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  1. The UnBeliever commented on Nick Anderson about 13 hours ago

    But to make a true analogy the gun and the contaminated food are on a table. You are no more going to die of food poisoning if you do not eat the food then you are going to die from a bullet wound from a gun sitting on a table. Refresh your memory on the Boston Marathon and the Oklahomha Federal Building and then tell me why it is a gun problem and not a mental health issue.

  2. The UnBeliever commented on Aunty Acid 1 day ago

    Ma Bell logo? (White Pages – phonebook printed on actual paper for you millennials)

  3. The UnBeliever commented on Steve Breen 5 days ago

    Nope, it is about mental health. How many people died at the Boston Marathon or the Oklahoma Federal Building from gunshot wounds? In both cases mentally ill people were able to kill with common items easily purchased. Mentally ill people with criminal intent do not need guns to kill a lot of people very quickly.

  4. The UnBeliever commented on Clay Jones 5 days ago

    In a wider view, in panel one armed citizen has a chance to defend himself against an armed criminal. In the second he is shot dead.

  5. The UnBeliever commented on Mike Luckovich 5 days ago

    Do you mind if I use your example when teaching logical fallacies? Classic strawman.

  6. The UnBeliever commented on Jim Morin 5 days ago

    How many people died at the Boston Marathon or the Oklahoma Federal Building from guns? Guns are the target for people with small imaginations and short attention spans.

  7. The UnBeliever commented on Mike Lester 5 days ago

    Should we buy back crockpots as well?

  8. The UnBeliever commented on Non Sequitur 5 days ago

    Agreed. I have a hat that reads “Veteran medicated for your protection”.

  9. The UnBeliever commented on Fort Knox 6 days ago

    Don’t do it!! Just one small glimpse of that would drive any man mad. There are some things we are not meant to understand.

  10. The UnBeliever commented on Tom Toles 6 days ago

    The Constitution is a living document. There is a very large difference between ignoring parts you don’t like and taking steps to change parts you want changed.