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  1. HopefulAmerican commented on Lisa Benson about 13 hours ago

    Certain American elections, especially presidential elections, have been contested since the 1800s.-Many in my lifetime have been “stolen” and the first no-doubt-about-it was JFK’s father “buying” the 1960 election in Chicago, Illinois….many graveyard votes….Nixon for the sake of the “peace of the nation” chose not to contest the theft.-A historian’s book documented LBJ’s stolen election (ballot boxes stolen and burned, etc.) to get him into the US Senate.-Romney failed to get a recorded vote in 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.-Of course America has stolen and rigged elections. Ask Bernie Sanders about his being shut-out by the DNC and the Hillary campaign in the primaries.-Trump knows the record of fraud voting, and researchers like J. Christian Adams and others believe there are in 2016 an estimated 4 million fraudulent names on US voting rolls.-Parrots, stop repeating the Democrat’s Mantra, which is chanted to cover-their-behinds!

  2. HopefulAmerican commented on Gary Varvel 3 days ago

    Trump has more than 2 opponents. Hillary did say in a released speech she made and tried to keep secret (a paid speech to donors and hoped-for-donors) that she had a strategy of a “public policy” and a “private policy.”-Trumps has been the target of the Democrats, the Clinton Campaign and its “independent” organized and funded front groups like the head of “Citizens United for ___(?)” who just resigned for spilling the beans to the O’Keefe video; that paid homeless and union members to pose as Trump fans in campaign rally crowds to start violent interruptions to get Media opponents of Trump to report falsely that his supporters were the perpetrators.-The 2015/2016 MSM stopped all pretense of objectivity and has hyped negative stories (most false) about Trump while hiding all the revelations confirming corruption and collusion and cover-ups in the Hillary Clinton camp.-Christians not willing to cede our government to the Termites Obama loosed for 8 years, to a deceptive “progressive” Hillary whose policies possibly could make her the modern Jezebel ruler of evil. (a Bible reference, for secularists).

  3. HopefulAmerican commented on Stuart Carlson 4 days ago

    I have never seen so much media of all venues, radio, tv, newsprint, cartoons, that is so dedicated to hatred of a presidential candidate as so many like this cartoonist are in 2016.-I am looking for and finding internet sites where some civility still is in existence. I even changed my home page to avoid the daily dose of anti-Trump, anti-conservative and anti-Christian trash every time I boot up my PC.-What Media did this election cycle will no doubt come back to bite them in the future. Americans tolerate a lot, but there is a limit, and more of us have found that limit. Factual criticism is one thing, but Hillary’s supporters are becoming maniacs, like whoever fire-bombed the GOP HQ in Hillsborough, N.Carolina. I read somewhere that protestors had demanded that “Nazi Republicans” should leave, get out, and stop campaigning. Public education, IMO, legacy of liberals controlling education in the USA. College grads supporting Socialist Sanders. Women’s libbers anti-pro-life supporters.Etc. Etc. -Some of us will be praying for Trump to focus on the issues and report some of what the publicized emails she deleted have revealed about Hillary’s corruption and 2-faced one policy privately and a different public policy.

  4. HopefulAmerican commented on Michael Ramirez 7 days ago

    JFK was surely elected by voter fraud, and in my state and its largest city, Chicago, of which my family downstate has never been proud of.-Nixon did not do an Al Gore USSC lawsuit (2000 A.D.) for the good of the country. He was the better man and a patriot for wanting to ensure the peaceful social atmosphere, although our Law and Nixon’s rights were shelved.-Democrat’s have conducted voter fraud every election of my lifetime, and sometimes it is locally reported but the MSM does little to inform Americans about the extent and the “you can count on it” DNC formula of registering and transporting busloads of illegals who have no right to vote, to precincts In most states every election. -People who claim there is “no vote fraud” are self-blinded, IMO. For a reason: to prevent voter ID, which is required almost everywhere else in American life. We cannot even enter our courthouse without ID being verified.

  5. HopefulAmerican commented on Michael Ramirez 9 days ago

    http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/haiti-factory-big-money-state-department-clintons-meet/story?id=42729714-this is the only MSM investigative article I can find today, that explains the history of Haiti, the poorest nation in this hemisphere, being used and robbed by the Clintons, Bill as president and later the UN man-in-charge of $14.3 Billion aid money after the 2010 earthquake, for “reconstruction.”-this article should IMO be followed up by audio and print versions of the 1990s president of the Haiti Senate, Bernard Sansaricq, who was for a few minutes on Fox News tv last evening and on AFR.net radio show hosted by Sandy Rios this morning. I replayed the 54 minute program on my PC at AFR’s Rios page for 10-13-16. Bernard is a Haitian who was raised and educated in the USA, went back and was elected when Aristide, drug lord, was installed and protected by Prez Bill Clinton from DEA evidence indictment. Apparently much of the Clinton fortune came from pay to play schemes in cheating on aid money to help the Haitian disasters.-(Media ignores this factual news to smear & embarrass the GOP/Trump in hopes Hillary will get GOP votes)

