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  1. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth about 2 hours ago

    Yes, Veggie Tales characters would be more fitting….Christian and all. However, Bert/Ernie?, Oscar and Big Bird are wide awake and watching with our Saviour whereas the disciples could not stay awake, were not sufficiently spiritually connected to Jesus to watch and pray with Him. Let’s pray for the salvation of everyone, as represented by the Sesame gang; everyone needs a Saviour from the evil one and Jesus is the only One Who can do it! Blessings.

  2. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 2 days ago

    Ummm…traditional Passover food is lamb. Remember in Exodus, 12:21-32, Old Testament, the order from God for each Israelite household to kill a lamb, smear its blood over the door frame, cook and eat lamb? Angel of Death coming to kill first born male of each Egyptian household would pass over each Israelite house, spare the Hebrews. Last of the 10 plagues and finally, Pharaoh let God’s children go out of Egypt only to c(ase them up to the Red Sea later; then God parted the waters of Red Sea etc.. So, chicken is an innovative if unbiblical switch; not to mention the thieving canine. Thanks, Cuyler!!

  3. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 3 days ago

    Just saying….we’re all here for a short time and we all encounter death. But then what?? Do you know where you’ll end up?? Blessings.

  4. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 3 days ago

    The devil, Father of Lies, spiritually deceives us by telling us in many ways that he, devil, does not exist. Ergo, the understanding that spiritually God, creation and the rest of Old and New Testament is a fairy tale. We need to brace ourselves for eternity….our choice as to with whom is smoking (devil) or non-smoking (God). Blessings.

  5. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 4 days ago

    Yes, fleeing from temptation is the only thing to do so Adam should have fled from Eve offering the forbidden fruit but he did not. The moral of the story?? The one-flesh relationship established between 1 man/1 woman by God has absolutely significant consequences for all of humanity. Look at marriage/family relationships today and consider the effect of sin ie. adultery/fornication on the children of the sinners. And that is just in the heterosexual world! We need to pray more for every body and soul. Blessings.

  6. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 5 days ago

    I love the humility and reverence that Cuyler has sketched into the birds’ body positions!!! No stockpiling of worms or bugs either or amassing billions and not sharing as humans are wont to do if they can!! Great cartoon, Cuyler. You’ve given us a teaching. Blessings.

  7. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 9 days ago

    Sheesh, Moses!! Could you please focus on substance ie. The Law as per God’s Will instead of obsessing about the prettiness of its appearance?? Sheesh!!

  8. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 11 days ago

    Dear Popeye: Because it was easy to give up spinach!! You are human and naturally go for the easy stuff!! Lent, however, was meant not to give up easy stuff; rather, the stuff we like….meat, sweets, bread and butter. Also, the good stuff was in short supply in late winter/early spring in most households during 6th to 20th Century Christianity. Npw, let’s ask Cuyler to persuade the octopus to give up Olive Oyl for Lent. Blessings.

  9. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 13 days ago

    Good one! Who created YHWH?? No one! The Deity, our very revered Holy Trinity always was, is now and is to come and we who believe and follow God’s precepts (Bible) will share in existence and joy for eternity after all earthly things have passed away. i am anxious for heaven!! Blessings.

  10. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 14 days ago

    Pick up the dry cleaning?? God made us in His image but we cannot turn that principle around and make Him in our image. Better that we let the Creator and Sustainer of everything good be the unfathomably Powerful and Loving Spirit Being that God is rather than reduce the Trinity to whatever our finite minds can come up with. So, back to “Create the universe” and all the other marvels which we cannot understand and like to use to diminish the God Being. Blessings.