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  1. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 25 days ago

    Can Josh get close enough to Lola to drop that nail file?? God needs to be involved and by Josh’s lack of success w. Lola it seems he is not. Blessings.

  2. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 28 days ago

    A classic encounter of minions of the Father of Lies aka the Dark versus followers of Jesus Christ, our Saviour aka the Light. In the material world the minions may kill Jesus’ followers and send them to Jesus, the Light, but in the spiritual world the minions, if not changed by Christ’s men, will continue to live in the Dark and end up in hell with Satan, the Father of Lies.

  3. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth about 1 month ago

    Oh, you Pessimists! Ye of little faith! Bear is obviously companion animal out for a walk with its folks! Look at its body language…no crouching, no charging the humans. In a second, backpacks will be opened, sandwiches unwrapped and Bear will enjoy a bowl of dog kibble and sandwich rinds and the walk will continue. Blessings.

  4. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth about 1 month ago

    No, no, no!! Not earthly, material treasure but the kind that God values….good deeds, human pain eased by others’ sacrifice, a loving attitude such as Jesus displayed towards humans ie. the 10 lepers healed; only 1 returned to thank Him and He DID not remove the healing from the negligent 9. That sort of treasure is of value; the earthly stuff is as rogersgeorge says “asphalt/pavement/cobble stones”. Blessings.

  5. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 2 months ago

    What’s wrong with forest choirs?? The members could meet in the Cedars of Lebanon forest. Blessings.

  6. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 2 months ago

    So, the humans chosen by God to live in Paradise were fighting. Definitely after the Fall. Also, poison ivy exists. Now Eve is using said plant to hurt Adam. They will both have to attend the Divine School of Forgiveness to get back on the path to righteousness. Guys, it could have been so easy to just obey God.

  7. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 3 months ago

    This is Cuyler’s reminder to us all that not all people attending churches are followers of Jesus Christ….you know the old adage:“Just because one goes into a garage does not make one a car!” Blessings.

  8. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 3 months ago

    Teenage Moses would have lived as an Egyptian prince. The Promland sortie minus enraged Pharaoh and armed charioteers could have been considered a training exercise for Moses’ future exodus with the children of Israel.The hassle of getting Prom attire, corsage, bouttonier, transportation training for assembling and commanding herds of animals, children, fretting grandmothers etc. Blessings.

  9. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 3 months ago

    No, the burn refers to the sin of adultery or fornication ie. in hell. Paul reflected the views of his time ie. misogyny framed by our genitalia…..men exercising misogyny and women enduring it all within the formal marital/economic mores of the time. But keep in mind that he also informed us that spiritually women were the same to God. Blessings.

  10. k9monty commented on Inherit the Mirth 4 months ago

    A mother’s universal desire….Jewish or not. To see her male offspring married to a nice girl or her female offspring married to a good man. As Mother’s Day (a humanly determined holiday) approaches may all the mothers take comfort that obedience to God and service in Jesus’ name takes precedence and gets much Glory for our Lord! Never mind grandchildren and arrows in my quiver (the Lord has granted me 7); look at how Paul’s obedience in his letters explaining Who Jesus is has helped shape our Church. Paul is the Policy Analyst of Christianity….Jesus showed us how to be/act; Paul explained why. Blessings.