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  1. LadyKat commented on Ten Cats about 2 hours ago

    Good morning, everyone. Has anyone heard from Ruth since she said she had compute trouble?
    Queen, re your friend with the pregnant dumped cat: the main thing is to make sure she has a quiet place to have her kittens. Any pregnant cat we had usually favored a cardboard box in a cupboard. We’d line the box with old towels and a layer of shredded paper. We’d also make sure that, for the first few days, the cat’s food and water were within easy reach and would provide extra food such as canned tuna or salmon. After a couple of weeks, when the kittens’ eyes open, we would cut down one side of the box so they could get out and explore when they started to walk. Trust the mother to show them how to use the litter box.

  2. LadyKat commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 3 hours ago

    Um – no. I have a mind of my own, thank you very kindly, and I call no one Master!

  3. LadyKat commented on Daddy's Home about 3 hours ago

    No, just a moderately crazed Siamese who suffers from delusions of parrothood.

  4. LadyKat commented on Ballard Street about 4 hours ago

    Meat – all sorts of meat

  5. LadyKat commented on Andy Capp about 4 hours ago


  6. LadyKat commented on The Adventures of Business Cat about 4 hours ago

    I’ll give it a try….

  7. LadyKat commented on Snow Sez . . . 1 day ago

    That is cute!

  8. LadyKat commented on Ten Cats 1 day ago

    Good morning everyone.

  9. LadyKat commented on Stone Soup 1 day ago

    Please don’t let it be Phil.

  10. LadyKat commented on Scary Gary 1 day ago

    I don’t think the pointy sticks will work on Leopold.