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Frog Applause by Teresa Burritt

Frog Applause

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  1. Meh~thodology commented on Liberty Meadows 13 minutes ago

    If this strip ran in actual printed newspapers, he probably DIDN’T get it past the Big C’s.

  2. Meh~thodology commented on Liberty Meadows 16 minutes ago

    There was an old Cary Grant film on TCM last week that had a butt naked baby in it and they fuzzed his heinie.
    They weren’t afraid they’d excite pedophiles in the old days, so we have to censor things for them in the here and now.

  3. Meh~thodology commented on Get Fuzzy 21 minutes ago

    Give him another matching bump…in the rump!

  4. Meh~thodology commented on Bloom County about 1 hour ago

    So, we should’ve blamed Oliver for “Challenger”?

  5. Meh~thodology commented on Frog Applause about 5 hours ago

    Hey, kids!
    What day is it?

    FISHNET FRIDAY for July 25th, 2014

  6. Meh~thodology commented on Frog Applause 1 day ago

    Sorry for the delay.
    Had to deal with problems arising from the addlepated double X chromosome canine next door.


    Seam-in-the-back Thursday for July 24th, 2014

  7. Meh~thodology commented on Liberty Meadows 1 day ago

    Some of the imagery is taken from the 1960s underground comic Zap!
    (or was it Bomph! ?)

  8. Meh~thodology commented on Pat Oliphant 1 day ago

    Ukrainian should total up the military equipment that was stolen from Ukrainian tax payers in Russia ’s take-over of Crimea , add lost revenue and any penalty for early cancellation from the Black Sea port agreement, and charge it all against debt owed for gas supplies.

  9. Meh~thodology commented on Non Sequitur 1 day ago

    I used to watch NHK-Tokyo on satellite from my job at my school district’s cable television operation (and sent copies of the cooking shows to a friend of mine who lived in Japan in the 80’s).
    The variety, game, and children’s shows always earned a “WTF?” from me. Especially the level of cruelty inherent in the game shows. From the relatively benign one where contestants raced one another in eating a giant seaweed roll while trying to avoid the randomly placed giant wad of wasabi, to some pretty full-contact challenges (“Wipeout” is based on such a show).
    The children’s show where the teen witch rode the skies on what looked like an industrial vacuum sweeper and did Cat-In-the-Hat style tricks was odd as well.

  10. Meh~thodology commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Greg doesn’t come here because we WILL call him on lapses in logic that he and his supplicants just slough over.
    Such as; why are freshmen apparently in charge of this college theater production?