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Real Life Adventures by Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich

Real Life Adventures

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  1. marilyn commented on Half Full 10 days ago

    i dont get it either

  2. marilyn commented on Pooch Cafe 12 days ago

    it’s funny but true, when i take the pug’s collar off, she looks NAKED!

  3. marilyn commented on Non Sequitur 18 days ago

    shouldnt those socks be all different colors?

  4. marilyn commented on Scary Gary 19 days ago

    I too was excited to see that Freddie Mercury is still among us

  5. marilyn commented on Scary Gary 19 days ago

    is one monster too bashful to wear a bathing suit?

  6. marilyn commented on Red and Rover 27 days ago

    no one has mentioned how much the man looks like his dog!!

  7. marilyn commented on Moderately Confused about 1 month ago

    wow, as someone of the female gender with a tattoo, let me say that you all sound just a tad sexist and close minded. and as someone who cares about spelling…………

  8. marilyn commented on Get Fuzzy 2 months ago


  9. marilyn commented on Human Cull 3 months ago

    when i was a kid, a long time ago, even young kids went to the park by themselves. the slides were metal and the ground cement.

  10. marilyn commented on Buni 3 months ago

    if your gums become infected that infection can go to your heart and kill you