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  1. Zme commented on (th)ink 4 days ago

    You seem to have forgotten basic USian jurisprudence i.e. a person is innocent until found guilty at a trial (by a jury of his peers or the bench). Also, note that none of the offenses for which he was due to stand trial, nor the offenses for which he was found guilty, carry the death penalty.

    You should also note that from the moment the police arrested him they were responsible for his safety.

  2. Zme commented on Mike Luckovich 4 days ago

    Agreed 100%.

    The repthuglians realize that if they do successfully address these problems the successes will be credited to the Obama presidency. So they do everything in their power to deny him these and instead hurt America with their laser like focus on abortion, welfare, and medical care to the poor (stopping them all).

  3. Zme commented on Tim Eagan 4 days ago

    Cruz with pants?
    Goes well with his pink undies.

    (Just like a primitive conservative to feel it is appropriate to comment on the dress of the female candidate whereas the sartorial choices of the male candidates are irrelevant).

  4. Zme commented on Ken Catalino 9 days ago

    Until the “good cops” do their job and turn in the “bad cop”, they are all bad cops.

  5. Zme commented on Zen Pencils 15 days ago

    Tough being persistent when you’re dead.

  6. Zme commented on Rebecca Hendin 15 days ago

    Agreed. Also early and comprehensive sex education tends to reduce the unintended pregnancy rate.

    What doesn’t work is abstinence only sex education and no sex education, yet Repubs push these failed policies (cf. Trickle down economics, Middle East wars of choice &c. &c)

  7. Zme commented on Darrin Bell 17 days ago

    In “A Clockwork Orange” Alex’s droogs become police officers. They do not change their behavior and still indulge in “a bit of the ultra-violence”.

    I guess reality is now reflecting fiction as amoral thugs take over the police forces of America.

  8. Zme commented on Jerry Holbert 18 days ago

    Because the Rethuglican clown car’s occupants were both too numerous and too scary to draw.

  9. Zme commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    …in the NE United States, which by no stretch of the imagination can be called “global”. The world (taken as a whole) had a record warm February 2015.

  10. Zme commented on Robert Ariail about 1 month ago

    “Marriage” IS the civil function…two can be married without the benefit of the clergy. Matrimony is the church function…and you don’t need the state for that.

    The first is what allows you and your partner to exercise rights (and follow obligations). The second gets you right with a god.