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The Born Loser by Chip Sansom

The Born Loser

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  1. LadyKat commented on Working Daze about 23 hours ago

    She might prefer Angry Granny.

  2. LadyKat commented on Ten Cats about 23 hours ago

    Good morning all. Doing a cleanup in the plant corner as Yum-Yum attacked the African violet again. She doesn’t try to eat it, just likes to knock it flying every once in a while. Now it is lopsided from the leaves that broke off. I guess someday I’ll have to give up and get a rubber rubber plant.

  3. LadyKat commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy about 23 hours ago

    Robin, I double dog dare you to go over to Wolverine and tell him that!

  4. LadyKat commented on Pluggers about 23 hours ago

    I’m not that old and I was in the hospital for a week when my daughter was born in 1974.

  5. LadyKat commented on Motley Classics about 23 hours ago


  6. LadyKat commented on Loose Parts about 23 hours ago

    I was expecting the cake to be in the shape of a dollar sign.

  7. LadyKat commented on Graffiti about 24 hours ago

    Yes, I do.

  8. LadyKat commented on Fred Basset about 24 hours ago

    Don’t feel bad, Fred, we all have days like that.

  9. LadyKat commented on Daddy's Home about 24 hours ago

    Just hubby and kitty and me make 3.

  10. LadyKat commented on Aunty Acid 1 day ago

    I agree, Auntie!