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  1. fmhummel commented on Endtown over 2 years ago

    Oh no, now the transporter must have noticed the dittos.

  2. fmhummel commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    Hm, several people compared that Topsider to Marx, but I don’t think I can agree. Marx is direct, but also over the top and somewhat manic, even when he’s serious. This Topsider didn’t show any humor up to now. He’s desperate, but he also thinks that he’s in complete control of the current situation. The latter might make him look a little bit like Marx – who always tends to be in control somehow – but I think it only shows that those two Topsiders have been in greater danger.
    You have to consider: What threat did mutants ever pose to Topsiders, except being plague carriers? Little to none, I might think. The way they toy with their victims shows that mutants rarely have a chance when meeting them.
    In the end, the Topsider’s attitude would fit someone well who is looking for help from someone he sees as completely inferior to him. He doesn’t have high hopes, but it’s not a great risk either.

  3. fmhummel commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    Hm, I’m sure he didn’t.

  4. fmhummel commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    Remember before Wally came to Endtown? He made the mistake of tying up a Topsider before. Their suits are somehow capable of buring through the ropes.
    My guess would be: They are outcasts and need help, but still having their Topsider mentality, they might as well kill those who won’t help them.

  5. fmhummel commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    As I said: The dittos’ way of saying: If keept fretting about the people killed here, the same will happen to you. But I think they’ve overdone it a bit.
    I blame Marx. I mean, that guy accidently destroyed Washington D.C. at one point, so I’m sure it’s his fault.

  6. fmhummel commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    There was only one Topsider who would have managed to face a surrounded mutant without cracking cruel jokes – and Al accidently got that one killed. So yes, I agree with most people here: Dittos again. They made that airscout appear to tell Holly to get a grip on herself and now they are doing the same thing to Wally.
    That makes me wonder: Either they are much more intelligent than we think, or they got very specific instructions from Mr. Marx to be sure the two wouldn’t fail.