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  1. oldwolf1951 commented on Lalo Alcaraz 7 days ago

    Not in my book. A dual passport does not mean he qualifies. Obama never had that as far as I know. How does being a passport carrying Canadian citizen qualify Cruz for President?

  2. oldwolf1951 commented on Lio 15 days ago

    Sonic Bomb has a clock like that and it is really loud plus it has a bed shaker on it. I understand a lot of college freshmen like it to wake the whole dorm. http://www.sonicalert.com/The-Skull-Alarm-Clock-with-Bone-Crusher-Bed-Shaker-p/sbs550bc.htm

  3. oldwolf1951 commented on Little Nemo 19 days ago

    That strip from way back is not exactly PC in this new century, is it? Still funny though.

  4. oldwolf1951 commented on Diamond Lil about 1 month ago

    Must have been a big fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

  5. oldwolf1951 commented on Little Nemo about 1 month ago

    Flip does seem to have his uses.

  6. oldwolf1951 commented on Human Cull about 1 month ago

    Doesn’t look to me like he needs to be culled. More like the next winner of a Darwin Award.

  7. oldwolf1951 commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    Then follow the money trail that has not been buried yet.

  8. oldwolf1951 commented on JumpStart about 1 month ago

    If I chose a black entertainer for black history month, it would be “Moms” Mabley, Stevie Wonder, Muddy Waters, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, or especially Josephine Baker. Ms. Baker was part of the French Resistance in WWII. So I would have picked her for the shear history she was involved in Pharrell Williams? Just a singer and song writer with not enough of a history or hit songs to BE history yet. Maybe later but not now.

  9. oldwolf1951 commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 1 month ago

    Try Mrs. Brown.

  10. oldwolf1951 commented on Little Nemo 2 months ago

    In those years the store would have been just a few doors down from his house. In the 1950’s and 1960’s when I was just a tad there was a store just up the street on the corner. Everything you needed small quantities of. For the big stuff there was a Safeway 4 blocks up another street.