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  1. The UnBeliever commented on Clay Jones 14 days ago

    Don’t get hung up on self created labels. The USSR was not socialist and East Germany was not democratic. Nazis came from the far right.

  2. The UnBeliever commented on Gary Varvel 14 days ago

    We adults prefer the labels majority / minority party. Obstructionism, the mantra of “I’m taking my ball and going home” is out of place even in kindergarten.

    Compromise means no one is completely happy, but things get done.

    Obstructionism was wrong when the Republicans did it to President Obama, it is still wrong. Some one has to be the grown up.

  3. The UnBeliever commented on Steve Breen 14 days ago

    However the electoral college system is the most fair, ensuring the votes of all states are considered. I just hope President elect Trump is smarter than his average supporter and looks at the fact that he received only 1 in 4 votes from eligible voters. He will be the next president but he does not have a mandate to do everything he wanted. He needs to represent everyone and listen to those across the aisle.

  4. The UnBeliever commented on Steve Breen 14 days ago

    Whether your candidate won or not, if you care about our country you cannot be happy with the division going on.

    Also, despite what your map says, only 1 in 4 eligible voters voted for President elect Trump. He does need to moderate some of his promises.

  5. The UnBeliever commented on Lisa Benson 14 days ago

    It would help if you accepted moderation like a grown up instead of mocking the Republicans every time President Trump doesn’t follow through on his insane promises.

    This is one we should accept quietly. Whether you believe that Secretary Clinton broke the law like some Republicans or that she was merely careless, the winner persecuting the loser of an election is very ‘banana republic’. We are better than that.

    Besides, if we wanted to lock up everyone for being stupid we would need to go all Walking Dead and we few sane would retreat inside the prison and leave the brainless walkers outside.

  6. The UnBeliever commented on Over the Hedge 14 days ago

    Didn’t there used to be 4 turtle ninjas?

  7. The UnBeliever commented on Matt Wuerker 19 days ago

    Good idea, think of all the money we could save. If states voice is not important we could limit the House to 400 nationally elected representatives. (Still the lower house, should be less prestigious than the Senate) And think of all the state level elected officials we could do away with. If California is no different than Vermont then the local officials do not need to have a plan of their own, only enforce the laws enacted by the folks in Washington. BTW they will be almost exclusively from California and New York, but you’d be fine with that, right?

  8. The UnBeliever commented on Rob Rogers 19 days ago

    The electoral college may not be a perfect system but it is the most fair. A strictly popular vote would not make votes across the country equal, it would erase votes in the smaller states. Do you know where you can see a perfect example of a system with a strictly popular vote? The Hunger Games universe. It is easy for those in District 1 to want a popular vote, not so much for the other districts.

  9. The UnBeliever commented on Rob Rogers 20 days ago

    Not every conservative. I have voted Republican in 8 presidential elections but never for a second considered voting for President elect Trump. I believe President Bush was correct when he said that whether Trump won or not, he (President Bush) would be the last Republican president.

    As one who sees myself just right of center, what Trump/Pence believe does not bother me as much as whether they can separate personal/public ideas. My basic philosophy is summed up by a quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson. Paraphrased: It is fine if a law has moral background but if morality is the only reason, it should not be a law. As a real example – I do not drink or smoke. I do not believe either should be illegal.

  10. The UnBeliever commented on Nick Anderson 20 days ago

    Somebody has to be the grownup or this country is doomed. I am not suggesting rolling over and letting President Trump do anything he wants. But the polar opposite, contesting everything just because it is his idea is just as wrong. It was wrong when the Republicans did it, it is still wrong. Evaluate the policies on their own merit. And don’t gloat. If President elect Trump backs off some of the worst of his campaign promises don’t point out that he is not keeping a bad promise, if it works accept a good compromise.