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  1. Laynegg commented on Crumb 4 months ago

    LOL! I don’t know about you, Dani, my sweetie, Cora, was a birthday gift from my sister. She has always hated me! Just kidding. I love my Cora and she is a lot of fun and company.

  2. Laynegg commented on Raising Duncan 4 months ago

    Dogs and cats are both good at manipulation…my shih tzu will shiver as if she is freezing just so I will give her extra attention “Are you cold puppy? Come here sweetie. (while rubbing her all over) do you want a sweater? A blankie? Poooor baby…” LOL! Just for you doubters…she does this even if she has just come in from outside and is toasty warm. ;-)

  3. Laynegg commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 months ago

    So why would pig want the one with the pitch fork…..uh oh better run Stephan!

  4. Laynegg commented on Geech 4 months ago

    I haven’t had a land line in over 6 years and I still have the urge to check the answering machine when I come home.

  5. Laynegg commented on Frazz 4 months ago

    Per Mr. Food Test Kitchen :They say “everything in Texas is bigger than life,” and that goes for our easy recipe for Texas Sheet Cake! This crowd-sized Texas chocolate sheet cake will delight chocolate lovers, and definitely take the cake!
    Read more at http://www.mrfood.com/Cakes/Texas-Sheet-Cake-from-Mr-Food#u5vkdq9uD1tuC9kI.99

  6. Laynegg commented on Dilbert Classics 4 months ago

    Cue the estrogen overflow! Now all the MEN will be attracted to Wally!

  7. Laynegg commented on Crumb 4 months ago

    I have a shih tzu that has claimed my bed. When it comes time to make the bed she simply moves from one side to other as I smooth the bed clothes into place. Then she takes the neatly folded afghan at the foot of the bed and balls it up in the middle of the bed for a nest to sleep in.

  8. Laynegg commented on Lio 5 months ago

    Joegee, I watched this video and found myself feeling sorry for the little guy and feeling mad at the ’bully"! LOL!

  9. Laynegg commented on Jane's World 5 months ago

    So what happened to Jill? She started out with the pink quartz and when Jane got it Jill disappeared!

  10. Laynegg commented on Betty 5 months ago

    I was working a a lot of over time at the time…going in to work before the cleaners opened and leaving work after their shop closed…