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  1. LadyKat commented on Working Daze about 8 hours ago

    That’s just wrong

  2. LadyKat commented on Wizard of Id about 8 hours ago

    Would you believe a boy scout with a dull penknife?

  3. LadyKat commented on Ten Cats about 8 hours ago

    Good morning, everyone

  4. LadyKat commented on Scary Gary about 8 hours ago

    Travis does seem to be enjoying himself

  5. LadyKat commented on Pluggers about 8 hours ago

    Pepperoni, mushrooms, extra cheese

  6. LadyKat commented on Overboard about 8 hours ago

    Jonas, I really hope you can swim, because you are going to have to tie a line to that anchor so it can be pulled back up

  7. LadyKat commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 8 hours ago

    To my mind, the best line in the movie was Katherine Hepburn’s: “I’d hang you from my nipples, but it would shock the children.”

  8. LadyKat commented on Motley Classics about 8 hours ago

    But then, the government can turn anything at all into an offense

  9. LadyKat commented on Momma about 8 hours ago

    Ummmm….NO – get off your duff and earn the money to buy your own beer and get it out of the fridge yourself!!!

  10. LadyKat commented on Moderately Confused about 8 hours ago

    Wonder what they thought about Betty Crocker cake mixes?