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  1. SFCGaTor commented on Drew Sheneman 8 days ago

    The only thing worse than either Jeb or Christie as POTUS would be Hillary…or Joe Biden.

  2. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson 10 days ago

    This ideological misdirection, pops up over and over again and totally ignores over 300 bills submitted by the House and shortstopped by harry Reid in the Senate.
    FYI the because he’s Kenyan, black, socialist canard is fallacious and devoid of intellectual integrity. Doubly so what with this recent budget that just got passed.
    Show us where Obama has ever compromised with the Republicans over any significant issue. Never, any and all compromise has always come from the GOP.

  3. SFCGaTor commented on Drew Sheneman 10 days ago

    Good one Drew.
    Most Russians are very nice people but they have certainly been abused over the years. Slaughtered and enslaved by the Mongols, liberated then put in peonage by the Tsars, millions taken as slaves by Muslim raiders with scant protection from the Tsars, then the Soviets obliterate the Tsars and slaughter over 40 million under Lenin and Stalin. Reagan came along and gave the Russian people a second chance at freedom by driving a stake through the heart of the Soviet bear bringing about a tremendous uplift in their quality of life and a huge surge in economic growth. Now here comes Putin bringing back the iron tyrannical fist of the old Soviets and Tsars.

  4. SFCGaTor commented on Drew Sheneman 26 days ago

    @Braindead – Right!

    @DTroutma -Not period. Trayvon committed assault and battery with intent to inflict grave bodily harm (which he did) and was killed in self defense. Case over.

    “That said, anyone who thinks there isn’t racial and economic inequality in this country is either crazy, or just stupid.” – Always has been since the beginning of the human race and probably always will be. That said the USA as a melting pot for the world has a much better record on human rights than just about any other nation (there really is no other country like the USA in this regard for a comparison). We’re also much better today than the Democratic days of John Crowe and the KKK. Getting better, but race baiters like Sharpton, Holder, Obama, Farakan etc. are not helping.

  5. SFCGaTor commented on Drew Sheneman about 1 month ago

    I have no problem with what a private individual makes or spends on their selves with their own money. But, I have a bit of a problem with how a CEO, President whatever, entrusted with donated funds, spending enough money to pay for about nine students tuition for four years.

  6. SFCGaTor commented on Drew Sheneman about 1 month ago

    I’m married to a naturalized Cubana. She and all of her family have no regard for ILLEGAL ALIENS. All of her relatives here in the USA became citizens the LEGAL way. Also, I know more than a few Democrats who could care less about the immigration issue. So Drew’s a Democrat pot calling dirty arse on the GOP kettle.

  7. SFCGaTor commented on Drew Sheneman about 1 month ago

    Heheh, you got it Drew. The GOP is going to ‘dump’ a certain intestinal bill blocker, a little turd aka Harry Reid.

  8. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    I got the ‘TRUTH’ by a few minutes search, pulling up about a dozen references to the issue and due diligence analysis. Did you even read the article which you posted? If so you have absolutely no comprehension of what was written. Beyond that, did you cross reference and follow up with other articles reporting on the issue? Obviously not.
    But this is irrelevant as OLD1953 is a propagandizing ideologue who could care less about the truth of an issue.

  9. SFCGaTor commented on Drew Sheneman about 1 month ago

    Ah Drew…dude your ‘toon’ is in , bad taste.

  10. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    Care to post a link Kip. I did a search try to find an article where D votes were changed to R votes and could find none. The were several stories about indiscriminate and random voting machine errors AND where R votes were changed to D votes. The only politicians who were concerned about these errors were Republicans. Democrats who were interviewed were either unconcerned about the issue or said there was no problem.