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  1. DAngelo136 commented on Clay Bennett 23 days ago

    " Can’t remember the number of times I have heard.
    kill whitie."
    “Kill whitie”(sic)? That’s so cliche. You’ve been watching too many blaxploitation movies, pal.

  2. DAngelo136 commented on Clay Bennett 23 days ago

    " First question.
    Why do black americans think they are special?"

    We don’t. But why are we treated as if we aren’t human?

    “Above the law?”
    How about honoring that part that “All men are created equal” and “Due process of law”? Why is that such a hard thing for you?

    " blacks in other countries don’t act this way."
    You mean Black people in other countries don’t complain and protest when their rights are violated? You must not travel much.

    " And Yes I have been singled out by cops. And suffered racial discrimination."
    And you’re OK with that? That says a lot about you, zippy. If you did, why didn’t you complain? Or are you that much into authoritarianism? That’s on YOU, pal.

    " In the US Navy and every time I go to Detroit."

    Again, why didn’t you complain? Just because you’re a compliant yutz doesn’t mean everybody else has to be. Sorry, but you’re not garnering much sympathy from me here.

  3. DAngelo136 commented on Lisa Benson 6 months ago

    Conserv, I’m glad you see it that way. Really. In fact, I hope you get what you want; the destruction of unions. You see, it would finally drive home the fact that labor cannot depend on anyone except itself. It will finally force members of labor unions to go beyond negotiating for just wages and benefits but to make itself a political party and participate in government policy making without having to depend on politicians who are more than willing to dump them at the tip of the hat or rather the shake of the Koch Brother’s piggybank. If that strikes you as a bit Marxist, you’d be right. You see, I do believe that a capitalist would sell you the rope to hang him with. And to that I have to say is “thanks for the sale”.

  4. DAngelo136 commented on (th)ink 10 months ago

    As opposed to FREE LABOR? Tell you what, why don’t you let ME kidnap YOU, force YOU to work from sun up to sun down with only Sunday off (for prayer, of course) whip you when you don’t meet your production quota, answer me back in any way that I find “disrespectful” or “uppity”, give you pig remnants/entrtrails and weeds to eat and tell me how YOU like the experience? What’s that? That’s “inhumane” you say? Well that’s what slavery was like. Learn your history, ignoramus.

  5. DAngelo136 commented on Kevin Kallaugher 10 months ago

    Please explain how that works. Because that’s never been established by data. In fact, I dare you cheap labor conservatives to read this…http://www.newrepublic.com/article/116070/raising-minimum-wage-isnt-just-good-politics-its-good-economics or this:http://www.forbes.com/sites/beltway/2014/02/11/raising-the-minimum-wage-would-be-good-for-wal-mart-and-america/ Which is from the SAME magazine you cited as a source. Why do you hate Americans so much?

  6. DAngelo136 commented on The Knight Life about 1 year ago

    Hey Keith, do you remember how the Sox got to the series in ’86? They were down 3-1 in the ALCS facing elimination in Anaheim in the 9th inning of game 5, when the Angels bullpen collapsed and a guy named Donnie Moore gave up the go ahead run to Dave Henderson, and then the Angels lost the game in extra innings?Then they lost games 6 & 7 and the Angels fans unfairly blamed Donnie Moore for the collapse when game 5 was the last time he appeared for them ever. Turns out Donnie Moore had a bad back and it affected his pitching shoulder. He was basically gutting it out for the team. He ended up being released the following year and we know what happened after. So can you guys give Bill Buckner a break finally?