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  1. disgustedamerican commented on Ken Catalino about 6 hours ago

    the fact is, in spite of the NYTimes which champions lefties and liberals, 2 Independent Inspector Generals have referred cases to the DOJ for investigation, that could easily lead to Criminal Prosecution, if the expected evidence is found, in Emails the IGs say had classified information at the time of the sending/receiving of the emails.
    Hillary knew the rules, she reprimanded others for using private computers, but she, like her president Obama, do not believe laws and rules apply to them because they are “special”……and IMO are scofflaws. In Kenya, Obama has launched his idea that he could be re-elected for a 3rd (illegal) term as president! And both have been given free passes by the GOP and the MSM for years on activity a GOP would have been tarred and feathered and tossed out of D.C.
    for doing.

  2. disgustedamerican commented on Ken Catalino 1 day ago

    This article (prints 6 pages landscape) was not written by the CIA….@oldcoal.
    worth reading, for anyone wondering how we saw a Friendly Iran government change into a Hate America super-producer of Jihadist Terrorism Sponsor State.

  3. disgustedamerican commented on Ken Catalino 3 days ago

    braindead08 GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 hours ago
    “Who said Iran was friendly?
    They haven’t been friendly since the 50s, when we overthrew their government.
    Or should they have forgotten about that by now?”
    The US “overthrew” Iran’s government? My reference book from 1964 says the Pro-West Shah faced the Majli movement under PM Mohammed Mossadegh who nationalized the British ownership in the Iranian oil industry;
    and Mossadegh ruled Iran like a Dictator.
    The Iranians enjoyed years of prosperity…economic and social development….then Democrat Prez Carter helped the radicals overthrow the Shah who was outside Iran for medical treatment…..and we got the Mad Hatter clergy that rules (1979 to today).
    But the average Iranian citizen still likes America and the West. It is the totalitarian -religious leaders that hate us, and held Americans hostage until Reagan took office Jan.1981.
    Obama-Kerry (Lurch) signed a GiveAwayTheStore deal with Iran’s leaders, who are continuing to incite terrorists with “DEATH TO AMERICA”…..

  4. disgustedamerican commented on Darrin Bell 4 days ago

    there may come a day when today’s anti-gun people may try In desperation to find a defensive weapon….a gun, with ammo.

    wanna be totalitarian rulers always put a priority on disarming the public they want to control.

  5. disgustedamerican commented on Michael Ramirez 4 days ago

    Night-Gaunt49 GoComics PRO Member said, 1 day ago
    IDX 3 is very rare. It isn’t done for fun. Oh and the Nazis were and are mostly Christians and are with the Pro-Birth organizations on it.”
    @Night-Gaunt, you need to study about the Nazi history in Germany.
    The Nazis killed Christians in large numbers along with the genocide they are notorious for committing in the Anti-Christian and evil Holocaust of 6 million Jews.
    True Bible-believers who helped Jews escape the Nazis are today honored in Israel as “righteous gentiles”….
    Nazis and Fascists had ZERO Christianity in their beliefs and practices. Hitler himself and many Nazi leaders were actual Satanists, and the Occult grew in Germany under the Nazis.

  6. disgustedamerican commented on Matt Davies 5 days ago

    Amen, tom.
    but it is even more justified than violent crime…Jihadists are murderers of innocent civilians by sneak attack, in a new form of “war” declared on us by Iran in 1979. Iran to this day funds, trains and manages Jihadists in that war. Iranian Hezbollah has networks in Europe and in the USA today, and our idiot officials cannot even say Islamic Jihadist Terrorism out loud. “Lone Wolf” is the preferred Jihadist attack, but they do operate in groups, ISIS is the example, taking over towns and cities and calling themselves a “State”…..
    A large number of released terrorists from Gitmo went back to Jihadist terrorism activity. International Laws permit prisons like Gitmo. I hope US never suffers from Cuban-type incarcerations of civilians or military that oppose government abuses of power. I hope we aren’t keeping hands off a president who wants Dictator powers, writes new laws in the Oval Office, prevents law enforcement of laws to arrest illegal aliens or encourages “sanctuary” cities to protect criminals,
    orders ICE to release criminals that state and local police have arrested, fingerprinted, indicted, tried and found guilty.
    Oops, this is already happening….and the MSM helps cover up the available federal statistics!
    Latest non MSM article I printed out=
    www.pjmedia.com article 7/22/15 by J. Christian Adams…
    “Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Texas= 611,234 crimes,
    2,993 murders in one state, Texas, 2008-2014. Data from the Texas Dept. of Public Safety internal report.
    Texas arrests them, Obama’s Feds release them.
    Sen. Cruz questioned ICE Director Sarah Saldana this week In a hearing….she gave information that in 2013 they released 104,000 criminals from jail plus 68,000 criminals ICE refused to start deportation proceedings. She said it was ‘good news’ that in 2014, only 30,558 criminals were released onto US streets.

