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  1. SheMc commented on Snow Sez... 2 days ago

    No need!!! she reads his mind!

  2. SheMc commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 23 days ago

    Haha, it’s all relative!!!

  3. SheMc commented on Fat Cats 23 days ago

    Thats kind of sad!

  4. SheMc commented on Cleo and Company 23 days ago

    Hi Nighthawks, you have been busy!!! I love the dog & birds picture, thanks for al the “gifts” today!!! X

  5. SheMc commented on Kit 'N' Carlyle 23 days ago

    Ooohhh try not to think like that Carlyle!

  6. SheMc commented on Citizen Dog 23 days ago

    Summer colds, no fun X

  7. SheMc commented on Today's Dogg 23 days ago

    Gosh, I thought the year was passing too fast!!! Cute puppy though X

  8. SheMc commented on Snow Sez... 23 days ago

    Aaahhh thanks Snow, Happy Independence day to you too (Theresa?) Shepherd XXX Nice to see the whole Snow family!

  9. SheMc commented on Cleo and Company 23 days ago

    Wonderful!!! shame we can’t hear the band!!! All god pictures today, thanks & a happy fourth of July to you all too XX

  10. SheMc commented on Breaking Cat News 23 days ago

    Me too but these mice are different!!!