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  1. artheaded1 commented on Banana Triangle 1 day ago

    Poor Tom!

  2. artheaded1 commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Smith Industries lack of serious security protocols is causing an international incident, with probable deaths to follow. Diet, at least hire Paul Blart, mall cop!

  3. artheaded1 commented on That is Priceless 9 days ago

    Looks like a rabbit from a magician’ s hat!

  4. artheaded1 commented on Thatababy 9 days ago

    Let’s be real, they’d want to see Lucy the Margate Elephant if they get to New Jersey! America’s oldest roadside attraction.

  5. artheaded1 commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    Smith Industries has a serious security problem. At this point they should be at Speck’ s front door with the police, since they put to and two together about who left the eyeglass test early on the day the glasses went missing. They must have a roster of participants with all their vital info. How hard is it to track down Specks? Not hard at all.

  6. artheaded1 commented on Thatababy 2 months ago

    Like these alternate lyrics! Not surprised that Batman &Robin wrote them, they’ve had enough of being smelly and laying eggs!

  7. artheaded1 commented on Monty 2 months ago

    Monty might live in Monroe Twp. In Oct he was working at a Middlesex county Halloween store. Today he’s about 20 min from Piscataway. Monroe would fit both those descriptions.(I’m guessing Monroe, because I spend 50 hours a week there shuffling papers and answering emails, so it’s almost like home to me!)
    Has Monty’ s hometown ever been named?

  8. artheaded1 commented on That is Priceless 2 months ago

    Wonderful pun

  9. artheaded1 commented on Nancy 2 months ago

    Amen Sister!

  10. artheaded1 commented on Monty 2 months ago

    Poor little rich boy! No parent to shock with his outrageous behavior!