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  1. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 8 hours ago

    @sukiec: I should really try to catch an episode. That sounds intriguing.

    Mmm, too many things to do lately…I need some ice cream before I depart. Grabs a carton of Charleston Chewbacca

  2. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 9 hours ago

    Blymie, you’re the most well-read person I know, and not at all ‘inadequate’. (You could write a book on this.)

    Mystastical, indeed. I wish I could follow your links, but this borrowed iPad I’m using won’t do it, and my laptop is (rrrgh!) still broken.

    ;D I don’t really know right now if the costume will happen, but I hope so too. I was considering creating some of those WBG business cards we saw in The Bogey and drumming up some readership (because, you know, somebody’s bound to ask who I am), but Kory probably prefers to do that sort of thing himself.

    I always thought to myself that many children’s books last (as I fervently hope The Lost Side will) because they contain truth or that they teach us something about ourselves. (Usually almost without trying, as is best.) I know it’s bad form to drag a discussion like this into the realm of personal anecdotes, but a few years ago I was rereading Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth, which is unabashedly an allegory. The boy, Milo, and his friends Tock and the Humbug had journeyed into the Mountains of Ignorance, the home of all of mankind’s ills. They took a wrong turn and stumbled into the hand of a creature called the Gelatinous Giant:

    " ‘Then aren’t you really a fearful demon?’ Milo asked desperately, on the assumption that the giant had been brought up well enough not to talk with a mouthful.
    ‘Well, approximately yes,’ he replied, lowering his arm to the vast relief of the bug: ‘that is, comparatively no. What I mean is, relatively maybe—in other words, roughly perhaps. What does everyone else think? There, you see,’ he said peevishly; ’I’m even afraid to make a positive statement. So please stop asking questions before I lose my appetite altogether.’ Then he raised his arm again and prepared to swallow the three of them in one gulp."

    Those words seemed familiar to me. It hit me that I had heard them or some iteration of them come out of my own mouth many times, especially “What does everyone else think?” I knew I was a cautious person, but I hadn’t grasped how much so until that little wake-up call. Since then I’ve improved some, at least I hope I have. And if I’ve ended up making you all an unwilling audience to my ‘personal issues’, I’m sorry.

    @Blymie: I can’t link us to the strip right now, but when you talked about how to answer really tough questions above, I couldn’t help thinking of this little exchange:

    (Calvin approaches Dad): Dad, how do soldiers killing each other solve the world’s problems?
    (Dad can’t answer, and returns with a helpless stare)
    Calvin: (later, to Hobbes) I think grownups only act like they know what they’re doing.

    Still, some things are not negotiable. I think you may have said something in that vein back when we met Ava. Can’t wait to see her again; I really liked her.

    Never knew I’d have something in common with Rhett, of all people. I have a very distant uncle who was friends with Captain Kidd back when he was a privateer working for the British Crown. Or at least that’s what they tell me. I need to read Gone with the Wind someday. If only I had more time on my hands. Okay, enough already about me. Ciao, everyone. Be back soon as I can.

  3. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 3 days ago

    No TV reception at my house, but if I had any I would check it out.

  4. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 3 days ago

    Um…okay…“Willing to Take Sewing Pins from Future Coroners” (long story. For the record, I have a great respect for the profession.)

    Or, “Read Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ in 6th Grade”

    “Mumbles Dylan Thomas Under Her Breath” (probably not unique, but if I changed my username, it would reference one of his poems. Just putting that out there. What if I called myself “Hearthstone Tales”*? Not planning on making an actual change yet, though.)

    I know someone else who had a roommate who “Deep-Fried Dead Mice”. Never met him myself.

    “Never and never, my girl riding far and near
    In the land of the hearthstone tales, and spelled asleep,
    Fear or believe that the wolf in a sheepwhite hood
    Loping and bleating roughly and blithely shall leap, my dear, my dear,
    Out of a lair in the flocked leaves of the dew-dipped year
    To eat your heart in the house in the rosy wood.”
    ~Dylan Thomas

    (I don’t understand everything he writes, but I like his words. See you all soon.)

  5. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 10 days ago

    I’m still here. I just wish I could come more often, because these are some of the conversations I enjoy having the most.

