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  1. HopefulAmerican commented on Matt Davies about 12 hours ago

    I think it is Obama that has falsely boasted about 805,000 “new jobs” in 8 years of his term In the oval office.Those are government jobs more than private sector jobs which were largely low pay and shorter hour jobs.…///…www.washingtonexaminer.com has this 12/6/16 article, “US economy: No recovery, wages in reverse” by Paul Bedard. …some facts from the report from the US Council of Competitiveness and from Gallup….wages peaked in 1999. Productivity growth is at a 50-year low….since 2007 the GDP per capita growth has been 1…quoting Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton…..deterioration in the quality-to-cost ratio for healthcare, housing and education is dragging down economic growth……bottom line, when examined, the US is in a “no recovery” bubble. I hope Trump’s policies begin a kick-start in 2017. We need freedom from the weight of the federal government tax and regulate strategy the “progressives” (Leftists) yoked the American Workers with.

  2. HopefulAmerican commented on Michael Ramirez about 13 hours ago

    @fnav13aard….Woodrow Wilson? He started the practice of ceding US sovereignty by compromises on principles to get the League of Nations set up, and one principle that Japan had proposed….Racial Equality…was rejected. Some say that was the burr under the saddle of the Emperor and the military leaders that led to WW2 and the attack on Pearl Harbor 75 years ago today! The Japanese were discriminated against in the USA when they immigrated here, and were offended by the League of Nations “superiority of race” attitudes…. the leaders then tried to gain territory and power and security from Western intrusion. At least that is one view I have heard recently. What do you think caused Japan to attack the US?

  3. HopefulAmerican commented on Clay Bennett about 16 hours ago

    When President Trump completes the New federal policy on kicking government out of business operations, and America regains real and authentic good employment statistics,(Nov.‘16 Obama’s fake unemployment was 4.2%, a lie/the actual unemployed number was 9.6% and 95 million Americans in the total workforce could not find jobs)…no one will feel it necessary to buy cheap Chinese or other foreign manufactured goods!

  4. HopefulAmerican commented on Gary Varvel 1 day ago

    @Liberal Redneck…1. I do not worship any human living today; I worship God’s Son Jesus Christ, and only Him.….///….2. God led many Christians to reject Clinton and her sinful agenda and to vote for Trump and his pro-religious liberty, pro-life, pro-Israel, and pro-free-market healthcare to replace the Obama/Democrats’ government controlled Big Brother Mandates. 3.Putin is an enemy, and I pray God gives Trump an understanding of the evil destiny of Russia that the Bible calls Gog, which will in the future lead the world into the final human war…Armageddon…that the returning Christ will annihilate! 4. No human who rejected God’s salvation will be laughing in the Hell that Jesus taught about in His ministry.5.To return to our culture and Biblically-based traditions of marriage and family and a non-intrusive government is far from your “nanny state”! Bible-believing Christians know that our Liberty in the USA came straight from the Bible Liberty that God’s Word teaches. We do not want “watch lists” or forced conformity….that is the freedom our founders came to the New World to attain! We believe in Liberty and the First Amendment guarantee and oppose license to abuse those freedoms. And we certainly believe as scripture teaches, “he who will not work, should not eat” and the free enterprise system of creating businesses and jobs and competition!Where do you get your misconceptions?

  5. HopefulAmerican commented on Glenn McCoy 1 day ago

    BaltoBill....I have not seen any report of "broken seals" on voting machines in Minnesota....///...Wolf…requiring a photo ID to vote is not a “poll tax”! If a voter does not already have a photo ID and cannot afford one (?) the state or counties could set up a fund paid by Party “donations” to cover the cost. ….///….Old Coal…? “yournewswire.com”? what on earth are you talking about? It is the New York Times and CNN cable tv news that have a history of inventing fake news and printing/airing them! The MSM published so much false “news” that most of America assumed Hillary would defeat Trump! No one will, but even the 2016 Pollsters need to be investigated for slanted polling!A lot of voters are sick and tired of campaign deceptions…many including me refused to take any poll; many must not be giving honest answers to polls they answer. Polls can certainly be slanted and biased, and there are partisan pollsters busy every election.(Stein said she had received $millions of donations, why could she not put up the court-ordered $1 million?)

