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  1. garcoa commented on Herman about 24 hours ago

    No matter what they were wearing, I wouldn’t want the middle seat between them.

  2. garcoa commented on Working Daze about 24 hours ago

    A bonus is what the execs get for just doing their job, whether they did it poorly or very well.

  3. garcoa commented on Moderately Confused 2 days ago

    Double entrendre.

  4. garcoa commented on Moderately Confused 5 days ago

    The same month is very long if being paid on a monthly basis.

  5. garcoa commented on Pearls Before Swine 5 days ago

    But such a well drawn pillow!

  6. garcoa commented on Herman 5 days ago

    It is the thought that counts, right. OK, wrong.

  7. garcoa commented on Get Fuzzy 8 days ago

    Everything makes perfect sense to me! I’ve heard conversations that went like that – but usually just in jest. They are diculous.

  8. garcoa commented on Pickles 9 days ago

    Stuff like that happens when your wife reads in bed, keeping you awake to ponder the meaning of life.

  9. garcoa commented on Herman 10 days ago

    Yes, I hate it when I get broadsided by someone in a hurry.

  10. garcoa commented on Herman 11 days ago

    Unfortunately, that is where dogs do their business.