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  1. disgustedamerican commented on Gary Varvel 2 days ago


  2. disgustedamerican commented on Gary Varvel 2 days ago

    this morning I saw a news item that following the gyrocopter’s breaching of White House warnings, they plan to raise the height of the fence by adding spikes! Duh! (current state of idiocy in D.C.)

  3. disgustedamerican commented on Lisa Benson 3 days ago

    Thanks, RT, when I have time I’ll check out your urls.
    I’ve never been, but I watch Dish satellite Christian programs and read 4 Israeli magazines monthly, and many tourists go and never are attacked. Orthodox violence is at a minimum.
    Israel accepts many refugees fleeing from Jihadist slaughters.
    So many Jews do aliyah that Israel has a problem supporting the poor, with housing and necessities. Christians express love to God’s Chosen Nation by donating money and goods to help with burden. There are permanent Evangelical and Messianic centers that do humanitarian work.
    Most of the violence comes from Islamic Jihadists, primarily directed at Jews, who are demonized in Arab media daily and non-stop as “Apes and Pigs”…..Hate taught from birth.
    Israel could have hundreds of nukes, and do not threaten anyone; they are DEFENSIVE WEAPONS. But Iran’s clergy preach death even by nukes when they obtain them, and they don’t care how many Arabs die. Too many Muslims in Israel live to “die for Allah” and hope to "kill as many of the ‘infidels’ as possible with the suicides.
    Putin was/is KGB and just as fanatical below the surface when he’s on camera, and there actually are some scriptures of destruction that describe what we know from WW2 are the consequences of bombing with nukes. Scripture does not give specific dates or specific names, but all the nations aligning with Russia and China (Moslem nations included) are indicated by the ancestors of modern peoples. All have one common agreement, they hate Jews.

  4. disgustedamerican commented on Lisa Benson 3 days ago

    Putin is an Enemy of America.
    Iran is an Enemy of America and most everybody else.
    North Korea is an Enemy of America and wasn’t there very recent news of NK supplying Iran with war materials?
    Israel and Australia and the UK/Canada are the best friends America has. Until Obama drives them away…..
    Iran is exactly what PM Netanyahu says, the modern Nazis.
    Israel is a tiny nation, the only safe place in the Mideast for Christians to live and be free in their faith, the helper of poor African peoples, compassionate to Arabs/Islamists who aren’t trying to slit their throats. Polls prove that Arabs/Islamists prefer living in Israel and not the PLA/Hamas/Hezbollah controlled Gaza and Judea/Samaria.
    Israel and America are top targets of global Jihadists. Now ISIS has a training camp 8 miles from the Mexican/US border and are sending in trained terrorists. Israel must fight daily for its survival, surrounded by enemies with overwhelming manpower and money. But facts do not deter Haters, even poster Haters.

  5. disgustedamerican commented on Chip Bok 7 days ago

    Iran’s participation in the 5+1 talks is merely “diplomatic Jihad”….The Pentagon reported circa 2012/13 that Iran is working to build an ICBM armory to carry the Nukes it plans to produce. Then, Iran plans to “eliminate Israel” and “target the USA”…..
    Obama and Kerry are aiding and abetting one of our worst enemies. Iran began Leading a Global Jihad in 1979, 36 years of proof of Iran’s earned #1 in Sponsoring Terrorism.
    Now that Obama is claiming Iran is an Ally against ISIS with the USA (a dangerous and stupid claim) is he aiming to also claim Cuba and Venezuela as “allies” also?
    My Question, why has no Congressman spoken up to say that aiding and abetting enemies should be impeachable?

  6. disgustedamerican commented on Michael Ramirez 8 days ago

    poster Locke is correct…Ramirez is pointing out the Apple company’s hypocrisy in condemning Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration law (which the chicken governor Pence caved on and ordered the state legislature to renege), while the Apple company does business with foreign buyers who practice Sharia Law and maim and execute people for the slightest “heresy” to Islamic insanity.

