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  1. SydneyCityTV commented on Garfield about 9 hours ago

    I do feel sorry for that poor fish, although Garfield’s menacing “You’re Lunch!” look in the third panel is a classic! Mr Davis did quite well there.

  2. SydneyCityTV commented on Ginger Meggs 5 days ago

    Well Hookey, you didn’t explicitly say to Ginger that you wanted ten dollars from the bet! :)

  3. SydneyCityTV commented on Ginger Meggs 7 days ago

    I wonder if today’s strip is a reference to the absolute disaster that is/was iOS8.

  4. SydneyCityTV commented on Ginger Meggs 12 days ago

    Come on Ginger, at least it’s a change from wearing the same old pair of red/blue shorts all the time! ;)

  5. SydneyCityTV commented on Garfield 12 days ago

    Funny you should say that, they’re having their local election today!

    BTW, I’m actually from Australia (where we have our elections a year before NZ) although some of you may already know that. :)

  6. SydneyCityTV commented on Ginger Meggs 14 days ago

    I can’t speak for the rest of the world but here in Australia, it’s not that uncommon to see grocery carts (or shopping trolleys as they’re commonly known as here) to “cost” a $1 or $2 coin. One can simply get their coin back by leaving it in a car park “trolley bay”. It’s a tactic commonly used to avoid trolleys being dumped on the side of a road, etc.

    Apart from that, I thought that Ginger was a little too old to ride in a shopping trolley! :D

  7. SydneyCityTV commented on Ginger Meggs 15 days ago

    Re, the graffiti: that’s actually a very good question!

    Also, I’d certainly pay for life insurance if Ginger starred in the ads (believe me, the current crop of life insurance ads on Australian TV are absolutely terrible)! :D

  8. SydneyCityTV commented on Ginger Meggs 17 days ago

    Bart Simpson and Ginger Meggs? Yeah…that’s not a comparison that really works IMO.

  9. SydneyCityTV commented on Ginger Meggs 19 days ago

    That would be a very good collective noun to describe at least two cooking-themed reality television programs! ;)

    Re: the graffiti, I presume that a toaster and/or a microwave may also be essential tools for this cook.

  10. SydneyCityTV commented on Ginger Meggs 21 days ago

    Here in Australia, it’s Early Spring right now so many people would be cleaning out the leaves in their gutters (like John is in this strip) to avoid them becoming a fire hazard later in Spring (bushfires do happen in Spring here in Australia – such as last year’s major fires around the Blue Mountains, North West of Sydney) and into Summer.

    As Mr Chatfield pointed out, bushfire hazards are very serious business here in Australia and probably worldwide too.