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  1. stillwaterart commented on Liberty Meadows 2 months ago

    A cow with a thumb…. amazing.

  2. stillwaterart commented on Bloom County 4 months ago

    As to that waxing thing…….

  3. stillwaterart commented on Michael Ramirez 5 months ago

    You and many other commenters on this site like to stretch the truth on the President’s intent. As a gun owner, I know well that I will NOT have to get a license. Individual transfer of guns between private parties is legal. Only those that sell guns as a business require licenses.
    This loophole is long past due to end. In my community is a gun show once a month. There is a shooting almost every day in a nearby city, Many are drive by’s. Wonder where they get their guns? A 3 day wait is not a problem to anyone with nothing to hide…..maybe you do.

  4. stillwaterart commented on Michael Ramirez 5 months ago

    Moron. No one is coming for your guns. In your case maybe they should. Any clown that thinks this way is not of sound mind.

  5. stillwaterart commented on Michael Ramirez 6 months ago

    Saddam Hussin kept the crap in check by being as worthless as they are.

  6. stillwaterart commented on Ziggy 6 months ago

    Those meteors are worth a fortune

  7. stillwaterart commented on Wizard of Id 10 months ago

    A lot of hollow trees in Id

  8. stillwaterart commented on For Better or For Worse 11 months ago

    My parents would be in prison. Many the time I, the first up sometimes before day light, would be in the woods or “back at the creek” more than a mile from home. At a minimum on the back streets with my buddies

  9. stillwaterart commented on Pluggers 12 months ago

    That’s why I button mine before I put ’em on….

  10. stillwaterart commented on Pluggers 12 months ago

    Heck, All mine are white….except for the little blue one