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  1. zippycats commented on Ten Cats about 19 hours ago

    Cats ought to be kept inside to prevent this.

  2. zippycats commented on Pooch Cafe about 19 hours ago

    He has collar ID.

  3. zippycats commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 19 hours ago


  4. zippycats commented on Nancy about 19 hours ago

    Anyone remember Dondi?

  5. zippycats commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 5 days ago

    Is it something unpronounceable or spelled in a way that your kid will have to always pronounce it and/or spell it for the next 90+ years? Does it have an apostrophe in it somewhere? Does it end in —esha? Is it a noun or vowel that has no business being a person’s name? Does it sound ridiculous with the last name? Do the initials spell a cuss word?

  6. zippycats commented on Lucky Cow 5 days ago

    Story of evolution.

  7. zippycats commented on Working Daze 6 days ago

    So why don’t we use base 10 on clocks?

  8. zippycats commented on Overboard 6 days ago

    We have a big covered doghouse next to the kitchen window with a smaller “Igloo”-style one inside, with soft fleece and a bed warmer. I put cat food out several times a day and we get two beautiful fluffy strays, eating and peeking in the window. Sometimes we get a possum or a raccoon too! Also we have 3 bird feeders and a place for the squirrels. I too see their tracks in the snow.

  9. zippycats commented on Off the Mark 6 days ago

    The birds are tap-tapping on their phones into their twitter accounts—-“tweeting”.

  10. zippycats commented on La Cucaracha 6 days ago