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  1. disgustedamerican commented on Lisa Benson about 24 hours ago

    I understand that businesses are desperate in this sham “recovery”…..but my email this week is overflowing with “Black Friday” sales!
    Shoppers are also desperate, and Black Friday is expensive, even at “on sale” prices.
    I appreciate genuine “sales” markdown prices, but the label “Black Friday” is too obviously a strong temptation to use credit in order to obey evil Mammon rather than the Good Lord. It’s a spiritual battle, IMO.

  2. disgustedamerican commented on Dana Summers 1 day ago

    And the liberal Washington Post editorial today is a “hymn” singing the “duty” of Americans to worship and keep faith in our government!
    Thanksgiving has always been, from Adam to Moses and Israel’s Nation and the Hebrew scriptures, highlighted in the Psalms, the annual day to worship our Creator God and His love and mercy and patience with our disobediences, and to praise and thank the LORD for all his blessings, protections and provisions for our lives. Most of all, for God’s plan of salvation from the consequences of our sins by Himself as God the Son, Jesus, paying that sin debt on the Cross and rising from His defeat of death, hell, and Satan; in a Resurrection body to be copied for worshippers of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in their future resurrection.
    The Washington Post editors seemed to be missing the fact that the D.C. government leaders for 7 years have been busy shredding and rewriting our laws and our constitution, illegally by presidential “executive orders” (dictatorship) and evil court rulings by unelected “judges”…..the form of government they intend is not worthy of citizen’s “faith”, IMO.

  3. disgustedamerican commented on Nick Anderson 3 days ago

    @Zuhlamon, I don’t have to endorse either option, do I?
    I do know for a fact that Muslims around the world do public celebrations when they see news that Americans or Jews have been attacked and harmed or killed.
    With the internet, we don’t limit “news” to US sources, do we?
    I like to read foreign print news in the English language. My satellite TV service carries RT News channel and Fox News is linked to SKY News.
    I remember 9/11/01 US coverage showing men celebrating on a rooftop and the report claimed they were Jewish, which I seriously questioned. I don’t swallow news reports blindly.
    Even serious and pro-truth reporters get facts wrong, especially at the start of reporting a major disaster or attack.
    Why didn’t the media ask Trump what his source was, of remembering seeing media showing large groups celebrating in New Jersey. I’m sure, considering his wealth, he has more news resources than most of the rest of us.

  4. disgustedamerican commented on Nick Anderson 3 days ago

    kilrwat said, about 3 hours ago
    Here’s a list:
    If anyone thinks that leftwing “Politifact.com” is the sacred truth in politics, there is no hope for that person.
    IMO the “fact-checkers” on the internet need to be audited and investigated for bias and slant, because IMO they select suspect “facts” as propaganda weapons against facts that do not fit the leftwing “narrative”….

  5. disgustedamerican commented on Lisa Benson 3 days ago

    @Rodney et al posters…
    just a reminder, the truth is that the GOP doesn’t have any input into Obama’s Democratic “strategy” because the Constitution gives the C-I-C authority to the president/executive branch.
    therefore, Obama must take the credit or blame for his strategy and policy failures.
    truth #2, the Intel services tried to provide Obama with facts about the rise and expansion of ISIS, but Obama acts out the Democrat Party mascot’s mule-headed-ness and rejected “facts” that showed Islamic Terror as it is and as it acts. Obama doesn’t have any excuse for not knowing that ISIS is earning #1 Enemy of the US and Western World status. He is the top authority and he rejected the Intel for his entire term.

  6. disgustedamerican commented on Matt Davies 5 days ago

    @Hiram, each Sunday I watch my satellite TV Christian channel that carries Dr. David Jeremiah’s weekly program, and today’s Agents of Babylon, the Archangel, a retelling of God’s #1 Heavenly Angel Michael, giving Jewish hostage Daniel the prophecy of hundreds of years of human empires to follow the one in Persia in Daniel’s lifetime, thru the Greeks and Romans to the days of Antiochus Epiphanes, which all came to pass exactly as God’s message written down by Daniel said and predicted.
    Dr. Jeremiah ended with a note to skeptics, that God allows us not to believe, or to choose to believe (which IMO is the most reasonable choice) but no human can use personal opinion and personal rejection to change God’s TRUTH.
    Or as some pols, might argue, you are not entitled to your own made-up “facts”….!
    Feel free to keep your opinion that those who chose Faith in God and His Word are “screaming fanatics” but your opinion in no way changes the truth that God gives the persons willing to trust Him, the eternal gift of Faith and unending Life in a newly remodeled body like that of the Risen Jesus after His crucifixion death, to pay the sin-debt for humanity, for all who exercise Faith in Jesus. Sorry about your eternal loss.

  7. disgustedamerican commented on Robert Ariail 5 days ago

    It is not bigotry and not xenophobia, it is genuine concern that history not be repeated….the Iraqi Jihadis joined the crowds of refugees in order to infiltrate Western lands.
    Even Obama in 2011 used a 6 month “pause” for ensuring “refugees” didn’t import terrorists.
    With the varied spokesterrorists screaming to the media that they plan to repeat 9/11 in the USA, releasing lists of US leaders slated for assassination, etc…..why in the name of nowhere else to escape to should our government accept any uncertain and unvettable Syrian conflict “refugees”?
    Some mass Jihadist killers were “vetted” and seemed to be normal citizens but were not. Even the USSR implanted cells of “sleepers” that lived and acted American but were ready to do terror on command. Enemies plan infiltration by many tactics, and Islamic Jihad is not different, except they broadcast plans ahead of time. Just not the IDs and details and dates.

  8. disgustedamerican commented on Matt Davies 6 days ago

    p.s. 1. was there ever a “moderate” Nazi? or a “moderate” member of the Marxist USSR? or a “moderate” Mafia member?
    2. the Bible reports the history of Abraham, and he had nothing to do with 600 AD Islam.
    Abraham is the Father of the Faithful who worship the one and only God of the Bible. Faith is not a “moderate” compromise with evil. Faith in God the Son, Jesus the Christ, is necessary to qualify for eternal life with God.
    “Moderates” will not gain access to God’s Heaven, according to the Holy Scriptures of the Bible. IMO, in this life, “moderates” are useless to anyone depending on help to live and survive enemies and to enjoy freedom and protection under rulers who obey God in how they govern.

  9. disgustedamerican commented on Matt Davies 6 days ago

    I find it extremely odd that Obama and the Democrats want to bring Gitmo’s mass murderers into US prisons; want to allow unrestricted illegal alien border crashers to come in and apply for welfare and voting cards, want to admit anyone from the war conflict in the Mideast that says “I am a refugee”…
    And then, do they claim they are obeying the oath of office they swore to, to defend the US constitution to protect America and Americans from all enemies?

  10. disgustedamerican commented on Lisa Benson 7 days ago

    IMO the House voted on a Defend America bill that Democrat Reid immediately promised to filibuster. (Dems can’t have actual real defense for America! They would lose too many “new Democrat voters”…)
    Obama and his regime are immune, plus deaf, dumb and blind, to the US Intel reports mandated for the C-I-C, when they report on the many Islamic Terror groups. Some of which are active in the US of A.
    http://townhall.com item, 11/19/15, by Katie Pavlich, passing on what investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson revealed in a TV interview with Steve Malzberg.
    Attkisson received info from “sources close to the White House” said that Obama refuses to listen to and sometimes refuses to read the reports.
    IMO this “wrong-way ‘leader’ of the Free World” came into office with a huge BIAS for Islamics/jihadism and speaks and acts accordingly.