came into his first term promising to revamp the energy infrastructure AND if he had made sure the “stimulous” packages had actually gone to an energy infrastructure AND putting in green energy into the federal facilities around the nation, he not only could have helped the renewable energy industry in a way that supports capitalism, but he could have made renewables far more attractive to those who currently grouse.

  8. Jon L-ski commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 9 months ago

    Actually the founders were not happy with deficits. It’s really the 20th century politicians that really got things going south by playing with the income tax and then adding on the tremendous socialism that came with FDR, JFK and LBJ.

  9. Jon L-ski commented on The City 9 months ago

    Social conservatism is wrong. Government stupidity shows up in all areas of life where government is given power. Everything from who can marry who down to closing lemonade stands because some 8 year old didn’t pay for the proper permit. The only real way to end this stupidity is to stop electing those folks who think that more government is the answer to any problem. Vote LIBERTARIAN.

  10. Jon L-ski commented on Jen Sorensen 9 months ago

    I love how Jan pretends that the majority of problematic racism comes from conservative whites against the other minorities. I also love how Jan ignores all statistics which demonstrate that many things that are labelled “racist” are actually just statistical facts. As long as there are folks looking for special protections/privileges based on some genetic factor, then there is going to be push back from those on the other side.