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  1. Habenero Hound commented on Pat Oliphant 5 months ago

    I wish I could agree with you that there are no accidents with guns. If everyone handled them the way you and I were taught there would be a lot less, but they still happen. If you’re implying that every auto related death is an accident then I have to ask about the people who know damn well that they’re impaired, but they get behind the wheel anyway. And however small, there ARE auto related suicides and even murders. Having said all that and hijacked this thread from its original point even further…Of course I don’t propose confiscating cars. I just had to take the time to object to dtroutma’s post.

  2. Habenero Hound commented on Lisa Benson 5 months ago

    You forgot one leg of the triad. Should have been the academic governmental media complex.

  3. Habenero Hound commented on Steve Breen 5 months ago

    I wish Feinstein was as concerned about my 2nd amendment rights as much as she is about her 4th amendment rights.

  4. Habenero Hound commented on Pat Oliphant 5 months ago

    Citizen control – I mean gun control – is off topic for this toon, but do you have any facts to back up your position?

  5. Habenero Hound commented on Matt Wuerker 5 months ago

    What planet are you living on? Solar and wind are nowhere near capable of supplying our energy needs

  6. Habenero Hound commented on Tom Toles 5 months ago

    Chances are there will be an ass in the chair. And I’m not talking about party mascots.

  7. Habenero Hound commented on Pat Oliphant 5 months ago

    You don’t really want to start keeping score between gun deaths and auto deaths do you? I hope not if your goal is to make some kind of (probably flawed) anti-gun point. How many of those gun deaths were suicides? How many were gang related? And for the love of God, before you start demanding that all guns be confiscated – ironically at gunpoint – how many of those deaths were committed with a gun that was possessed illegally?

  8. Habenero Hound commented on Joe Heller 5 months ago

    This has been an unusually severe winter, but one winter (or even dozens) does not equal man made climate change. It’s just normal fluctuation. And BTW, we don’t really need a pipeline to move snow melt to the southwest. The Great Lakes are being siphoned off fast enough as it is.

  9. Habenero Hound commented on Signe Wilkinson 5 months ago

    Yes, easier said than done indeed. I acknowledge that. There are many things that simply aren’t available in a “Made in the USA” version. Today. That could change if US consumers flat out refused to buy anything else. Walmart (or your evil company of choice) could fill their shelves with all the cheap Chinese products they wanted to. If no one buys the stuff they’ll go the way of Jase99’s convenience store. The hurdle is convincing the consumer that paying an extra few bucks for things will result in long term economic gain. Tough sell.

  10. Habenero Hound commented on Jim Morin 5 months ago

    As opposed to the current democrat in chief and his much ballyhooed probable successor wannabe who have no qualifications whatsoever.