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  1. disgustedamerican commented on Clay Jones about 9 hours ago

    @Clay Jones response to my post. My post does not say that I am a supporter of “Nazis” or that I have “racist” beliefs.
    My post was to defend Free Speech that is guaranteed to every American citizen. I was not defending the group’s beliefs. I was also pointing out the unfairness of so much of the TV and Newspaper and cartoons being so condemning of one side of public policy issues, and so supportive of very racist groups such as “Black Lives Matter.” I’ve been a media consumer since the 1950s.
    You apparently never read any of my past posts at this website. I am a Bible-believing Christian and do not believe in any “race” on earth except God’s created Adam’s Race.
    I believe science shows that every human on earth has the same blood markers like DNA in every so-called “race” and are all natural family. I think “racism” is an evil and totally wrong idea that has been put into practice by people who reject God and His inspired scriptures called the Bible.
    I am nearing age 84, born in the depression era, and I hate Nazism or any other totalitarian, human abuse form of government.
    Our social problems IMO rise from the majority of humans rejecting God and His principles that are taught to mankind in the Bible. Even “do unto others that which you would want done to you” is a rule that could prevent much suffering.
    Can you not see the difference in how Media treats selected groups like “Black Lives Matter” and their opposites? Society and government chooses “pets” to promote while being negative to others. Christians are seeing America in the process of persecuting law-abiding, non-violent Christians while favoring anti-freedom immigrants flooding the US and Europe that have no intention of assimilating or accepting the values and laws of Western civilization, under the Muslim Brotherhood leaders’ plans to void our laws and impose Sharia Law.

  2. disgustedamerican commented on Clay Jones about 12 hours ago

    the Washington Post article reported 30 members of the “Traditionalist Worker Party” (unarmed) with a permit and peacefully demonstrating against “globalization”….outside the state Capitol Building…..and the “protestors” of about 400 persons who left 10 victims of STAB WOUNDS, CUTS AND BRUISES.
    And the Media (including this cartoonist) is everywhere condemning the “White Nationalists” for even existing?
    The same Media that gives “Black Lives Matter” all the coverage they can? With favorable and sympathetic treatment by the Media….!?
    Fairness has never been a quality displayed by American Leftists, IMO.

  3. disgustedamerican commented on Matt Davies about 13 hours ago

    Trump is not Hillary Clinton.

    Trump earned his wealth, in the private business world.
    Trump policies will be pro-America, not anti-America.
    Trump is not fearful of the Leftist Democrat Media.
    Trump is Pro Israel.
    Trump is Pro National Defense.
    Trump is Pro Free Speech and Free expression of the Christian religion.
    Trump is Pro Constitutional nominees for US Courts.
    Trump is Pro Life, not pro-abortion.
    There is Hope that Trump will adopt Christian principles in governing.
    Again, Trump is not Hillary.
    Need any more info, @Mr Blawt…?

  4. disgustedamerican commented on Gary Varvel 1 day ago

    Night-Gaunt49 GoComics PRO Member said, 1 day ago
    “The Christian Bible is great for myths and stories, but lousy for predictions.”
    Have you ever read scholars’ writings on scores of Bible predictions having been fulfilled long after they were written?
    Bible predictions have been increasingly fulfilled especially since 1948 restoration of the nation of Israel, and even the existence of the Jew in a world dedicated to hating the Jew is fulfillment in part of their promises eternal existence on an endless remodeled earth!
    Have you seriously read the Bible?
    I just enjoyed watching the 2014 celebration of the new David Jeremiah version of the Bible, the TV 2-part rerun, and here is my summary of his message based on Psalm 19: 7-11’s 5 verses:
    There are 6 synonyms for “Bible”, 6 adjectives describing the Bible, and 6 verbs, actions accomplished by the Bible for many readers, some atheist:
    It can restore your soul.
    It can replace your doubts.
    It can renew your mind.
    It can reorder your values.
    It can redirect your path. (and change your eternal destination)
    It can rejoice your heart.
    All from 5 scripture verses!
    I know this is true; in 1963, age 30, it did all those for me.

  5. disgustedamerican commented on Robert Ariail 2 days ago

    House Democrats certainly do not have a correct or good or constitutional solution for the minority of mass murderers using a gun.
    The very Liberal ACLU is against the Circus displayed in the House of Representatives chamber, making “buffoons” of themselves, according to very Liberal Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, quoted on his comments on CNN.
    www.wnd.com article “ACLU fights infantile House Dems” by Nat Hentoff and Nick Hentoff on 6/24/16.
    “This week, the ACLU redeemed itself with a courageous stand against legislation that would have expanded the Obama administration’s reliance on SECRET WATCH LISTS to deny Americans their constitutional rights.”
    “(after the Orlando massacre) Sen. Feinstein introduced legislation in the Senate that would authorize the AG to block a gun sale for anyone SUSPECTED of terrorism….and to add anyone to a watch list who had been investigated for terrorism within the past 5 years, EVEN IF THE PERSON HAD BEEN COMPLETELY EXONERATED of any involvement in terrorism.”
    “The ACLU sent a letter to senators urging them to vote NO because of ‘the use of vague and overbroad criteria and the lack of adequate due process.’ The ACLU’s letter argued that the ‘regulation of firearms and individual gun ownership or use must be consistent with civil liberties, such as due process, equal protection, freedom from unlawful searches and privacy.’”
    “After the Feinstein bill was defeated in the Senate, the House Democrats sought to force Speaker Paul Ryan to bring a NEARLY IDENTICAL COMPANION BILL UP FOR A VOTE.”

