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  1. ArtSertorius commented on Ted Rall almost 3 years ago

    don’t forget a few others key gems:

    “We’re going to close Guantanamo Bay”

    “A single payer health care plan is the best, most cost-effective way to deliver health care to a large country like the US”

    “I’m not going to rest until the people responsible for the housing collapse and financial crisis have been held to account.”

    any more?

  2. ArtSertorius commented on Gary Markstein almost 3 years ago

    Neo-cons won’t be happy until Iran has been invaded and turned into the same smouldering mess that we made with Afghanistan and Iraq. Diplomacy and negotiations are to be derived as weak and the next Munich….

  3. ArtSertorius commented on Glenn McCoy almost 3 years ago

    Remember, the Republicans are responsible for shutting down the farm.

  4. ArtSertorius commented on Mike Lester almost 3 years ago

    Sarah Palin could have been referring to the slavery that existed in classical Antiquity, when people in desperate economic conditions would sometimes sell themselves into slavery to try to attain a better position in life. Slaves could be freed by their masters, and often attained positions of great influence, like freed slaves of the Emperor Claudius who were accused of pilfering the treasury.

    The capitalisitc framework of agreeing to sell your labor to an employer seems to suggest the legal context to sell your future labor to someone as well.

    Anyways, slavery isn’t necessarily talking about plantation slavery in the Antebellum American south – it could be talking Roman slavery, modern sex slavery, debt slavery…. I hate it when people like Martin Bashir intentionally misread metaphors so they can unleash a wave of outraged insignation on some bete noire

  5. ArtSertorius commented on Lisa Benson almost 3 years ago

    Lisa Benson inadvertantly brings out the point out that the Pilgrims were originally headed for the mouth of the Hudson River (at the time part of the Virginia Territory), but after getting to Cape Cod and then encountering fierce stroms trying to complete the journey south, the decided to settle for Plymouth Rock.

    So the Pilgrims probably could have used a helpful link to the Government Meterological Service for some advice about when best to make the voyage.