    We in the USA should keep our freedom to speak and promote what we believe is good and criticize what we believe is bad. Legalizing and “normalizing” the gross sin of homosexuality is to any Bible believer, “BAD”!
    p.s. Troutma….it is not Ramirez who believes or endorses cutting off either right or left hand!
    @Ted Lind….the original Indiana Restoration of Religious Freedom act does NOT “discriminate” against homosexuals.
    It merely gives Christians or other religious citizens the right to do business without sinning against the God of the Bible.
    That “right” used to be a given, without using force of government to punish citizens for living their Faith.

  7. disgustedamerican commented on Steve Kelley 10 days ago

    this is an anti-conservative cartoon beneath the dignity of Kelly, IMO. It trivializes the “Ambush” planned by and carried out by Leftist “news reporters” who do not ask relevant to presidential candidate campaign Questions and then give the candidate time to reply. The incompetent “reporter” spouts long and loud propaganda designed to attack the candidate and distract from the issues in the campaign….being sure to talk down and over anything the victim tries to say!
    Any conservative and most GOP candidates get the same demonizing and ridiculing tactics from the Leftist Media.
    Not many reasonable voters pay any attention to this Media attempt to elect only Democrats and Lefties.

  8. disgustedamerican commented on ViewsMidEast 10 days ago

    Just a few of the world’s Hot Spots, and it is basically Jihadism, not “nuclear”….Iran is #1 Jihad terror sponsor, Syria is “hot” with ISIS Jihad slaughters, Yemen has an Iranian-puppet terror group taking down establishment government. Not in the cartoon, Egypt and Libya are trying to find solutions to Obama’s meddling against “stable” established governments, and Egypt was in an Allied policy with peace with Israel and the USA. Jihadism of the Muslim Brotherhood took over what Obama toppled.

  9. disgustedamerican commented on Rebecca Hendin 10 days ago

    1. Each doubt in the cartoon of very strange terrorists has been answered by God who created Adam our racial father,
    and God gave the answers in the Jewish scriptures and the Christ-ian scriptures of the 66 book Bible available to Mankind. First, we have meaning to God as His created race given the loan of the earth filled with everything we need to live. God’s Word teaches us to Love Him and Love one another. When our fallen nature fails, we who trust in Jesus pray for forgiveness and try to do better, but Jesus the God-Man is the only sinless human that ever lived on earth.
    2. R.T. posted “how many self-proclaimed Christians believe they are doing exactly what God and Jesus want them to do when they are apathetic, mean, demeaning, or even violent to the people who are disenfranchised, and in many cases – Christians – in our own country.”
    There is no excuse for any person claiming faith in the God of the Bible inventing false claims that God instructs them to sin. But verbal instruction from God’s Word on what is sin and what is obedience to God’s Laws, is not sin and is not a departure from what a Christian should be. Jesus condemned hypocrites and read Revelation to learn that He is returning not as the gentle Lamb of God to atone for our sins, but He is returning as the triumphant King of Kings and Ruler of earth using God’s Law as the standard. Jesus doesn’t overlook or dismiss sin, He paid the cost to cover them for repentant sinners with Faith in His Name, but those who never repent must pay for their own sins in the Lake of Fire with Satan, forever. And He is the Christ of God and the Judge of Mankind.

  10. disgustedamerican commented on Michael Ramirez 10 days ago

    Lefty posters claim Right of center (the Left keeps dragging the center further left) posters or the cartoonist “is in an echo chamber”….when it is the Left wingers who are brainwashed and repeat the mantra constantly.
    When you find a phrase in the US Constitution that calls for the central government to provide healthcare or any other service, interfering and remaking the economy into a government provider dictatorship; please post the wording. (and it is not “the general welfare” which is peacefulness for society to do its own things.) FDR started the flood of unconstitutional “provider agencies” with Pensions; today the brainwashed taxpayer ignorantly accepts these unsustainable unconstitutional procedures with passivity and too many even demand it.
    Universal government-provided healthcare in the UK and Canada have many horror-story reports of waiting lines, refused care, and citizens dying or being put to death by these “compassionate Lefties”….