  7. disgustedamerican commented on Stuart Carlson 6 days ago

    Baslim the beggar says, “The past is the enemy of the future.” GoComics PRO Member said, about 13 hours ago
    Your “fact” is a lie. Sea level continues to rise from
    1) Ocean warming causing expansion of water
    2) Melting ice caps (no, not sea ice dummies — that has no effect)
    3) Depletion of water sources on the continents (ground water, surface water)

    There is no scientific evidence for your global flood.

    Your religious beliefs are not science." (end post)
    @Baslim…..there are 7 seas….I’ve never seen news stories reporting cities worldwide being covered with salt water!
    depletion of water supplies is not due to “warmer temps”…
    scientific evidence has been found worldwide of the global flood….which if you read the Genesis account was far more than rainwater!
    I’m not posting my personal theory…I’m posting what God inspired trustworthy writers to set down for our benefit of knowing who we are (created beings) and who created us and who promised an “eternal earth” with one more worldwide change referenced by Peter in the New Testament, a worldwide fire and a new remodeled earth.
    What God the Creator told us via the Jewish Old and New Testaments is not “theory”….is the truth you reject at your own peril. 8 Humans believed God and lived through the Flood in the Ark that Noah built on God’s specifications.
    The next “redo” (global fire) only those with faith in Jesus the only Savior (our Ark) will survive. Disbelief in God’s Word has a very steep cost…and lasts an eternity.

  8. disgustedamerican commented on Michael Ramirez 6 days ago

    The true history is even worse.
    Planned (anti) Parenthood has been doing this for DECADES.
    (as any former facility director can tell you, if they are honest.)
    breaking the federal law AGAINST performing partial-birth-abortions so the parts are cut out while the baby is alive, finally killing it by stabbing the brain. Those babies feel all the PAIN. (Feminist-Nazi “doctors”)
    breaking the law on not getting the woman’s informed signature on “donating” the body parts of the helpless baby, in every case where they “harvested” the victim.
    breaking the law on PP receiving money for the body parts.
    PP if allowed to continue business as usual ought to change
    their Logo to a Swastika, IMO.

  9. disgustedamerican commented on Stuart Carlson 6 days ago

    scientific fact=we have had more than 20 years of NO GLOBAL WARMING.
    another scientific fact=man cannot change the earth’s climate or any part of the climate. God the Creator is maintaining His creation. There are evidences that this earth had a drastic “climate change” caused by the global Flood in the lifetime of Noah as recorded In the scriptures of the Jewish Bible, Old and New Testaments.
    God sometimes uses Nature to express His anger at our rebellion and our insults to Him, and our rejection of all He has done to save us from our moral and spiritual and wicked sins. God loves us and continues to offer to individuals the forgiveness of sin that God the Son, Jesus, shed His blood to cover the sins of each and all who repent and ask God for that forgiveness. We then are “saved by Faith in Jesus.”

  10. disgustedamerican commented on Dana Summers 7 days ago

    A FACT most commentaries omit:
    to collect “fetal parts” from an “aborted fetus” they must do the Federally Banned “partial-birth-abortion method” so they can turn the BABY around to be “aborted” feet first, and then the baby killer holds the head inside the mother until the baby is finally killed with pointed scissors into the brain. All this is done to a baby well past the point when it feels PAIN.
    (Nazi-type torture of the most helpless human)
    So Planned (anti)Parenthood is breaking 2 Federal Laws, the method of abortion and the selling of body parts.
    and the supporters of PP swallow this and actually defend the devil! This is as evil as Old Testament idolators burning their children alive to the pagan “god” Molech.
    Nahum 1: 2-3 “God is slow to anger…..(but) God will avenge (punish) the wicked….”
    One of the best sermons ever preached in the USA was “Sinners in the hands of an angry God”….