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  1. chasm_b commented on Frank & Ernest 6 days ago

    Frankly….I’d listen to it while on the Isle of Sinatra.

  2. chasm_b commented on Baldo 10 days ago

    If they’d done that, their father would’ve noticed and the table would show just the top of the table so their absence wouldn’t be as obvious to the casual reader. It would’ve spoiled the punch line.

  3. chasm_b commented on The Born Loser 12 days ago

    They call them “beef byproducts” because a semi-truck of cattle passed by the factory.

  4. chasm_b commented on Animal Crackers 13 days ago

    You don’t think I’m lion to you do you?

  5. chasm_b commented on The Born Loser 14 days ago

    Penurious also means flat broke.

  6. chasm_b commented on Dark Side of the Horse 14 days ago

    This is a rerun, but it’s still clever. I see 2011 on the strip, has it really been that long?

  7. chasm_b commented on Crumb 14 days ago

    That’s why she wants T-Rex an homage to her raptor ancestry. Maybe she could be called Trexie.

  8. chasm_b commented on Baldo 14 days ago

    I like it.

  9. chasm_b commented on U.S. Acres 18 days ago

    It’s just a comic but seeing Orson and or the kids with slop all over their faces I find distasteful (pardon the pun). I’ll be glad when we get past the slop. Yes I know these are reruns so more slop strips will dribble out.

  10. chasm_b commented on Frank & Ernest 21 days ago

    Which is why it’s good to listen to your mom’s advice and always have on clean underwear.