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  1. winapps commented on MythTickle 28 days ago

    Is that Cheech Wizard on the shelf?

  2. winapps commented on My Cage Classics 5 months ago

    I really hate to see this end. One of my favorites!

  3. winapps commented on Bloom County 6 months ago

    The year before I retired from the Navy I started having knee and hip problems. The doctor’s at the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA said it was likely because I have such high arches. The doctor’s told me that people with flat feet tend to have fewer knee and hip problems than people with high arches.

  4. winapps commented on On A Claire Day 6 months ago


  5. winapps commented on Working Daze 7 months ago

    I hate them too. Installed Adblock plus to get rid of them.

  6. winapps commented on Close to Home 7 months ago

    Should say the invention of the modern bike seat.

  7. winapps commented on Red and Rover 8 months ago

    Eye boogers!

  8. winapps commented on Bloom County 9 months ago

    Sounds like politicians to me.

  9. winapps commented on The Buckets 9 months ago

    Used to have an old Zenith console tv. Beautiful piece of furniture.

  10. winapps commented on Doonesbury 10 months ago

    Started when I was 14, quit when I was 42 (1996). Was smoking over 4 1/2 packs a day when I quit. Haven’t touched one since. Stupidest thing I ever did was to start, smartest thing I ever did was to quit. Would have been smarter not to start in the first place.