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  1. disgustedamerican commented on Matt Wuerker about 3 hours ago

    God Bless every American soldier for their volunteer service to defend our way of Life. I pray those who gave the ultimate sacrifice were born-again soldiers of Our Lord Jesus Christ, then they are in line for eternal blessings and rewards in God’s Heavenly Kingdom.
    Unfortunately, the alternative to boots on the ground may be taking a USA White Flag to the Muslim Brotherhood, the root and source of global Jihadist Terror and conquest.
    Is “Surrender” the majority Motto, nowadays?

  2. disgustedamerican commented on Gary Varvel about 4 hours ago

    God Bless our Military Volunteers.
    They are the only “statesmen” left, it seems.
    They serve to defend our Government of Liberty, and to defend our Judeo-Christian way of life.
    At least they always did before the current C-I-C “transformed” the Mission and confused the reason for a national military. Morale and the Recruitment Goals need to be re-enforced, IMO.
    Thank You, Veterans, for your unselfish service and loyalty to the ideals symbolized by the Red, White and Blue Flag of the USA.

  3. disgustedamerican commented on Nick Anderson about 23 hours ago

    @Hiram…the Bible is the Word of God not the reporting of ancient cultural beliefs of non-believers in Jehovah God of the Hebrew nation. The “firmament” is composed of non-solid gases and the Hebrew language does not deny the fact. It took centuries for secular “science falsely called” to exist to deny Biblical teachings about God’s creation.
    on Baltimore’s ongoing murders (higher in 2015 than 2014) see https://data.baltimorecity.gov/Public-Safety/Summarized-Crime-Data-By-District-Week-20/4nh3-w6zf?
    From 1/1/15 to 5/16/15 there have been 94 homicides; in 2014 in the same time frame there were 68. That is a high percentage of increase. The url page covers many crime statistics for Baltimore, Md., and the PD officers claim morale Is now “in the sewer” since the riots and federal responses.
    If all active “wars” are counted, on earth there are more than “normal” and “war” should count these terrorism activities, not just fighting between national armies. And the majority of warlike activities are the Islamist Terrorism groups attacking innocent and peaceful citizens. They do this as Bullies and practice atrocities and genocide brutalities. The Mideast in particular is being emptied of Christians, “the people of the Book” and closely next will be “the Saturday People”, Israel. Islam has a 20-year Plan to conquer the world, and they are expanding their targets today.

  4. disgustedamerican commented on Robert Ariail 2 days ago

    Prez Wm.Clinton and the Democrats believed Saddam had WMD during his 8 year term.
    Every Western government INTEL in 2001 and 2002 and early 2003 believed Saddam had WMD.
    No human could possibly have known in March 2003 what many people THINK they know now! Stupid Question, IMO.
    Israel had satellite photographs in early 2003 of Saddam’s night convoys of trucks hauling (WMDs?) into Syria.

  5. disgustedamerican commented on Nick Anderson 3 days ago

    Facts about the increasing persecution of Christians because of their Faith are available in daily world news and at many websites, such as www.opendoorsusa.org or google Voice of the Martyrs.
    Or check to find the recent Congressional Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the testimony of Bishop John McAreavey, Chair for the Council for Justice & Peace of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference. He said at least 100,000 Christians are killed each year because of their Faith, and more are being tortured, imprisoned, exiled, threatened, excluded, attacked and discriminated against on a widespread scale. Active persecution is taking place in 110 nations today. This was reported in an article 5/17/15 on Breitbart News website, and the Chief Rabbi of Britain was quoted, comparing the Christian persecution today to the Nazi pograms in the WW2 era, where at least 6 million Jews and millions of Christians and others were slaughtered.
    To reply to critics, my Bible does not teach a “flat earth with a bronze dome” or any other silly thing. God entrusted the Jews to write down what God’s Holy Spirit gave them, which are the facts straight from the Creator of the Universe.

  6. disgustedamerican commented on Nick Anderson 3 days ago

    False to claim Bush is the cause of ISIS.
    Truth is that in 2011 Obama sabotaged a Bush Victory in Iraq and opened the door to all radical Islamists by pulling US troops out of Iraq.
    ISIS wasn’t on the world’s front pages in Jan.2009, perhaps, but the radical terrorists were alive and planning to take over the role of Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Mideast. Fact.
    Islamic Terrorism is on the rise since 1979 and the takeover of Iran by radical clergy with the probable help of Carter’s CIA, preparing the way to fund and train and support Jihadists wherever the opportunity arose.
    Nothing the US or Israel has done or said caused Jihadism.
    The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has been working for this world crusade to begin since the turn of the 20th century.
    The only possible end to their evil plans is the Return to earth by the Lord Jesus Christ who will defeat a world army led by Russia and China in cooperation with the Jihadist Arabs.
    Bible Truth.

  7. disgustedamerican commented on Nick Anderson 4 days ago

    Sin is proliferating while sinners deny there is such a thing as sin. Crime numbers do not show the immoral acts that go unpunished. America has leaders and elected officials who scoff at the laws and the president is their leader….deliberately not enforcing immigration and other laws. Police who do try to arrest lawbreakers are now condemned and punished by the Obama DOJ. An agenda MSM has ignored the ongoing murders in Baltimore since the riots! Meanwhile, the court rulings and new laws make former crimes (sodomy, etc) legal. Legalizing sins does not make them non-criminal, especially measured by God’s Law.
    @Hiram said “The world has never been more peaceful”..
    Really? Explain the increase in persecution and martyrdom killings of Christians and Jews worldwide. It is at the highest rate and numbers in history.

  8. disgustedamerican commented on Nick Anderson 4 days ago

    Actually, everywhere in the USA that you look, we see crime and sin rising. Jesus said in Matthew 24 that His coming back at the end of the church age would see conditions on earth like it was in Noah’s day when mankind was totally lawless and immoral. We see the same thing now….as the article reports in the url above, the only effective solution is for believers in Jesus to keep praying sincerely for Change of Heart of people to turn away from wickedness and to turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for mercy and cleansing and blessings to prevent the collapse of the USA.

  9. disgustedamerican commented on Lisa Benson 5 days ago

    Iran has been in Iraq since the Obama pullout, leaving a newborn democratic government to be the target of every Jihadist plan to take over. Iran tried for 10 years to gain control of Iraq, that Is history, when Saddam defeated Iran.
    Obama’s doomed to failure “Mideast policy” gave aid and comfort to the Muslim Brotherhood long-term goal of doing Jihad until they rule the world. The Mideast is not a pretty sight to people who believe in liberty and peace.
    Obama Foreign Policy= sabotaging blood-bought progress of giving Mideasterners the choices of better government systems to replace oppression by dictators and tyrants.
    Every US military verteran who gave the ultimate sacrifice for Freedom should haunt this American anti-patriot president, IMO.

  10. disgustedamerican commented on ViewsLatinAmerica 9 days ago

    Meanwhile, Putin is planning to install NUKE bases in Cuba and Bolivia, and of course the internationals and the UN do not care, but as an elderly American I deplore the fact that no one in power in Washington, D.C. seems to know about or care about the Monroe Doctrine, to keep this hemisphere safe for the USA, the “pot of gold” for the world!
    The USSR had to build fences to keep people IN, the USA needs fences to keep floods of illegals OUT, and our AID to Foreigners Vault has been bled dry!
    As a Bible believing Christian, I see our only hope in national Repentence for our Sins, and God’s intervention, to preserve this government given to us by God, the Creator and Owner of earth.