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  1. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 1 day ago

    They were picked before the illegal immigrants arrived. I picked cotton when I was in junior high. The low wages of the illegals made it impossible for a legal person to make a living.

  2. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 3 days ago

    There is a story told in the law schools about a dean telling the graduates that if the facts are on your side pound on the jury, if the law is on your side pound on the judge. A graduate asked what to do if neither are on your side, he said pound on the table. Sounds like you are doing a lot of table pounding.

  3. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 3 days ago

    I agree but 1% of several millions in enough to kill a lot of us. I had thanksgiving dinner with in if the nicest young college student from Kuwait. He is the ones that Lalo’s comments can scare.

  4. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 3 days ago

    Lalo’s statement that the Trump Administration wants to start a Muslim Registry is part of the false news we are reading about. It causes fear and anxiety among the Muslims. This certainly is an anti-Muslimism action.

  5. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 5 days ago

    MSNBC, CNN and most of the liberal proponents constantly refer to white Trump supports as racist etc. I am a white Trump support so I fit their definition as a raciest.Here is one of the etc. from a post of today “Just to be clear, I didn’t want this horrible, hateful, narcissistic-personality-disorder-addled man and his hate-filled hangers-on in the White House”. I guess that includes Dr. Ben Carson.

  6. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 5 days ago

    Until the massive migration of Cuban and south American, except for the gypseys, all the Spaniards including my family were white. Does that mean that we believe that whites are superior to all other subgroups of humans? Does that include the millions of white Mexicans like former president Fox who came from the same family as mine?

  7. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 8 days ago

    Isn’t amazing how the far left who claims to hates dictators embraced Fidel Castro.

  8. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 12 days ago

    No, the tribes the suffered massive loss of life due to Small Pox were mostly in Mexico, Central America and South America. These are the areas the Spaniards dominated.

  9. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 13 days ago

    That is true but remember the first rule of journalism-don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.

  10. cepa commented on La Cucaracha about 1 month ago

    Trump’s buildings produce high paying jobs. Hillary’s activity is taking big money from Wall Street and place more people on government dependency. In my own large first generation Mexican family, most have done well and are lean towards Trump. A few went the poor oppress minority route and are solidly for Hillary.

    We do not walk around with a bag over our heads.