  6. HopefulAmerican commented on Glenn McCoy 1 day ago

    Dr. Jill Stein could only collect $3million from her party members to run for president! Now she is raising $5million to $7million? Stein is a front and now partner of Hillary and the Democrats who are sore losers fighting dirty to harm President-elect Trump however and as much as they can by this extravagant spending of political monies for a doomed “cause”!…///…I have no doubt that donors like George Soros are hiding behind the curtains, funding and directing all this political sabotage of our 229 year traditional election process!-I agree with poster John Locke…if the Democrat Party would join the Americans who want fraud-free elections and support laws for picture ID and enforcement of proof of citizenship in voter registration, state vote recounts would not be needed in cases like 2016 when experts found no failure of voting methods or machines!

  7. HopefulAmerican commented on Gary Varvel 1 day ago

    If voters would read Ben Carson’s biography, he is perfect for Secretary of HUD. He knows the problems of being poor and the need for “housing and urban development”!…///…He was blessed by God with high intelligence and his mother taught him perserverance in high standards of living.He will succeed at being very good in the cabinet position.…///…IMO Ben Carson would be qualified (Constitution, Article 2, Section 1) to be elected and to serve as President just as much as D.J.Trump is qualified to serve as elected president #45….He is already ahead of past electees in choosing his cabinet members, timewise in this transition period. Pro-Trump citizens can see the outline of his policies to come, in his selections. Go! Trump! (And electors, do your duty to the Voters who gave him 306 electoral votes. Any elector who reneges on the duty to vote for his/her state’s winner will be unworthy of the position of Elector.)

  8. HopefulAmerican commented on Gary Varvel 2 days ago

    IMO the "alt-right’ is an invention of the ultra-left spokespeople, defined by leftists as containing every evil they can imagine, from false labels also created by the Left including “racist” and “Nazi” and “White Supremist”!…///…@BillW101 is correct…Black Lives Matter is totally totalitarian and funded by rich old men dedicated to overthrowing the American form of government, and BLM carries out deliberate violence, and law-breaking as SOP.…///…America’s “protestors” are paid to travel and create violent confrontations and war against local Police Department law enforcement people who risk their lives daily trying to protect the public! Not to mention vandalism and destruction of private and public property. IMO the Leftists in the political spectrum are absolutely scofflaw 24/7. That is why we Christians keep praying for God to protect the new administration’s officials and to restrain the evil works of Satan’s puppets, and to convert as many as possible to faith in Jesus, for personal salvation and receiving God’s help to know and to do what God teaches is the right thing.

  9. HopefulAmerican commented on Phil Hands 3 days ago

    IMO the “recounts” in 3 states are an alliance of Democrat Party and Green Party officials and big donors, to do a mixture of psy-ops and propaganda scheme to alter the electoral count by threats against the electors (which the DOJ had a duty to investigate and if it was Trump seeking recounts the DOJ would have responded to any Dem-Greenie complaint)…..and also to “fake news” the public into agreeing that Trump’s election is not legitimate! …///…IMO the entire campaign time was used by the DNC and the pro-Democrat Media and the pro-Hillary pollsters to “fake news” the voters to think that Trump had no chance to win! The enormous numbers of voters attending every Trump Rally were said by pro-Democrat Pundits in Media to be meaningless and did continual “paths” for Hillary to win 270 electoral votes and claimed Trump couldn’t possibly reach that number! No wonder the Sore Losers are acting out public emotional tantrums! And incapable of reality analysis of why they lost! (Voters wanted a “new direction” and “change the message” and “new blood” at the helm…Dems played deaf and ignored all voters outside the Money and Power seeking PC “elite” who were expressing their intention to elect an “outsider” to “drain the swamp”…!

  10. HopefulAmerican commented on Robert Ariail 3 days ago

    @DrDon1 http://www.varsitytutors.com/earlyamerica/early-america-review/volume-11/native-americans-smallpox…..////…..I found one reference to 1763 of a British military incident claiming such an atrocity (Our Government was begun in 1787) … and there are legends but no historical proof that the American government did it…on a Cherokee investigation website…..(I suspect you are not asking a legitimate question.)