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  1. WoodyTB commented on Gil Thorp about 10 hours ago

    “It’s Wristband Wednesday – free sodas if you’re wearing a Milford wristband. I figured that’s why you and the kid wearing Mick Jagger’s coat were here, too.”

  2. WoodyTB commented on Gil Thorp 1 day ago

    I thought that that was Tru(e)‘s Coke and he’s looking at it as if the glass is cracked before he takes another sip. Or maybe he spied the roofie that desertdwlr mentioned.

  3. WoodyTB commented on Gil Thorp 2 days ago

    In P2, Tru(e) seems to have morphed into a heavy-set middle-aged woman. And does “I grew up on the freeways” mean that he was homeless at some point?

    One thing is certain: the comments are always at a premium when Rod and Neal attempt to highlight the culture of good ol’ Milford. Keep ’em coming, gang!

  4. WoodyTB commented on Gil Thorp 4 days ago

    Either the wind never stops blowing in this strip, or Tru(e) has cornered the market on styling gel for his A Flock of Seagulls hairdo.

  5. WoodyTB commented on Gil Thorp 5 days ago

    P3 is totally confusing. Who’s “gotta go” and who will “call you back?” The voice blurbs are floating in space, and Gil’s mouth isn’t even open. Not that today’s strip is remotely interesting anyway, but Neal and Rod are just phoning it in.

  6. WoodyTB commented on Gil Thorp 6 days ago

    If he learns that there are interstate highways in Hawaii, he may try to.

  7. WoodyTB commented on Gil Thorp 6 days ago

    The good news is that we’ll be seeing less of Art when he is working full-time.

  8. WoodyTB commented on Gil Thorp 7 days ago

    You are assuming a great deal, my friend, but it’d be great if Mop took your thoughts and ran with them for MUT (which, of course, will always trump the original for entertainment value). And there needs to be a peacock in there somewhere.

  9. WoodyTB commented on Gil Thorp 7 days ago

    “I don’t want to run down another program…..but Milford sucks.” So, did Art and Tru(e) ask his opinion, or did he just volunteer this out of the blue? Any discussion should be limited to the benefits of Jefferson HS only, or this coach is as big a douche as Art.

    No way does Tru(e) wind up anywhere but Milford. There is no plot (yeah, yeah, I know) if he is at another school.

  10. WoodyTB commented on Gil Thorp 8 days ago

    Like I said last week…..the comments in response are almost as good as MUT.