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  1. Carl R commented on F Minus about 20 hours ago

    Best comment of the day .

  2. Carl R commented on Frazz about 20 hours ago

    My dog found that if he chased one rabbit, he wouldn’t catch it.

  3. Carl R commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 20 hours ago

    M O U S E

  4. Carl R commented on Dilbert Classics 8 days ago

    Note that the plaintiffs got nothing; Dogbert seems to have kept it all.

  5. Carl R commented on Calvin and Hobbes 8 days ago

    The person that i remember as a bully grew up to become a policeman.

  6. Carl R commented on Pickles 10 days ago

    I don’t like to see comments twist a cartoon, but in this case, exoticdoc2 didn’t twist it or take it out of context. Panels 1-3 are clearly theological, with panel 4 merely an attempt to find humor from the theological question. After reading the comic, I’d have expected most of the discussion that followed to be theological.

  7. Carl R commented on Working Daze 10 days ago

    Which, of course, explains why the EU is a mess.

  8. Carl R commented on Wizard of Id 10 days ago

    I’m right there with you, FlyerTom.

  9. Carl R commented on WuMo 10 days ago

    That’s what feed bags are for.

  10. Carl R commented on Overboard 11 days ago

    My dog encountered a skunk once, and then never again. Tomato juice did work, but left him a bit pink.