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  1. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 5 days ago

    @Love_LSoS: Thank you. I return my deepest sympathies. I think Kzin is a lovely and unique name for a little tiger, and that it would make a good ‘handle’ as well. That’s a wonderful thing to do for her.

    I live with a tabby sweetheart myself. It’s been around seven years now since I brought her home. Her name’s Silkie. She’s not exactly warrior material, but every now and then she gets that gleam in her eye…

  2. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 6 days ago

    @sukiec: Oh, but of course there will be. :) And a year is an awful long time to wait for it—but I can do it. That just gives me more time to make sure that as many people as possible know.

    It looks like you, sukiec, and sukieDC are in fact one and the same. Is that right? How did this communication between you and Kory happen, by the way? Just curious.

    Glad to know Dickens’ “ghostly little book” is a favorite. I shouldn’t fret like that. Happy reading.

  3. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 7 days ago

    @sukiec: That’s quite a hobby. Good for her!
    Hm….I’m not really sure what sort of literature you like—besides the Lost Side. On the other hand, you have many, many, many choices. It’s nearly that time of year again—you could always start with Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, which is a bit longer than the average short story but isn’t a full length novel. But you probably want to read something you don’t already know the plot of. Perhaps you’ve already read it; it isn’t exactly obscure. Maybe you don’t even like Dickens.

    Come again? A book? A physical book? Dream come true! Ohmigosh, I am jumping up and down! Any idea when the pre-publication sales date is? Is it Cork? Is it one of Kory’s past books, for instance Heckbender? Is it an entirely different book altogether? Is it independent of The Lost Side of Suburbia?
    Ooh, this just made my year…this is so wonderful. I can’t wait. I’ll be sure and get the word out as soon as I possibly can, in any way I can…for instance, by business card.

  4. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 13 days ago

    @sukiec: That’s amazing! What an accomplishment for the both of them! Give them each my best (if you want…)
    I believe you’ve talked about marathons and races a number of times in the past. Is this a family thing or is it all Magi(?) I can’t quite remember at the moment (apologies.)

    Hm…could be anything. I don’t really know. Maybe you’ll find $100 bill on the sidewalk. Maybe you’ll set out to read 100 books over 100 years old in one year.


    Mr. Wilde has nailed it.

    Well, I was a little “out of it”—I think I looked dazed to other people—in the couple of days following Henry’s passing (it was a car.) But after that, I was mostly fine. Sad, but not weeping. I was almost thinking there was something wrong with me. Glad to know I’m okay, as far as reacting goes.

    It’s in perfect working order now. I’m going to go look at your links, at least some of them, right now.

  5. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 22 days ago

    Just popping by to wish you all a very Happy (Belated) All Hallows’ E’en. Now we can all watch November slide by. 23 degrees tonight where I am…brrr.

    Not to worry, Blymie, I’m sure your links work perfectly well and the culprit is this iPad. But, I have news: my laptop (drumroll), which had been hospitalized with viruses, is (fanfare) finally fixed! (huzzahs) Now, if I can get it acclimated to the wifi around here, I can look at the articles and things you posted. Can’t wait!

  6. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 28 days ago

    Thank you, Lexi. I appreciate it very much. I’m okay now, more or less. He wasn’t in pain for long. Sometimes I worry I haven’t been sad enough, but people tell me to think of his life, not his death, and I agree.

    Yeah, that’s probably true. When I look at it that way, it almost makes me glad that the return date is going to be a surprise. Like a Christmas gift. (Whoa. Cheesy!)

    In 99% of human beings, the desire for perfection and certainty—for things to “turn out right the first time” is in constant conflict with a need for spontaneity and a little trial and error. Is it a rough situation to be in? All the time. Would I want to always know what is going to happen? Never in a million years. Now, I just need to learn to keep that in mind the next time I make a mistake, because knowing which mindset to adopt and a usual inability to hold on to it is also part of being human.

    I remember that arc. It’s not easy coping when you’ve been blindsided like that. Unfortunately, after such an event, whether it’s being the victim of a burglary or losing someone important to you, it can be remarkably easy to go to great lengths to ensure that nothing unexpected ever happens to one again, forgetting that:
    “…what they call confusion I just call, the sweetest blessing of youth…” According to a singer from somewhere I used to live…or according to Dory, the fish, as Marlin bemoans his perceived failure as a parent to Nemo:
    “Huh. That’s a funny thing to promise. I mean, if you never let anything happen to him, nothing ever would happen to him. Not much fun for little Harpo.”

