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  1. Mirror1 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 5 months ago

    So Night Gaunt49, let me get this straight. John Day and gobin56 should not express an opinion about Pixee surgically removing 6 ribs to satisfy her vanity. But it is perfectly OK for you to express your opinion about John Day and gobin49 having an opinion. Hogwash! Both John Day and gobin56 are entitled to stating their valid opinions. Ribs ARE necessary to protect the lungs, if you don’t have them, you don’t have their protection. Other examples of protection are seatbelts, dust masks, face shields, steel toed work shoes, and football helmets etc. As far as your opinion that anyone should be able to do anything they want to their own body; that depends on what the thing is. We can’t fix stupid but we can legislate people from doing life altering idiotic things and punish those who help others do stupid things. As a civil society we are compelled to instruct and protect our citizens from doing stupid stuff because a society thrives or fails in a direct relationship of its citizens contributions. If you truly care about people, you stop them from doing stupid things. Only the callous and cold hearted encourage bad behavior.

  2. Mirror1 commented on Pickles 6 months ago

    The secret to a long marriage is two imperfect people who don’t give up on each other.

  3. Mirror1 commented on Prickly City 6 months ago

    You must be kidding, that has no element of reality in it. Give us a list of the grossly stupid who think that.

    Putin, Iran, North Korea, China They are not grossly stupid, they are opportunists who will exploit any weakness.

  4. Mirror1 commented on Francis 7 months ago

    “Imagine people living their whole lives without it and not even knowing what they are missing” I feel the same way about being a Roman Catholic Christian.

  5. Mirror1 commented on Zen Pencils 7 months ago

    Steven Young is essentially correct about current protests involving “vandalism, rape, theft, and drugs were done by protestors”. The protests that he is referring to are Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter protests, Freddy Gray riots in Baltimore, the Ferguson riots, anti-Trump protests and most recently the May Day riot in Seattle. There has been a complete turnaround from the Civil Rights days where the protestors were peaceful and the authorities are aggressive. It is ironic comparing the riots associated with white cops shooting 100 unarmed blacks in 2015 WITH the thousands of peaceful Right To Life proponents who protested in Washington DC last year about the 50+ million babies aborted since Roe Vs. Wade. The question has been asked why don’t Republicans have violence protests? and the answer is that GENERALLY Republicans obey the law. The Tea Party protests that gave the House to Republicans in 2010 is another good example of successful peaceful protests.

    FYI Any time that I see a comment that starts with a personal attack as in- ’ Do I have to guess from which orifice you extracted that number? ’, there is invariably a weak argument that follows.

  6. Mirror1 commented on Francis 8 months ago

    It’s called Monday Morning quarterbacking and we all have to deal with it. Tell me where I’m going wrong.

  7. Mirror1 commented on Francis 8 months ago

    The Church has many women over the ages who taught and lead by example. St. Bernadette, St. Catherine Leboure, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Claire of Assisi, St. Faustina, St. Teresa of Avila, and St. Therese of Lisiuex (24 years old and a doctor of the Church) are just a few. There are 33 doctors of the Church and three are women. In almost all cases, Church faith is learned upon the knee of one’s mother. Jesus came into this world by the Virgin Mary, who was also his first disciple. The role of women in the Catholic Church is immense and they are not relegated to a second class status. In Greek and Roman days, women were chattel (property), Christianity changed that. But men and women are not interchangeable as the Liberals would have you believe. The Catholic Church didn’t become as successful as it did by using its tools haphazardly. For example, one could interchange the use of a butter knife and a screwdriver, but the effect is not as good as when the proper tool is used. I always look at what works well and there are many Protestant denominations with women pastors. Are these denominations growing? Are the faithful flocking to them because now they have women pastors? The Catholic Church is rapidly growing in Africa with the traditional Catholic manner and teaching. The Catholic Church is practically a museum in Liberal Europe because there isn’t much difference between Catholics and non-Catholics. I truly wonder if Francis is competent in his job. Good intentions won’t get the job done. His job is to retain the present faithful and add to the flock. I don’t think he is succeeding.

  8. Mirror1 commented on Francis 8 months ago

    Thank you for expressing concern about my appearance, but I would rather be good than look good. This is not personal with me nor is it about me. I argue the points of each comic that is a lie, no more than that. These lies scream like a braying donkey or iron nails on a blackboard. If I didn’t point out the lies, who would? Who would inform the uninformed? I have noticed that you never refute my points but make personal attacks. I have found generally (not always) that folks who make personal attacks instead of arguing the points are too lazy to think through an effective counter argument and/or are inarticulate (lacking the ability to express themselves in a clear and effective manner-Websters). I reflect back at you what you do – like a mirror.

  9. Mirror1 commented on Francis 8 months ago

    Two very good questions. First the ‘original Catholic Encyclopedia’ (whatever that is and who wrote it) expressed an opinion about the Reformation. Do they have any polling data (absolute facts taken at that time) of indulgences/St. Peters to back up that simplified opinion? I think not! The Reformation is a complex movement involving pent-up, bitter rivalries between individuals, kingdoms, and Church authorities acting as governments. Most took advantage of the turmoil to gain power. BTW the Reformation is a good lesson in keeping the Church out of government not because the Church will corrupt the government but the government will corrupt the Church, as what happened in the Middle Ages. Second, Marrian is a Catholic – so what! Judas Iscariot was an Apostle and he betrayed Jesus unto death. One must look at three things when assessing the validity of a message/action. These are the person, the history of the message, and the person’s message/actions. I wouldn’t listen to the Devil no matter how benign his message. Why? because he is the father of lies. My point is that Marrian (in the comics that I have read) is not expressing the truth of the Church and its theology. He paints a Liberal fantasy of the Church that while pleasing to Liberals, is a lie.

  10. Mirror1 commented on Francis 8 months ago

    Well, Well, Well. Steven Young has made some very good points and has very good opinions. The best fact/opinion he made is the dishonesty that Patrick Marrian (the cartoonist) expressed in the above gag. Perhaps if you knew the truth/theology about Catholics, you would be one. You won’t learn that particular truth from Marrian’s comics. If you don’t like the comments – Then don’t read them! So there!