    • (The bill was first introduced in 2007 and Democrat Speaker Pelosi refused to bring the bill up for a vote when Democrats controlled the House, but now in 2016 Pelosi was a leader in the temper tantrum thrown for publicity, fund-raising and Saul Alinsky’s rule, “never waste a crisis” and Democrats saw a political advantage and made sure an illicit video of the tantrum was seen and C-SPAN aided and abetted and Media was happy to air and promote “those noble Democrats”…..) (Good Grief Charley Brown! IMO)

  6. disgustedamerican commented on Gary Varvel 2 days ago

    I havn’t seen details in the news as to when and how Omar Mateen killed security guards. Do you know an url that gives that information?
    Were the guards in uniform, and killed before they knew an armed man had entered? Or did they shoot and miss? I’m very interested in knowing why the shooter of a minimum of 102 bullets was not stopped.
    You obviously know guns, but news reports said Mateen used a SIG SAUER carbine rifle. Are you familiar with that gun? And of course guns can be purchased as “basic” and modified, legally, but you would know more about that than information I searched for and found that is limited.
    I just would like to see posters give relevant and correct facts in posts. And I would like to see more Americans supporting the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, which the Founders listed second only to Free Speech and Free exercise of religion, which they believed to be ranked first in the We the People’s rights that God gave us and the State should honor.

  7. disgustedamerican commented on Gary Varvel 3 days ago

    In the Bible, Jesus said that God’s truth will offend the ungodly people, so I’m not apologizing for posting true info.
    Christians look forward not to a “Christian one-world government” but to God’s world government ruled by the Messiah of Israel, from the restored throne of David in Zion, God’s choice for His earthly capitol. Humans have absolutely nothing to do with God’s installing His Kingdom. We are thankful to be allowed to participate, thanks to the Lord Jesus kindness and generosity to believers.

  8. disgustedamerican commented on Chip Bok 3 days ago

    Amen, True, Northern Redman is correct.
    I am always amazed at how many posters show no evidence of having tried to find out the truth before they post such errors about mass murderers using “war weapons.”
    It is easy to learn about the fact that Political Agenda, anti-2nd Amendment people are using lies about gun-types to stir up voters to join in a False Campaign to prevent sale and use of legal, non-assault weapons! I support the Constitutional #2 in importance Right to own and carry guns, even though I myself have no need of one. But I feel assurance that if I did, I have the right to buy and get instruction on gun safety, for defensive purposes. I’m not the hunter of animals type person.
    I also support the excellent NRA organization for law-abiding citizens to promote safe and legal ownership. I see that Orlando’s Gun-Free Zone chosen for mass murder of
    Americans at a gay nightclub has triggered mass purchase of guns for defense by people who claim to be gay….(Ironic).
    I believe every law-abiding person has the right of self-defense. I oppose all these anti-gun-rights people demanding the early steps to a State confiscation and disarming of citizens. The Founders knew the dangers of government power and how changeable its generations of leaders can be, to turn from ideals of Liberty and “We the People” Rights on what the government can and cannot legally do!
    p.s. I don’t believe much that our president says. I especially dislike his choosing “ISIL” instead of “ISIS” because the “L” stands for the Levant, an ancient name for the entire Mideast, that includes Israel. I oppose anyone or any organization trying to take Israeli lands away from the Jews, or even claiming Israel’s land that God promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their blood kin, in an eternal promise.
    God is the re-gatherer of Jews from all parts of this earth, for His plan to restore the Davidic Kingdom for 1,000 years under the returned Messiah, Jesus, who is God born into the human race to make atonement for sin so that salvation can be offered to every human, from the death penalty for unforgiven sins. Israel is to be Messiah’s capitol of earth in the Kingdom of Heaven, where God himself will restrain all evil, for true Peace.

  9. disgustedamerican commented on Gary Varvel 3 days ago

    A 70% voter turnout was historically high for the UK.
    One analysis reported the rural voters were more for leaving the EU than the city voters. IMO that sounds correct and natural; the US polls show more citizens in cities vote as if they have cut themselves off from the root of heritage and history and respect for our Constitution and our laws.
    The idea of EU, forcing nations of people to give up sovereignty, and meekly accept what the elites and anti-values minority puts into mandates for the despised “worker class”, differing cultures and languages and the chasm between God-fearing and anti-God citizens in all nations,
    does not bode good for a One World Secular scheme.
    In the Bible, the final human government will be Satan’s Evil system that beheads dissenters and rejecters of Satan’s Mark that signifies worship of Satan and total and final rejection of the Bible’s God and the Saviour of those choosing Faith in His sacrificial death to pay for our sins.
    A One World Government has been banned by God since the Tower of Babylon scheme was tried by haters of God.

  10. disgustedamerican commented on Gary Varvel 3 days ago

    A liberal/Democrat Harvard Professor Dersowitz is quoted as saying that the sit-in was “A Bonehead Stunt”…and “the Democrats made fools of themselves.”
    When after 26 hours of rule-breaking in a planned and catered and illicit videotaping of their juvenile demonstration, they lined up at the top of the Capitol steps and marched down, singing “We shall Overcome”…(overcome the US Constitution, IMO).
    The Senate had already debated and voted down 4 gun bills; the Democrats in the House could not even get a gun bill voted out of committee….any gun bill they might draft would not solve one mass shooter attack in the future and would not have stopped Omar Mateen in Orlando!
    They lie and claim those hunting rifles are “war weapons” and “assault guns” when they are clearly not, and easily proven by gun experts not to be anything but rifles that shoot one bullet when the trigger is pulled.
    And you don’t have to be a member of Mensa to know that dedicated mass killers on a mission or any other criminal planning to shoot people will not care or obey any gun law!
    And common sense ought to convince anyone that if you are in a public crowd and someone starts shooting, if any member of that target crowd is armed, the killer can be shot and the massacre can be prevented.