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  1. disgustedamerican commented on Views of the World about 21 hours ago

    Mubarak successfully prevented the Muslim brotherhood from active fomenting of terror all the years until Obama helped oust Mubarak!
    The most “free” nation on earth, the USA, was founded on the principles of the God of Israel and Christianity, and we suffer from foreigners coming to live here, legally and illegally, using our freedoms in some cases (Islamics) against our system of Law protecting our liberties!
    Helpless? Just wait, if you can, until God begins to start His wrath against dedicated Sinners! Revelation calls it the Great Tribulation, and the nations are lining up to do their worst as we read and post on this website!
    The God of the Bible will not tolerate human rebellion beyond His “red line”….Noah could testify, and Jesus honored Noah.
    Read Matthew chapter 24 and see history written long before it takes place.

  2. disgustedamerican commented on Views of the World 2 days ago

    Egypt and all governments need leadership that holds down the source of all Murderous Jihadists, the Muslim Brotherhood. The cost of not keeping the Sword of Islam under lock and key will be a total loss of Human Freedom and Liberty that the God of Israel and Christianity gave us.

  3. disgustedamerican commented on Lisa Benson 3 days ago

    IMO Dems using “racism” against opponents is just their way of transferring their own racist guilt to others, without real evidence or proof…..(read the history of the D party!)

  4. disgustedamerican commented on Lalo Alcaraz 4 days ago

    this “cartoon” is exposing genuine ignorance of the entire issue of the Feds Against Ranchers.
    printed 4 pages.
    A 21st USA problem is “legal” acts by Congress and actions by executive agencies “writing laws” that have brought about too many “laws” that are immoral, wrong, and that are “cover” for rampant power-hungry Bureaucrat-ism.

  5. disgustedamerican commented on Glenn McCoy 5 days ago

    where does the Constitution give the federal government the right to seize lands the citizens have had family ownership for decades?
    this rancher pays local and state fees. this rancher has invested and built up his family’s land, and paid taxes.
    what is dangerous to farmers and ranchers and to all who have “deeds” to land in the 50 states, is the Feds who believe they have some right to take or mandate usage according to bureaucrats behind desks, who know nothing of how to manage private property to produce “wealth” for income and for improving lives of buyers of land products.
    The Bill of Rights was written to protect citizens from Power-mad Government.

  6. disgustedamerican commented on Lisa Benson 5 days ago

    and with the USA suffering under an elected anti-American president, working day by day to “change” our system, Putin knows he will get away with land-grabs to “restore the Empire”…..because our Isolationist president also has changed our foreign policy to aid for enemies and opposition to friends and NO leadership to act to solve international problems.

  7. disgustedamerican commented on Gary Markstein 6 days ago

    @dectra…Christopher Columbus, a Christian, believed the earth was round and sailed into the unknown without a fear of “falling off”…..
    Not only the Earth, but the known Universe was created by the God of the Bible (his dictation to human writers) in an Instant, by the Word Spoken by God. (sure beats the fable of the “Big Bang” which requires existing matter….that came from ??)
    LOL, Fablist poster!

  8. disgustedamerican commented on Michael Ramirez 13 days ago

    Excellent cartoon.
    But the 7.l million government number is highly suspect…
    Gallup Poll was quoted in a recent news article, and a genuine and unbiased survey would prove Obama and his Democratic administration have once again lied about a number the public has an interest in….unemployment…etc.
    Obamacare is definitely without any doubt the 2014 Titanic, and B.H.Obama is the Captain.

  9. disgustedamerican commented on Jeff Danziger 14 days ago

    homeless people exist.
    Does their existence cramp any poster’s living style?
    IMO the “haters of conservatives” have no respect for “rights” for anyone above their own income level.
    America has always been the Land of Opportunity and people want to live here so much they come illegally over our borders. The “Opportunity” is for historical poor immigrants working and succeeding and at least their children have more education and a better lifestyle than they would have had if the parents stayed in the land where they were born!
    The richest Americans have no more duty to help the poor than any of us who have enough to provide homes and necessities with a little left over. That is why we have organizations working with the poor that we can all donate to.
    Government programs certainly have not been the answer, they are part of the problem of keeping people poor.
    And politics and support of conservative organizations are important and no one should be limited in choosing which ones to help and which ones to refuse to help elect the wrong candidates. (Democrats and Liberals that got us into this miserable economy

  10. disgustedamerican commented on Glenn McCoy 16 days ago

    Freedom to carry protective weapons would definitely cut down on the numbers of dead unarmed victims.
    What good is an armed MP or Policeman if they are not at the scene when the shooting begins??? Someone with a loaded gun is needed at the first shot of a mass killer.
    Self-defense using personal weapons easily at hand is even approved by God in the Bible….David and Saul were warriors and defenders of the People of God in the midst of enemies!
    America was founded by immigrants who came and brought defensive weapons and defended themselves from attackers.
    In spite of some men misusing weapons, “gun control” meaning the public cannot legally own guns and ammo is national suicide. We have laws and courts for single killings in the category of murder.
    Leftists would be okay with a requirement for each homeowner mandated to post a “Gun Free” sign at the door!