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  1. LadyKat commented on Ten Cats about 21 hours ago

    Thanks for the pear pie recipes.
    I loved the video about the cat at the door. That is how we ended up with our Most Nigellicious of Nigellicious ones, aka Nigel the English Butler. Neighbour upstairs was neglecting him and would no longer let him in the house, so one day we opened the door to go out and he moved in. She never missed him. He was an older, gentlemanly Tuxedo cat. After 3 years, he followed us out onto the deck one summer day, went to sleep in his favourite sunny spot and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in his sleep.

  2. LadyKat commented on Ten Cats about 21 hours ago

    I am keeping you and your wife in my thoughts. The car, well, that`s just the way with inanimate objects, they are perverse.

  3. LadyKat commented on Stone Soup about 21 hours ago

    I always knew when my mother had gone through my room while I was at school or work. My drawers had been tidied.

  4. LadyKat commented on Rose is Rose about 21 hours ago

    Hugs help.

  5. LadyKat commented on Non Sequitur about 21 hours ago

    I think Danae is older than Kate.

  6. LadyKat commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 21 hours ago

    So THAT`s where they put him!

  7. LadyKat commented on Kliban's Cats about 22 hours ago

    Cow! Now! Wow!

  8. LadyKat commented on Health Capsules about 22 hours ago

    I will have a large, rare steak with mushrooms, baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives, chocolate fudge cheese cake and a finish of Benedictine, please.

  9. LadyKat commented on Half Full about 22 hours ago

    Does anybody know what time it is?

  10. LadyKat commented on Green Humour about 22 hours ago

    Unfortunately, that`s not funny.