    I see you’ve undergone a username change, Blymie. I like the avatar that goes with it and all the images the name evokes, but would you mind at all if I continued to call you Blymie? You see, that’s the name you’ve had in my head for a long time, and it feels natural. I love your new name, though, and if you’d rather I call you Green Darkness instead, I understand completely. No problem.
    Not long after I was last here, I decided to switch to doing Phintesmo Blyme after all, but I’m afraid I might not have the time and resources with everything else I have to do. Oh, well. If it ends up happening, I’ll post a photo or two, because my face will be obscured…never know who might be lurking here unseen, as I did from Jerry’s house to the long hiatus at the SICC.

    @T_Lexi: 55 days already…time flies. I should try to come once a week, or I may miss Angus’s trip to school (assuming that’s what’s next: with Kory, who knows?)

    It’s sad how little courage some adults have these days. They don’t realize that their younger peers like “creepiness” and can tackle complicated ideas like philosophy and politics. They don’t credit them with the faculties to deeply appreciate subtlety: in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wind in the Door, the idea of kything or tessering seems completely possible or natural because Proginoskes never directly tells Meg “I’m going to teach you telepathy” or “We are going to teleport into one of Charles’ mitochondria.” (And it’s not really telepathy or teleporting, anyway.)
    And, even if they don’t understand all of a book, well, that’s part of the delight of reading it again. Even if they are hurt by an awful turn in the plot, eventually they’ll understand why there was no other way. And such events, when they happen, only make a happy ending even more wonderful. Goatsucker lives, friends.

    That’s all for tonight, I guess. I have to go now. Thank you and goodbye.

  6. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 1 month ago

    Remember “Free the Taken, Destroy Flimm”? It’d be neat if we had a slogan like that for Cork

  7. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 1 month ago

    Yes, he was. I had to tie a bunch of fiddly little knots (the necklace) and twist a bunch of pipe cleaners (antennae, spectacles) and in the end it was a little unsatisfying. The trouble is, he’s so spindly, and that’s just not me at all. But, I did manage to unsettle a few kids (not terrify, just unnerve. Wouldn’t want to give ‘em nightmares) so I guess it turned out okay after all. Try, try again. I think I might do a member of the WBG this year—not necessarily Blyme, maybe Shmeevil. He might be too tricky. shrug

    Oh, sure. Lingering is always nice. Especially under a night full of stars, regardless of the murderous, hairy pillagers in the background.

    :/ I’m not sure how to help you there. I hope things get more exciting for you soon. But, thank you. I’ll watch it when I can. My wifi is erratic.

  8. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 1 month ago

    Hi there! I’ll take a Triple Scoop of Double Fudge Flubdubbery. Goodness knows I’ve been having withdrawals too.

    Art history, C.S. Lewis and ice cream…only here could you get such an offering of topics. So, now that there’s a short break in all my craziness, I’m back for a little bit. I’m so glad to see that most of us are still here. Congrats for your good news, sukiec—still thinking about you, and I’m happy to hear you won’t need three of them after all.

    Any plans for Halloween? I’m a little old to go door to door, of course, but I enjoy dressing up and was thinking of making another LSoS-themed costume (I went as Old Boatlights last year—if that’s alright with you, Kory…)

    I hope I can come on again soon. It’s great to see you all.

  9. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 2 months ago

    Thank you for reposting it. I’m glad you liked it. I have to go now, and I won’t be back for a while. Wishing you (and everyone) all the best.

  10. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 2 months ago

    @Blymie: Hi. So, it’s your birthday on August 5th, I think. Since you sent me a song for my birthday, I wanted to do the same for you, but it was hard. I wanted to be absolutely sure you would like it. I looked everywhere for a great birthday song, with no luck. Then I realized I might be looking in the wrong place, and when I turned another direction, I stumbled on this and just knew somehow it was what I had been looking for. It can be for Kory and everybody as much as for you. I just wanted to share it because it seems special.


    Oh, by the way, I have doctor’s appointment on your birthday, and between now then I’ll be traveling and busy, so that’s why it’s early. Happy Birthday. :D