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  1. FLF commented on Lalo Alcaraz over 2 years ago


    I was also biased, on purpose. Saying one thing and then doing a 180 had following comments referring to Brown as most rational people would. The man was a bully. r2varney summed it up with a few words.
    Like Oscar Grant in CA, Brown was responsible in some part for causing his own demise. Sad but true. Every one is entitled to their opinion. I think I’ve made myself clear where I stand on this, my last post about this thread.

  2. FLF commented on Lalo Alcaraz over 2 years ago

    Brown was killed because he was a thug, an arrogant thug.
    Have you not watched where he, using his size, pushed aside the store clerk while committing robbery, a felony?
    He acts likes, in the video, that he’s entitled to just go into
    a business and take what he wants without paying.
    The police officer was not aware that Brown had committed
    a crime prior to meeting him.
    Did it not occur that this huge man may have been rushing
    the officer and the officer feared for his life?
    All the facts are not in.
    Hold your judgment.
    I’ve heard a lot about what a good person Brown was.
    The video speaks volumes against that.