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  1. theblackbear commented on Glenn McCoy about 1 month ago


  2. theblackbear commented on Glenn McCoy 3 months ago

    The word “Democrat” means a member of the Democratic Party or a person who votes for Democratic candidates but, of course, Glenn knows that. Using the word as an epithet is the Conservative equivalent of flashing a gang sign, showing solidarity with geniuses like Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck.

  3. theblackbear commented on Glenn McCoy 4 months ago

    Jase99, ARodney, noddin0ff, another instance when one wishes Go Comics had a Like feature like FB. Proud to see your calm, reasoned rebuttals to one of Hateful McCoy’s uglier personal attacks.

    And trm, there’s no evidence that anyone commenting on this page defended those portrayals of President Bush as you are defending McCoy’s remarkably ugly personal attack on a woman who is trying to improve and save American lives. Imagine attacking Laura Bush for “meddling” in what American children read by promoting libraries. It makes you sound petty and small minded.

  4. theblackbear commented on Glenn McCoy 4 months ago

    Do you guys ever get tired of being lied to?


  5. theblackbear commented on Glenn McCoy 5 months ago


  6. theblackbear commented on Glenn McCoy 5 months ago

    It’s a 24/7 job, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.


  7. theblackbear commented on Glenn McCoy 5 months ago

    NEW RULE: Presidents aren’t allowed free time to relax with their families, sports or hobbies, and if they do take a vacation no expenses, including security should be covered by the government.

    (Actually, it’s more of a TEMPORARY RULE, until a Republican or white Democrat is elected, but that doesn’t mean you guys should whine about it any the less.)

  8. theblackbear commented on Glenn McCoy 7 months ago

    @pbucklnad, I’m glad the tap wasn’t shut off before my grandparents came here from Eastern Europe. Oh, and all the same ugly racist garbage was thrown at them too, just as it was for the Italians and Irish when during their immigrant waves. My grandmother said when she was a teenager people blamed them for the flu epidemic. My grandfather worked 3 jobs to support his family. When I first came to Los Angeles one of the first Latino immigrants I met was the gardener our landlord hired to cut the lawn. Our scheduled time was Sunday at 8 AM. I asked him if he ever took a day off, and he laughed (and said no). Since then I’ve dealt with hundreds of them personally and professionally, and found them to be fair, honest, friendly, hard working and entrepreneurial. If those kids go on to be hard working, tax paying Americans the money to educate them will be a good investment.

  9. theblackbear commented on Glenn McCoy 7 months ago

    McCoy has the wrong president driving that truck:


  10. theblackbear commented on Glenn McCoy 9 months ago

    Glenn, if she’s not allowed in there why does she have her own chair?