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  1. covivian89 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel almost 3 years ago

    cats and laser pointers…what great entertainment!

  2. covivian89 commented on Kliban's Cats almost 3 years ago


  3. covivian89 commented on Cul de Sac almost 3 years ago

    criss cross applesauce? what happened to indian style? darn pc people.

  4. covivian89 commented on Crumb almost 3 years ago

    So who was hiding in the dark with Crumb a few days back? We never did find out.

  5. covivian89 commented on For Better or For Worse almost 3 years ago

    as to Elli scrubbing everything away as howtheduck seems to be eager to point out, she didn’t, look carefully and you see the strip changes perspective as we move around the room.

  6. covivian89 commented on Stone Soup almost 3 years ago

    our tree stayed up until little Christmas or mom’s birthday which ever came first.

  7. covivian89 commented on Stone Soup about 3 years ago

    Apparently nobody looked at the turkey…his name is carl.