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  1. Habenero Hound commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 4 months ago

    Sounds like something you’d hear at the yawnfest

  2. Habenero Hound commented on That is Priceless 5 months ago

    The Woodsman and Little Red Riding Hood: Three years later.

  3. Habenero Hound commented on That is Priceless 8 months ago

    “Look! If I put my fan here it makes my sock puppet look like Hitler.”

  4. Habenero Hound commented on Mike Luckovich over 1 year ago

    Facts huh?


    African-Americans make up 13% of the population. Check out the percentage of crimes committed by ethnicity. Ever notice how the media bends over backwards to avoid mentioning race? That’s so people aren’t aware of these stats unless they look them up.

    Go ahead and call me racist. And the FBI. And numbers in general.

    Blame it on economics or environment rather than race and I’ll concede that you’re probably right. It doesn’t change the facts.

  5. Habenero Hound commented on Ted Rall over 1 year ago

    And all 28 better than the four the Dems are offering

  6. Habenero Hound commented on Stuart Carlson over 1 year ago

    Way to tweak ‘em Jack! Libs hate the truth like cats hate water. I’m going to use that line for every candidate from either party. Even Bernie Sanders at least admits his true colors up front.

  7. Habenero Hound commented on Ted Rall over 1 year ago

    Too much of law enforcement is concerned with generating revenue first and foremost. This is just more proof.

  8. Habenero Hound commented on Matt Wuerker over 1 year ago

    Religion and Climate Change. Both equally based in scientific fact

  9. Habenero Hound commented on Tom Toles over 1 year ago

    This is all just a big distraction. Racist idiots will continue to use the Confederate flag to incite racial division whether it’s flown at government locations or not. The way to take away its power is to co-opt the symbol. Fly it at NAACP meetings. That ought to piss off the KKK types.

  10. Habenero Hound commented on That is Priceless over 1 year ago

    Alternate album cover for Saturday Night Fever soundtrack