  6. HopefulAmerican commented on Glenn McCoy 9 days ago

    IMO it is not Trump that is destroying the GOP, it is the established elite leadership that has been “No Trump” since he won the nomination.-Paul Ryan, who himself has a very lackluster record as House Speaker, is one of those entrenched elected who after gaining a seat in the House or Senate, turned on the voters to be spineless and self-gagged endorsers of the disasters produced by the Democrats in Congress, and the scofflaw administration’s unconstitutional bypass of Congress to reign by “executive orders” and the courts have over-reached their authority, stolen from rights given to the states, to set rules on social issues of marriage and public bathroom use.-The spineless GOP opposes a candidate determined to change this surrender of power to make the USA a one-party dictatorship, IMO. The GOP has given the entire government to Hillary and her henchmen and henchwomen.

  7. HopefulAmerican commented on Ken Catalino 9 days ago

    Hillary tried to use Honest Abe to justify her exposure in the leaked emails that show she told Wall Street in her overpaid speeches that she had one kind of “private opinion” and a different kind of “public opinion”……(and those different opinions do not agree.)-IMO the Hillary campaign and the MSM have given ample proof that voters in America cannot put trust in anything they say. The leaked emails also expose the collusion in the MSM pro-Hillary helps and protection from the truth, and the current administration’s every agency’s protection from a genuine “investigation” (FBI, for one) and real accountability on her malpractice during her 4 years in the DOS.

  8. HopefulAmerican commented on John Deering 10 days ago

    @Zuhlamon….it is your right to express your opinion.I disagree with your post to me.1.Trump is not a "right-wing Republican.2.I did not “consult” but if you refer to my liking the Federalist article, that is also their right to publish their opinions and it is my right to like what I find that agrees with my Christian and political convictions and values and ideas. I consult with my Savior God in prayer and Bible-reading.-3.Giving posted opinions is not “trying to force my views on others”…..I offer my opinions with reasons and sources of like-minded opinions.4.I don’t forgive “Republicans only”….every person is born a sinner and I take the word of whoever apologizes for and claims to be changing from anything sinful. Then in the future the “fruit” of that person will be evident. When Bill Clinton was in serious trouble in his presidency, Jesse Jackson prayed with him and accepted Bill’s words. But Bill’s “fruits” have not changed or been reformed, and that is a tragedy for him. Jesus is the only Savior that grants forgiveness and eternal life. Those who reject Jesus and God’s plan of salvation will not see God’s Heaven, according to God’s scriptures.

  9. HopefulAmerican commented on Lisa Benson 10 days ago

    It is my considered opinion that the sewer theme was created by the quadrennial Democratic Machine.-I remember how they trashed Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, both Bushes, Romney, and Trump has been the target since he announced he was running for the 2016 nomination of the GOP.-IMO it is ironic to the max that the Democrats are stone-throwers who live in glass houses, and their political party history is full of vulgar behavior and language by elected presidents, JFK, LBJ, etc. President Bill Clinton’s lifetime sexual sins were undergirded by known vulgar language with golf partners on the golf courses, especially Vernon Jordan and others. These Democrat hypocrites know these things plus more insider stuff, while they are faking a furor over one vulgar paragraph in 2005 in Hollywood, California (a leader in erasing America’s moral standards) said by Donald Trump!

  10. HopefulAmerican commented on John Deering 11 days ago

    If women voters cannot discern that the important issue is not what a candidate said 11 years ago, and has apologized and said “I am a different person today” and has a governing agenda that is pro-life, pro-defense, pro-business-job-creating, pro-religious-free-speech, pro-tax-reform, pro-parents-choice-of-schools-for-offspring, and many other pro-law and pro-constitution issues, that is the reason to forgive those words and support a better man and a hopeful for America candidate, IMO.-On the other hand, opponents of Hillary/Bill (they are a team) could search for and publish audio/video tapes of much worse than the 2005 words Trump is now ashamed of. Where is the confession from Clinton of the history of evil words and actions in private, and the public scofflaw activity that a Special Prosecutor should be tasked with investigating?I read “16 Times the Democrats Tried to Prosecute Opponents” by Ms. Bre Payton, staff writer at the Federalist,at http://thefederalist.com today. (Dems ought not to throw stones at Trump, because they are not without sin on the same charges, IMO)