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  1. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson about 14 hours ago

    I’d love to know what right the government has to money/wealth which has already been taxed as opposed to inheritors.

  2. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson about 18 hours ago

    Incorrect the first formal (modern ) estate tax was established in 1916, about seven years after Teddy left office. Although he did favor a progressive inheritance tax, his vision was only for the ultra rich and he never supported such against the middle class moderately wealthy, family whose wealth was mostly in in their business, farmers etc. Modern day targets of such would be Bill Gates, George Soros, Steve Jobs (RIP), Kennedy’s, Buffett, Winfrey, most of the Hollywood elite…

  3. SFCGaTor commented on Drew Sheneman about 19 hours ago

    Spot on, good one Drew.

  4. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson 2 days ago

    Here’s another little (actually not so little) factoid: between the Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service, National Park Service and other agencies the Federal government controls over 610 million acres of land which is over 20 percent of the US land mass. Almost all of this is in the western half of the country. The only reason Obama wants to choke off ANWR drilling is for his questionable legacy and to pander to the far left environmental extremists.

  5. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson 2 days ago

    Re ANWR: Prudhoe Bay is about 60 miles west of ANWR and has produced about 10 billion barrels of oil since 1970 without ann negative impact on the environment and wildlife. In fact the caribou herds have increased dramatically. Every one of the pictures showing AWAR as a pristine flower and wildlife laden area is nothing more than misinformation and misdirection. The planned drilling area looks nothing like that. It is a frozen wasteland in the winter and during the short summer it is a cold, muddy wasteland. Here:


    Also at 19 million acres, ANWR is larger than 10 other states in the USA. With that in mind, the proposed drilling area is on only 2,000 (two thousand) acres of that 16 million. Just about everything dtroutma posted is greatly exaggerated environmental extremist propaganda.

  6. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson 3 days ago

    What do you mean “WE”? And 100% is not the issue. It is the claims of cost effectiveness over time and BS warranties which are way overblown. By all means Pea, if you want to invest in SP for your house, go for it. You might also want to research the cost, maintenance and life span of the batteries and inverters. But spending public funds on such is a gross misuse and waste. If SP is sustainable and profitable then privately held companies will prosper. If not they will fail. So give us a list of SP installations that are turning a profit.

  7. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson 3 days ago

    Nance I’m going to stand by my original post. Your link is to a private proponent of solar power whose self description is as ‘supporting the “cause” of solar power’. Hardly a credible source as after reading the article and doing a little research it’s obvious that they are only using best case scenarios and anecdotal cases. Try this, an independent Canadian source:




    I think the single most deceptive thing about the SP industry is maintenance, specifically cleaning the things. You have to clean those panels AT LEAST every 6 months and in actuality every month is preferred especially in some areas. Listen I LIKE SP and if I lived in Arizona or some other sun rich area I might even utilize it although it would probably be something more on the order of a Stirling generator. SP has been an on and off hobby of mine.

  8. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson 3 days ago

    Solar Panels degrade by as much as 20% within the first two years after installation. The SP proponents claim that they will pay for themselves over a 25 year period but there are no documented cases of such.
    Factoids: Per Germany’s Meteocontrol, 80%of the 30,000 SP it inspected were underperforming. Enertis found a failure rate of 34.5% of Spain’s solar panels. England found a 12% failure rate in its China supplied SPs. Regarding China, they are the #1 supplier of SP world wide and their defect rate is at 5.5% to 22% per SolarBuyer out of Mass.
    Left wing Google, a major proponent and user of solar power did an audit of its new SP installation and found that it was only producing 50% of the power expected. Affordable SP is as yet a fantasy and an outright scam.

  9. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson 3 days ago

    I can always tell when Lisa hits one of the loony left’s sacred cows right between the eyes by the number of comments she gets. ANWR would be one of the safest and most benign places to drill for oil but, the liberal socialist propaganda machine finds it too valuable as a red herring and political straw man.

  10. SFCGaTor commented on Lisa Benson 8 days ago

    @Twclix – You just don’t get it. Islamic terrorists do not care about rationalization nor emotional and commercial confrontation. They only care about if everyone caters to their interpretation of god’s will. You can’t rationalize with monsters who behead little girls, rape them and sell them as sex slaves. You can only exterminate them.