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  1. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 2 hours ago

    Hmm. Looks like it’s a renamed NSNR.
    Well, that’s dandy! I think that’s one of the better stories to start other people on anyway. I guess I can see why the publishers might have wanted the name changed—not that there was anything wrong with the original title! Publishers are weird sometimes.

  2. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 2 hours ago

    gasps for air I’m back again. Phew!

    @ Zarniwoop: yes, “Walnuts and Gromit” was a flavor from “No Story, No Room”, the one that started it all for me. (Speaking of which, I’d LOVE to hear about the Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York! Yessiree, the book is good as on my shelf!)

    @Green Darkness: thanks for the terribly dapper dancing Lobsters, Blymie. :D It’s great to see you and everyone else again.

    grabs a carton each of Pomegranate Janet and Fanta Tollbooth Gotta get my fix. wink The summer’s been awfully full for me. There was that earthquake, for starters… I’m sorry I ever let myself be kept away…

    (I kid about the earthquake. Perhaps.

  3. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 1 month ago

    5 months. I’ve been gone 5 months.
    Long enough for me to have forgotten how to create spaces in my posts. How did it happen!
    I still see some people I know (great to see you all), but even if LSOS came back tomorrow, would all of the Lobsters come back with it?
    I want to engage in the same light hearted chatter we did when the strip was still running, but what is there to say?
    I mean, I guess I could give some news from my own life and other places:
    —I’m posting this from my summer residence.
    —My studies in film and animation have begun in earnest.
    —The great Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli is closing down following the retirement of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.
    —I’m going to see Pixar’s “Inside Out” soon.
    —Savannah, GA is a great city.
    —Sir Terry Pratchett, British fantasist, passed away this year.
    —I am so glad I started his Discworld series. I wish I’d started it sooner. :D (That’s at you, Angua. Greetings!)
    Well, I just wanted to prove that I haven’t given up on the Lost Side. grabs carton of Walnuts and Gromit Maybe I’ll make it back tomorrow or sometime. Cheers!

  4. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 6 months ago

    Unbelievably, my computer is out again. So no link-following for me, which is a bummer because those past cartoons of Kory’s sound really interesting.

    Actually, it’s not really so unbelievable that my laptop is once more a shiny black paperweight. I wish a Bogglemyre infestation of epic proportions on Microsoft for inventing Windows 8. May all their eyebrows vanish into toothy, greasy maws.

    grabs carton of Courageous Chupe Well, I was just coming to say hi and see if maybe Cork and his parents had returned. Wishing you all a great February, and I am planning on coming back before March. Cheers.

    grabs carton of Drive-By Fruiting I need my LSoS back.

    grabs carton of Caramel Electra

  5. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 7 months ago

    I would have dropped in during the holidays, but I was on a long trip, and picking up my regular schedule took a while, too. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas (your quote was lovely, Blymie) and I wish you all the best for the new year.

    Sukiec, I appreciated what you said. Sometimes problems are only as big as you let them be. Or, as I once heard Jim Henson is supposed to have said in a sketch, “You just have to talk them down to size.”

    Anybody have any Resolutions, or big plans in general for 2015? As for me, I think it might be time to really investigate possibilities in spreading the word about the Upcoming Book.

  6. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 8 months ago

    Happy Holidays to you all! This year was over in the blink of an eye for me, or nearly.

    The human mind is so malleable at times, that it’s scary. One thing happens to knock you slightly off orbit, then another, and one day you wake up an acid cynic, or a “monster of habit”, a sycophant…endless possibilities. It’s disheartening. Even someone who lets others make their decisions can crave control and then be paralyzed with feelings of fear and loss when they realize how little they’ve got. Can the butterfly effect apply to the soul? to the course of a lifetime? Does it only apply when we let it?

    I’ve fallen prey to both Anxiety and Apathy (other demons from the Mountains of Ignorance, I expect), and I’ve come to three conclusions: they consistently become the genesis of each other. Ergo, they are two sides of the same coin, A Desire for Control over One’s Life. Lastly, I have no idea if this condition is preventable. Which makes me afraid. Which makes me hopeless. And the cycle begins again. The soul, consumed by worries of its own significance “in the grand scheme of things”, tries to self-preserve by slowly dropping everything else, like reaching out to other people or making the best of what one’s got. It convinces itself that those things were meaningless in the first place. One’s perspective of what’s important gets smaller and smaller. One becomes the center of one’s own world, and if you’re the center of a tiny world (whether that’s an office, home, nation, ice cream factory or miserable blue-green planet), then obviously you’re in control again and the unpredictable forces of life can’t reach you. And you feel safe.

    What I’m trying to say is, at times the Gelatinous Giant and the Overbearing Know-It-All can be the same creature.

    Maybe I shouldn’t post this…well, I guess I will. Goodbye. :)

  7. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 8 months ago

    @sukiec: Oh, that’s not good. I hope you feel better soon.

    @Kzin: ;) Thanks for the interview. It’s great to find new info; otherwise this would be a very long wait.

  8. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 8 months ago

    @Love_LSoS: Thank you. I return my deepest sympathies. I think Kzin is a lovely and unique name for a little tiger, and that it would make a good ‘handle’ as well. That’s a wonderful thing to do for her.

    I live with a tabby sweetheart myself. It’s been around seven years now since I brought her home. Her name’s Silkie. She’s not exactly warrior material, but every now and then she gets that gleam in her eye…

  9. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 8 months ago

    @sukiec: Oh, but of course there will be. :) And a year is an awful long time to wait for it—but I can do it. That just gives me more time to make sure that as many people as possible know.

    It looks like you, sukiec, and sukieDC are in fact one and the same. Is that right? How did this communication between you and Kory happen, by the way? Just curious.

    Glad to know Dickens’ “ghostly little book” is a favorite. I shouldn’t fret like that. Happy reading.

  10. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 9 months ago

    @sukiec: That’s quite a hobby. Good for her!
    Hm….I’m not really sure what sort of literature you like—besides the Lost Side. On the other hand, you have many, many, many choices. It’s nearly that time of year again—you could always start with Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, which is a bit longer than the average short story but isn’t a full length novel. But you probably want to read something you don’t already know the plot of. Perhaps you’ve already read it; it isn’t exactly obscure. Maybe you don’t even like Dickens.

    Come again? A book? A physical book? Dream come true! Ohmigosh, I am jumping up and down! Any idea when the pre-publication sales date is? Is it Cork? Is it one of Kory’s past books, for instance Heckbender? Is it an entirely different book altogether? Is it independent of The Lost Side of Suburbia?
    Ooh, this just made my year…this is so wonderful. I can’t wait. I’ll be sure and get the word out as soon as I possibly can, in any way I can…for instance, by business card.