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  1. zippycats commented on Ten Cats about 10 hours ago

    Cyril the Squirrel, lol.

  2. zippycats commented on The Sunshine Club about 10 hours ago

    Cute kitten.

  3. zippycats commented on Reality Check about 10 hours ago

    Happens every year: bomb fails to go off, guy picks it up, loses parts.

  4. zippycats commented on Raising Duncan about 10 hours ago

    I love my Ipod. Don’t even have a cellphone.

  5. zippycats commented on PreTeena about 10 hours ago


  6. zippycats commented on Kit 'N' Carlyle about 10 hours ago

    He’s so adorable, love this strip.

  7. zippycats commented on Arlo and Janis about 11 hours ago

    We have 5 cats, the booming was quite intense last evening, probably will be worse tonight. Funny——it didn’t scare them a bit, we have the windows open too. But they scatter when the doorbell rings, lol.

  8. zippycats commented on Ten Cats about 11 hours ago

    Thanks everyone: I opened the comments today, and now I’m seeing all the pictures. I do restart my computer each day. Nice pictures!

  9. zippycats commented on Ten Cats 1 day ago

    Both of you—-is it just my computer or is everyone just seeing the little “X” instead of your photos? Why does this happen, I can click on it but it still won’t open.

  10. zippycats commented on Speechless 1 day ago

    Yes, they blink on and off, it’s a mating thing. We see dozens of them every night starting about 20 minutes after sunset. We don’t use insecticides in our yard, and we have lots of bushes. Sometimes I see one during the day, black with orange wings.