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  1. bernardgarner commented on Glenn McCoy 3 days ago

    I can see where the one trick pony cartoonist is heading. He will go from trashing Obama in every cartoon to trashing Hillary

  2. bernardgarner commented on Michael Ramirez 8 days ago

    Yet another stupid parody where the nose is wider than the head and the ears are down behind the mouth. Ramirez needs to go back to drawing school. Some cleverness and wit might help too.

  3. bernardgarner commented on Glenn McCoy 15 days ago

    Another Obama trasher from a one trick pony cartoonist. Who pays this guys salary anyway, the Koch Brothers?

  4. bernardgarner commented on Mike Luckovich 17 days ago

    The Rolling Stones are like a lot of classical musicians who are still going strong in their seventies and eighties. Music seems to forge strong connections in the brain that don’t wear out with age. More power to them!

  5. bernardgarner commented on Steve Breen 24 days ago

    If there is any humor in this cartoon it went over my head.

  6. bernardgarner commented on Stuart Carlson about 1 month ago

    Americans pay 7% more as a percentage of GDP for medical care than the rest of the G8 with single payer systems. That is a $600B subsidy to the Republican greed head one percent. Obviously they will not have any sort of replacement.

  7. bernardgarner commented on Glenn McCoy about 1 month ago

    Yet another Obama trasher from the one trick pony cartoonist..

  8. bernardgarner commented on Glenn McCoy about 1 month ago

    Glenn is turning into a real one trick pony cartoonist.

  9. bernardgarner commented on The Flying McCoys about 1 month ago

    An eagle swoops down and swallows a frog. The frog works its way through the eagle’s digestive system until its head is sticking out the eagle’s arse. “Say eagle how high are we” it says. “Oh, about twelve hundred feet” the eagle replies". “You wouldn’t be shitting me now would you?”

  10. bernardgarner commented on Ben Sargent 3 months ago

    Is Ben sick or dying? We have been looking at this cartoon for weeks.