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  1. PaintTheDust commented on Sunshine State about 23 hours ago

    Ya gotta get up pretty early in the mornin’ to see that…

  2. PaintTheDust commented on Half Full about 23 hours ago

    Talking, or actually communicating?

  3. PaintTheDust commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 4 days ago

    Yes, Will, a @*#%><!! dog, but not a cute one. Whacking people’s butts doesn’t qualify as adorable.

  4. PaintTheDust commented on Frank & Ernest 4 days ago

    Lunar years,huh? So they had kids when they were 3, 4, and 5 years old? Lists those ages in years right in the same sentence.

  5. PaintTheDust commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 days ago

    CRT with rabbit ears? Yes, that is my main TV. Working, though never programmed VCR in the bottom, too. But not on my desk. I cleaned that last year about this time, shredded the stuff from pre-2009. Nobody’s missed it…

  6. PaintTheDust commented on Half Full 8 days ago

    More like " ? "

  7. PaintTheDust commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 8 days ago

    We had some hippie girls working for us who practiced their “primal scream therapy” one night. Right about the time Charles Manson was in his prime.

  8. PaintTheDust commented on Herman 8 days ago

    That’s gonna leave a mark…

  9. PaintTheDust commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 9 days ago

    Ya, the bros Mastroianni seem to be painting with a broad brush here. Know plenty of law-abiding firearms possessors but none of those other criminals. If they are really clever, maybe they could do a cartoon showing the difference, all while portraying the antics of the dogs…

    In fairness, they were trying to comment on lawbreaking, animal hating athletes, but perhaps (or perhaps not) inadvertently took a swipe at law abiding folks, many of whom are caring pet owners.

  10. PaintTheDust commented on Non Sequitur 9 days ago

    “It al comes,” said Rabbit, “of eating too much.”
    —from the chapter in which Pooh gets himself stuck in Rabbit’s front door