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  1. Custodiet commented on Steve Breen almost 3 years ago

    Conversely, you status-quo types (aka Dem Lite) who insist on voting for people who will not fight for the principles you SAY you hold are part of the problem. Read your history, Whig Party to be exact in the 1850’s and how come they are not about any more. History DOES repeat itself. Comes down to a party that wouldn’t fight for it’s members beliefs disappeared because the members founded something better… Republicans. Now the Reps (party of stupid) are following in their footsteps and will be replaced yet again. The spineless and unprincipled have no place in the public arena.

  2. Custodiet commented on Shoe almost 3 years ago

    Not quite accurate. Overhead is divided into fixed costs and variable costs. Fixed overhead is usually 21%, 10% is salaried employee wages, 17% is hourly employee wages, 22% food costs, 5% profit margin and 25% Miscellaneous (Licenses, Utilities, Marketing, and Supplies).

    Let’s say you want to take min wage from $8 to $12. That means you just took 27% of his budget and made it almost 41% of his budget. Wiped out profit AND he has to raise prices dramatically or go out of business.

    Yes, the salaried people would have to get raises also or it is in their best interest to leave.

    So the max across the board raise the business could absorb would be $1.48 in my example above. No profit and no incentive to stay open. Little changes CAN bring big consequences.