    I have younger relatives, so I’ve seen Finding Nemo a few times. Not that I need to rationalize that, though, right? ;)

    Maybe I should try and visit Lio. I haven’t been by there in a while. And no one can have a Happy Halloween quite like him! Goodbye, everyone. I’m really glad I could end my week this way. I’ll be back soon, I hope.


  7. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 1 month ago

    Oh, looks like we just missed each other by a few hours. I’ve been gone for nearly a month, haven’t I?

    I was swallowed up in my other obligations and work, which has really been frustrating me lately. Sometimes, I didn’t want to come on, even when I had a chance, for fear I would simply gripe all over you all. I would find myself thinking some fairly self-deprecating things…thank you for the words of encouragement. :)
    My canine companion of eight years recently passed as well, and I needed to dwell on that a while. But I’m back now, because Kory is a storytelling genius, you are all wonderful people I’m proud to call friends, and this place helps me stay sane, because my life is a bit sideways right now.

    Costume’s not likely to happen, but I’m anticipating having more time next year. I’d planned to say a lot more, but once again I’ve got to go much sooner than I thought. packs up some more SICC cartons Bye, all. Be back much sooner than the last time. Maybe later this week.

  8. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 2 months ago

    @sukiec: I should really try to catch an episode. That sounds intriguing.

    Mmm, too many things to do lately…I need some ice cream before I depart. Grabs a carton of Charleston Chewbacca

  9. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 2 months ago

    Blymie, you’re the most well-read person I know, and not at all ‘inadequate’. (You could write a book on this.)

    Mystastical, indeed. I wish I could follow your links, but this borrowed iPad I’m using won’t do it, and my laptop is (rrrgh!) still broken.

    ;D I don’t really know right now if the costume will happen, but I hope so too. I was considering creating some of those WBG business cards we saw in The Bogey and drumming up some readership (because, you know, somebody’s bound to ask who I am), but Kory probably prefers to do that sort of thing himself.

    I always thought to myself that many children’s books last (as I fervently hope The Lost Side will) because they contain truth or that they teach us something about ourselves. (Usually almost without trying, as is best.) I know it’s bad form to drag a discussion like this into the realm of personal anecdotes, but a few years ago I was rereading Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth, which is unabashedly an allegory. The boy, Milo, and his friends Tock and the Humbug had journeyed into the Mountains of Ignorance, the home of all of mankind’s ills. They took a wrong turn and stumbled into the hand of a creature called the Gelatinous Giant:

    " ‘Then aren’t you really a fearful demon?’ Milo asked desperately, on the assumption that the giant had been brought up well enough not to talk with a mouthful.
    ‘Well, approximately yes,’ he replied, lowering his arm to the vast relief of the bug: ‘that is, comparatively no. What I mean is, relatively maybe—in other words, roughly perhaps. What does everyone else think? There, you see,’ he said peevishly; ’I’m even afraid to make a positive statement. So please stop asking questions before I lose my appetite altogether.’ Then he raised his arm again and prepared to swallow the three of them in one gulp."

    Those words seemed familiar to me. It hit me that I had heard them or some iteration of them come out of my own mouth many times, especially “What does everyone else think?” I knew I was a cautious person, but I hadn’t grasped how much so until that little wake-up call. Since then I’ve improved some, at least I hope I have. And if I’ve ended up making you all an unwilling audience to my ‘personal issues’, I’m sorry.

    @Blymie: I can’t link us to the strip right now, but when you talked about how to answer really tough questions above, I couldn’t help thinking of this little exchange:

    (Calvin approaches Dad): Dad, how do soldiers killing each other solve the world’s problems?
    (Dad can’t answer, and returns with a helpless stare)
    Calvin: (later, to Hobbes) I think grownups only act like they know what they’re doing.

    Still, some things are not negotiable. I think you may have said something in that vein back when we met Ava. Can’t wait to see her again; I really liked her.

    Never knew I’d have something in common with Rhett, of all people. I have a very distant uncle who was friends with Captain Kidd back when he was a privateer working for the British Crown. Or at least that’s what they tell me. I need to read Gone with the Wind someday. If only I had more time on my hands. Okay, enough already about me. Ciao, everyone. Be back soon as I can.

  10. LittleCatFeet commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 2 months ago

    No TV reception at my house, but if I had any I would check it out.