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  1. Laynegg commented on Herman about 13 hours ago

    ‘A" is for average, ’B is for borderline, ’C’ is for cautionary, ‘D is for dedicated and ’E’ is for exemplary.

  2. Laynegg commented on The Born Loser about 14 hours ago

    Left turn left turn left turn left turn…right turn! MEDIC!

  3. Laynegg commented on Stone Soup 1 day ago

    Who needs a gun? We always used our fingers….

  4. Laynegg commented on Speechless 1 day ago

    Yikes! I’m glad this didn’t run yesterday cause I went to the dentist and they have a huge picture window right next to the chair! LOL! Hygienist: “Open your mouth” Me shaking head: “Mm”!

  5. Laynegg commented on MythTickle 1 day ago

    There was a very popular barbecue restaurant near our home that we never tried out because my oldest would not eat there. The name was Pigman’s and the sign had a very happy pig wearing a chef’s hat and apron….

  6. Laynegg commented on Raising Duncan 5 days ago

    Huh…this happened to me the other night. My shih tzu (who usually sleeps in the chair) was suddenly on top of me and patting me down like I was a soft pillow. I heard a soft thunder rumble a few seconds later….

  7. Laynegg commented on Herman 12 days ago

    HeeeeY! I LIKE Taco Bell breakfasts. The new taco biscuit chicken with jalapeno honey is yummy!

  8. Laynegg commented on Frazz 12 days ago

    You poor thing….are you related to Brutus Thornapple or perhaps Ziqqy? Just seems like you had a bit of their luck? Thanks for the laugh though… ;- )

  9. Laynegg commented on Frazz 15 days ago


  10. Laynegg commented on Moderately Confused 19 days ago

    You think CVS has long receipts? Try shopping K-mart. They give you an entire tree’s worth of paper for one small purchase!