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  1. jimimack commented on Doonesbury about 3 years ago

    These are old strip – censoring the current one WTF? Online censorship is for assholes.

  2. jimimack commented on Chan Lowe over 3 years ago

    OLDER (angry) WHITE (male) VOTERs – the mainstay of the GOP base. Sad truth: that demographic is NOT replenishing itself. What a shame (not).

  3. jimimack commented on Paul Szep over 3 years ago

    UNDERSTAND: The NRA does NOT represent gun owners. They represent GUN & AMMO MANUFACTURERS – that makes huge profits in the aftermath of every mass killing. “Well regulated” indeed.

  4. jimimack commented on Mike Luckovich over 4 years ago

    the first and only viable reason to ‘defend marriage’.

  5. jimimack commented on Dan Wasserman almost 5 years ago

    Vasectomy Bans in Georgia! – on the table (that is turning!) now

  6. jimimack commented on Matt Davies almost 5 years ago

    The 2012 election seems to be the Dems to lose!

  7. jimimack commented on Ted Rall almost 5 years ago

    Comics about ‘justice’ are rarely pretty – and neither are ones about jocks who bully & abuse and the people who protect them because of money. NRIH for Joe Pa (No Rest In Hell).

  8. jimimack commented on Doonesbury almost 5 years ago

    some things don’t fit on your bumper sticker, grasshopper.

  9. jimimack commented on Clay Jones almost 5 years ago

    Silence is the voice of complicity.
    NRIH, JoePa (No Rest In Hell)

  10. jimimack commented on Chip Bok almost 5 years ago

    silence is the voice of complicity. may he rot in hell.