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  1. Zme commented on Calvin and Hobbes 10 days ago

    After viewing a couple of “eye witness” news reports, I would call them “I’m witless” and no longer watch. I finally gave up cable and broadcast TV in 2000.

  2. Zme commented on Jeff Stahler 10 days ago

    Respect is due to those that earn it….and organized religion has earned nothing but contempt and derision.

  3. Zme commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 14 days ago

    …or use a cartoon body double!*

    *thank you Jesus ‘n’ Mo

  4. Zme commented on Joe Heller 16 days ago

    North America is NOT global and weather is NOT climate.

  5. Zme commented on Ted Rall 24 days ago

    How about 3yrs of lost pay and 50 banks’ CEOs and CFOs hanging from lampposts?

  6. Zme commented on Pat Oliphant 2 months ago

    Thx for the update. I was beginning to worry that we had lost one of the best editorial cartoonists.

  7. Zme commented on Clay Jones 4 months ago

    Make you feel all squicky, eh? That’s no reason to legislate against SSM. I feel the same way about TEA partiests…but I don’t insist upon a constitutional amendment banning them, unnatural as they are.

  8. Zme commented on Clay Bennett 4 months ago

    That’s all right…it doesn’t exist.

  9. Zme commented on Jeff Danziger 4 months ago

    RuPaul would make a better senator. Libertarians! Hawk! Pttui!

  10. Zme commented on Signe Wilkinson 4 months ago

    I see Signe is portraying the mourner as a true patriot who’s exercising his 2nd amendment open-carry rights.