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  1. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 12 days ago

    Good teachers do not teach to the test. They used it to measure the progress of the students.
    It is true that as in all professions, there are some bad ones. In the public schools, if they have tenure, they stay on forever. In private school you can fire them.

  2. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 13 days ago

    Your supposition that testing means teaching to the test is childish and insensitive to good teachers.

    Do not denigrate the teaching profession over a silly slogan no matter how sophisticated it makes you sound

  3. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 13 days ago

    Testing forces a student to study and prepare but then again that might be insensitive to some so we should let the rest suffer with a bad education.

  4. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 13 days ago

    From Google:
    In 2011, the United States spent $11,841 per full-time-equivalent (FTE) student on elementary and secondary education, an amount 35 percent higher than the OECD average of $8,789. At the postsecondary level, U.S. expenditures per FTE student were $26,021, almost twice as high as the OECD average of $13,619.

    According the the UN we are 26 in the wold in quality eduction.

    You can not buy good eduction. I went to high schools in double shifts because we did not have enough room for all of us. It was dark when the first shift went to School and dark when the second shift came home. This was Tucson Senior High school in 1952.

    From Google, Mexico spends the least amount on education. My parent received a good eduction in Mexico. After graduating from High School in Mexico(in an adobe building), my father went on to the University of Arizona and receive a mining degree and then to the University of Mexico in Mexico City for law.

    Liberal thinking is limited to money. Money does not buy education.

  5. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 13 days ago

    None of the above changes what takes place in too many of our schools.

  6. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 13 days ago

    The comments must be coming form a bunch of right wing conservatives whose thought and action are limited by the right wing mentality.

    These days children are allowed to have diversity in thought. In class, they can openly discuss who they had sex with the night before, where is the best place to buy dope, what girls can be intimidated in to having sex, what boys are the easiest to have sex with, what boy give the best oral sex, what teachers have the most fear of students where is the best place to buy illegal guns etc.

    This many not be true in your school but unfortunately there are too many schools where it is not an exaggeration.

  7. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 15 days ago

    You better tell Obama and his Home Land Security office. They are charged in making sure this does not happen. Do you think Obama is giving Trump a special pass on this or could it be that you are wrong?

    The construction industry has one of the toughest unions. They would never let what you said happen.

  8. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 15 days ago

    Comicsboi, your are right. It was at the time it was a political issue because of the low paying jobs with no benefits It is way down the list now.

  9. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 15 days ago

    What one does with inherited wealth determines what kind of person he is. The principal difference between the inherited wealth of Kennedy and Trump is that the Kennedy’s largest holding is the Chicago Trade Mart building, which to this day is the latest building by square footage in the world, and Trumps inheritance was a commercial real estate development company.

    The Kennedy employes thousand of minimum wage service worker with no benefits and Trump employe many times that in high paying construction jobs.

  10. cepa commented on La Cucaracha 19 days ago

    Actors can remedy the situation overnight by simply bring publicly to the situation , by putting pressure on management,or by their union requiring diversity or else.

    The lawyers and accountants work for the Mitchel Mores.