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  1. oldwolf1951 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 days ago

    More limericks than just those about Nantucket you know. Like for instance:
    There was a man upon the stairs, a little man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. Oh how I wish he’d go away.

  2. oldwolf1951 commented on Jeff Danziger 4 days ago

    He is, as they say here in Texas, all hat and no cattle. It will cost Texas $12 Million a month to put those troops at the border. He would not even let education get funded and makes us #47th in per capita spending per students.

  3. oldwolf1951 commented on Red and Rover 4 days ago

    My favorite summer tune. Forget the Beach Boys, this one was IT.

  4. oldwolf1951 commented on Red and Rover 5 days ago

    Mix Tang with instant tea, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger and you have a delicious spiced tea. Wish I still had the recipe.

  5. oldwolf1951 commented on Over the Hedge 5 days ago

    How about a chair with tracks on it like a tank?


  6. oldwolf1951 commented on Annie 6 days ago

    The Warlord of Pluto sure looks like Ming the Merciless of Flash Gordan fame.

  7. oldwolf1951 commented on Heart of the City 6 days ago

    I can date my GPS by the fact I have not updated it in a while. A new by-pass was built to straighten a road about 5 years back and the GPS shows I am driving in the middle of a field.

  8. oldwolf1951 commented on Robert Ariail 12 days ago

    How do you fix a problem when a Republican Congress fixes it to make sure you fail? They refuse to allow him to use even Executive Directives and are trying to sue the President when he does.

  9. oldwolf1951 commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 12 days ago

    As I understood it, Ireland and Mexico never really did much in the way of celebrating their two holidays. But America as usual decided to go overboard on them.

  10. oldwolf1951 commented on Jump Start 13 days ago

    And not all that many folks know it is Latin for “My Fault”, except maybe older Roman Catholics raised in the Latin Mass.