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  1. vocalek commented on Mike du Jour almost 3 years ago

    “Lighting” your e-cigarette with a flashlight is a funny idea, but in the last panel the drawing shows vapor emitted from the far end of the e-cigarette. That doesn’t happen. An e-cigarette is only activated when the user inhales, which means all of the vapor goes into the user’s body from the end that is in the user’s mouth. The unit turns off automatically when the user stops inhaling.

    Regarding hphundt’s comment, it is a shame that there are some rude and obnoxious vapers, who spoil things for the rest of us. It isn’t necessary to blow out huge clouds of vapor, and it certainly isn’t necessary to aim anything at another person’s face. Most vapers are so discreet that you would not even notice that they are using their device at all.