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  1. That_Jedi_Girl commented on Buni 30 days ago

    So, pretty much any Greek, Roman or Shakespearean tragedy?

    And YES - I am over-simplifying. :)

  2. That_Jedi_Girl commented on Luann 3 months ago

    I read the strip and my first thought was – Shannon’s crying because Toni has proposed they go off and get ice cream.

    I figured that along with the excessive make-up, Tiffany had a heart-to-heart about missing dads (7/21 Tiffany starts with a “no show dad” comment followed by, “I know how to make you feel better”) and added something about pursuing your dreams/activities.

    Thus, Shannon was ready to have the show go on. Instead, Toni says, “your dad’s not here, let’s get ice cream” completely ignoring the possibility that Shannon might want to perform anyway. And that’s why Shannon blew a gasket.

  3. That_Jedi_Girl commented on Get Fuzzy 6 months ago

    Them and any younglings studying WWII.

  4. That_Jedi_Girl commented on Ink Pen 6 months ago

    You can tell the game is almost over — look at the state of his costume.

  5. That_Jedi_Girl commented on Wyatt 6 months ago

    And she’s cute.

  6. That_Jedi_Girl commented on Eek! 7 months ago

    But he can live on milk and (bat) cookies.

  7. That_Jedi_Girl commented on Half Full 7 months ago

    It was pretty disgusting (and the follow-up to consuming it, lived up to the name). The worst part was — that particular flavor looked A LOT like some other flavors. Bleh.

  8. That_Jedi_Girl commented on Eek! 7 months ago

    I knew I saw him on that commercial but he’s missing the sweater. O wait, I guess he had to strip for the exam….

  9. That_Jedi_Girl commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 9 months ago

    Not surprising, he’s a bit possessive when it comes to his stuff. Fortunately, I got a CD and am off to be nostalgic. :-) Cue twangy guitar.

  10. That_Jedi_Girl commented on Lunarbaboon 9 months ago

    Beware the black eye of Sauron.