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  1. geekboy_x commented on Doonesbury 1 day ago

    Not bad at all. Tail angle is spot on, but possibly a bit too orange-ish. Summer feathers, maybe? Either way, nice bit of detail.

  2. geekboy_x commented on Pickles 1 day ago

    Not-cheese on not-bread. Mmmmmm ….

  3. geekboy_x commented on Bloom County 9 days ago

    Better Lennon that a megalomaniacal cross-dressing boy-diddling racist who destroyed people’s lives just because they held an odd believe that everyone should be nice to each other …

  4. geekboy_x commented on Bloom County 9 days ago

    Apparently you have never seen The Conqueror. Marian’s oh-so-wooden readings superimposed on a hackneyed piece of “historical” drama? Oh man.
    “My blood burns for that Tartar woman, and I will take her!”
    SO bad.

  5. geekboy_x commented on Pearls Before Swine 10 days ago

    Actually, native pollinators in ALL of North America are doing extremely poorly. But you can thank Monsanto for that. Also, apparently, for the corporate Flav-R-Aid you are drinking.

  6. geekboy_x commented on Pearls Before Swine 14 days ago

    The old “to stop the Brits from oppressing us” thing is a canard. If the Brits are there and enforcing their will on the populace, then they are working under the umbrella of THEIR government and laws and the Constitution is nothing more than a piece of bum-wad to them. And if the locals are in a position to look to the constitution as their instrument of nationality, then that can only mean the Brits are now gone. In other words, if the document has any legal standing than the extra-national governing force is already gone.
    Jefferson’s letters are the treasure trove here. One of the great carefully-ignored resources of American history. They are both encompassing and concise about many subjects. Sadly, most of those are now uncomfortable and the resource has nowhere near the exposure it rightly deserves.

  7. geekboy_x commented on Pearls Before Swine 15 days ago

    The framers didn’t foresee assault rifles or the kind of human slime that would gun down a room full of cowering and crying 6-year olds as they stood behind the body of their bullet-riddled young teacher, either. ALL Jefferson and the framers wanted was a way to put down an uprising of the black folk should they ever try to rise up against slavery.
    Since the former is more and more common, and the latter is not really an issue anymore (although I’m pretty sure a lot of Tea Party / Trump / Republiturd types WISH we could reinstitute slavery) it really is time to revisit the damn thing.

  8. geekboy_x commented on Pearls Before Swine 17 days ago

    It’s already happened – thats why we have this:

  9. geekboy_x commented on Bloom County 2015 22 days ago

    Bingo. Modern zoos are the last hope for a disturbing number of species. Sad but true.

  10. geekboy_x commented on The Boondocks 22 days ago

    You should take the time. A lot of movies from that era dont age well, but Saddles sort of remains the same. It was outré, ludicrous and offensive then, and it remains outré, ludicrous, and offensive now. Also, funny as hell. Slapstick and socially-unacceptable commentary never seem to get old :)