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  1. monegrand commented on Henry Payne about 3 years ago

    I see no fixation on big threatening cars; these are presidential limos. Maybe he feels threatened by big out of control administrations.

  2. monegrand commented on Henry Payne about 3 years ago

    Statistics based on inductive reasoning are not fact. But, assuming your premise is true then let’s look at lurking variables as the cause. A tax code for instance, encouraging employers to pay for insurance plans that the employee uses without discretion because they neither pay the premium for the insurance or the DR’s Bill. This lead to skyrocketing demand for healthcare recourses; increased staff and education to bill and receive insurance payments; subsequently leading to skyrocketing healthcare costs; ultimately leading to unobtainable premiums for health insurance as well as unaffordable healthcare for anyone without insurance. Socialists meddling with a system that wasn’t broke — broke it. So now they can claim to have the only way forward and we need their plan or else anyone without insurance will die. Forward!

  3. monegrand commented on Henry Payne about 3 years ago

    Healthcare for poor people? they allredy have medicade and medicare. Health care is least affordable for the middle class. Which has come about from gub’ment fiddling whith the tax code, in order to pander to constituants: insurance companies and medical centers. we did’nt benefit from it, and we won’t benefit from O’ care.

  4. monegrand commented on Henry Payne about 3 years ago

    Then let’s stimulate the economy by building more bombs and drones for O’ to blow them up with, from the safety of the oval office. Don’t wory about the implications the justice department and NSA will will turn it all around for your supreme dictator.