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  1. Love & Hope commented on Gary Varvel 10 months ago

    “compassion is for the innocent, the vicitms, the unempowered, i.e. those who need and deserve it.”

    No. Compassion is for everyone, even for your enemies. I am liberal and I truly believe that. It’s one of the teachings of the guy, whether you believe in him or not, whose birth is being celebrated next week. (That must be about the third time I’ve mentioned Jesus in my posts so far, which is surprising to me because I’m not religious although I’ve been very involved in spiritual studies. The original teachings ring true to me, though.) I fail in that sometimes too — showing compassion for some particular people — but I really think that at least trying to see all others in a compassionate light is the way to be.

  2. Love & Hope commented on Cul de Sac 10 months ago

    Oh Frankenbaum, Oh Frankenbaum…

  3. Love & Hope commented on Steve Breen 10 months ago

    The world has been full of leaders who have forgotten or ignore the basic tenets of what the guy that tree is honoring had to say in the first place. Something about loving one another and treating others the way you’d want them to treat you?

  4. Love & Hope commented on Michael Ramirez 10 months ago

    I don’t really understand all of the hoo-ha about this incident. I can see a little bit of the reason for the consternation, but some of these cartoonists are blowing it way out of proportion. I posted somewhere else that I don’t have any problem in general with Obama taking a selfie. It actually wasn’t even a selfie, even though the cartoonists are depicting it as one. But Minister Schmidt looked to be the one who initated it and it was her camera that she was holding, with Obama helping to steady. But I can see the objection that it wasn’t really the most appropriate venue for that type of thing. That objection makes some sense to me. I can see it as being a little tacky. I don’t see it as being a huge deal, though. Michelle’s reaction to it, sitting next to them, I thought was interesting. She didn’t look very pleased or comfortable.

    I can’t see anything that says that President Obama has a PhD in Political Science. I know he has a JD (juris doctorate) in Law. Nothing that says he has any sort of degree in Poli Sci though. Also kind of think it’s rude to say that someone is going to Hell or is somehow placing himself at the same level of Christ just by saying something is evil. Didn’t you yourself just call somebody here evil a few days ago? Yes I believe you did. I don’t really believe in the whole duplicity belief system anyway, the whole "it’s either good or evil (bad), or “it’s either right or wrong, with no shades in between” thing. I try to be into Acceptance instead of Duplicity. I am happier that way.

  5. Love & Hope commented on Gary Markstein 10 months ago

    I should correct myself on the Second Amendment ratification date, 1791, not 1776, before someone catches me on that. But you know, it’s pretty much the same difference there in terms of what I was trying to say.

  6. Love & Hope commented on Gary Markstein 10 months ago

    I have not seen or heard of any incident of that type of thing happening, whatsoever. People outside of the USA sometimes enjoy taking a broad brush and painting the whole culture there as gun-toting lunatics, or like the Wild Wild West. I guess it might feel good to put down another country and declare that yours is more civilized or superior somehow but there is really no use in doing so because it doesn’t reflect the reality. I know people who live just a couple of blocks away from this school. It is a nice quiet community filled with a lot of nice people most of whom wouldn’t even think of owning a gun, and people for the most part feel safe and ARE safe.

    I don’t like guns. I wish they didn’t exist. They are really good at their sole purpose which is to kill or destroy something quickly and easily and from a distance. All you need to do is aim and pull a little trigger, and boom, someone or something or some animal is destroyed.

    Arming the teachers is not the way. People don’t want to live in a place where everyone has to be heavily armed. Back when I was in high school the thought of someone coming in and shooting up the place didn’t even enter my mind. My first taste of that was in the early 80’s when I had to visit an inner-city school as part of my job at the time. Big wrought-iron gates, guys walking around with walkie-talkies and holstered guns, a security system with electronic locks on all the doors. It felt really really weird and uncomfortable to me. It just wasn’t part of my reality when I went to school.

    I don’t think home-schooling is the solution either. We can’t live in isolation just out of fear of what might happen. Kids need to be interacting with each other. School plays, band class, just the back-and-forth interplay of a classroom itself, those are all things that are really valuable and important.

    So I don’t know what the final solution is. I think that any ultimate solution will have more to do with a sea change in the way this world and its people think, rather than any enforcement or protection or deterrent measures. There has to be a dramatic shift in the way people think first. Some understanding of who we all are and that we are all interconnected on a very fundamental level and ultimately should treat each other with empathy and respect (you know, a lot of what Jesus was originally trying to get across), that would probably have to happen before any ultimate solution would work.

    In the meantime, I don’t see that the current ease of access to guns is a good thing. I know that guns would still be obtained illegally, but allowing a young person such as the shooter to just walk into a gun store and legally buy a shotgun just doesn’t seem right. Seems to me that the purchase of something that works like (a) point the device and (b) pull a little trigger in order to © end a life or at least inflict massive injury on some living being, that sort of device needs to be extremely regulated in who can get one.

    Yes I know about the 2nd Amendment. I also know that most other things that were written in the world of 1776 have a good chance of not directly applying to the world of 2013. There are some fundamental truths which never change, but this doesn’t seem like one of them. Not too many other books or documents or laws from that era apply now or have withstood nearly 240 years of change without needing to be changed themselves. People always look at this thing as being written in stone, the basis of the country, immovable, a solid foundation which can never be reconsidered. Those people seem to forget that what they are talking about was an Amendment (i.e., change, revision) to the original document in the first place. I’d say that something that was talking about protecting small colonies against foreign invaders in 1776 just possibly might not really directly apply to the massively changed, technology-oriented world of 2013.

    Ultimately I hope for a world in which people realize that guns are a product of fear, and that maybe there is no need to be afraid of each other. Again, a global change in the way people think about the nature of this reality and their and everyone else’s roles within it would have to happen first — and I’m not holding my breath. But I can dream.

  7. Love & Hope commented on Poorly Drawn Lines 10 months ago

    lol…I love these. I’ve wondered what Jacques Cousteau’s family would think of them. I’m kind of surprised to see that this whole strip made it on here. The Nov. 15th one about the tree got censored, though. The original one said something other than “jerk.”

  8. Love & Hope commented on Get Fuzzy 11 months ago

    Love this strip.