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Tiny Confessions by Christopher Rozzi

Tiny Confessions

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  1. zippycats commented on Daddy's Home about 7 hours ago

    How many fingernails have you broken where it says “Press here”? Do those self-closing strips on plastic bags ever actually work? “Tear here” is the strongest part of a package. This is where teeth, scissors, and clothespins come in handy.

  2. zippycats commented on Ten Cats 1 day ago

    Also Crumb and Kit ‘n’ Carlyle.

  3. zippycats commented on Raising Duncan 2 days ago

    She’s lying about being on medication for being a compulsive liar.

  4. zippycats commented on Maria's Day 3 days ago

    The baby was an accident?

  5. zippycats commented on Raising Duncan 4 days ago

    Who’s this guy?

  6. zippycats commented on Nancy 4 days ago

    His pants are tighter than her dress!

  7. zippycats commented on Nancy 5 days ago

    The Braves were hot in the 1990s.

  8. zippycats commented on La Cucaracha 5 days ago

    Looks like Alfred E. Newman.

  9. zippycats commented on Tank McNamara 6 days ago

    Our son wanted to play HS basketball, went to a private Catholic prep school that wasn’t cheap and the work was very hard. Guess what: they recruited inner city kids, paid their tuition, gave them passing grades and they all made the basket ball team! Our son didn’t have a chance.

  10. zippycats commented on La Cucaracha 6 days ago

    Show Michael Jackson before and after his “skin condition” affected his color. Janet also.