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  1. Meh~tdology commented on Luann about 6 hours ago

    Somehow, I see Team Evans reworking O. Henry ’s
    “The Gift of the Magi” with this wedding ceremony.


  2. Meh~tdology commented on Frog Applause 2 days ago

    Naphthalene toothpaste,
    mmm minty !

  3. Meh~tdology commented on Frog Applause 2 days ago

    Frog Applause Therapy leaves you feeling fine as frog’s hair without that annoying Brylcreem sheen!

  4. Meh~tdology commented on Bloom County 2016 3 days ago

    Wasn’t all that long ago when we were going in the opposite direction on these things.

    Arrested for their Bathing Suits (1922)

  5. Meh~tdology commented on Frog Applause 3 days ago

    “It was nice to hear Pab S. confirm what many of us already know about Teresa.”
    That she’s always lurking upstairs?
    Dang, and I thought that was a raccoon!
    Sorry ’bout the Bug Bomb, Ms. T.!!!

  6. Meh~tdology commented on Frog Applause 5 days ago


  7. Meh~tdology commented on Luann 6 days ago

    - Brad VOLUNTEERED to take Shannon Trick-or-Treating as an alternative to having her go out with her dad and then possibly to a party.
    It was a good idea, why WOULDN’T Jonah have agreed to it?

    - Brad and Toni got locked in the closet because they wanted some snogging time and decided to “hide” in there during Hide-and-Seek with Shannon .
    There was much speculation as to how the child learned to open doors with a credit card.

    - Brad VERILY “reluctantly” agreed to play air guitar for Shannon ’s performance.

    Brad has spent ZERO time discussing anything with Jonah while spending quite a lot of time whinging away at him with Toni behind his back.

  8. Meh~tdology commented on Luann 6 days ago

    From Wikipedia:
    Brad’s first love interest. Brad was smitten by her, very confused by her motives and character, and often tried to impress her with shallow gimmicks, but to no avail. A running gag in the strip was that almost every time she greeted Brad, when he was working on his car, she startled him and caused him to hit his head on the hood above him. She and Aaron Hill had a brief relationship, then realized they were too different and too far apart in age. They ended it with a kiss, which was seen by an outraged Brad and Luann. Before she left town, Diane discovered that she and Brad had very little in common, especially when it comes to Brad’s passion for cars.

  9. Meh~tdology commented on Luann 6 days ago

    Brad has NEVER hung out with any other male in this comic except TJ
    As to Jonah , his attitude is mainly influenced by Toni badmouthing her brother, but Brad has never tried to go beyond that.
    This is someone he’s going to be RELATED TO by marriage. It’s time he made an effort.

  10. Meh~tdology commented on Luann 6 days ago

    WHY, is a big wedding important to Brad ?
    Who’s he showing his catch off to?
    Luann ‘s friends?
    His parents?
    Fellow firefighters?

    He has no friends of his own outside of TJ and his demeanor towards his fiance’s brother probably explains that.