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  1. amxchester commented on Frank & Ernest 6 days ago

    PaintThe Dust, the steam shovel was planned to be left behind to become the boiler.

  2. amxchester commented on Brevity 8 days ago

    Is that Grampa Martin coming to see Rowan?

  3. amxchester commented on Bound and Gagged 8 days ago

    @Justjoking, that killed it! Thanks and a good thing to roll into Thursday on.

  4. amxchester commented on Brevity 10 days ago

    A young Snap, Crackle, and Pop?

  5. amxchester commented on In the Bleachers 11 days ago

    I seem to remember reading a decade or two back about a prize dispensing blimp crash into the fans at a game…what would the lawyers do today? This is a great comment on the “me first-ism” in society though.

  6. amxchester commented on Tank McNamara 14 days ago

    Folks, don’t forget, RG does what the owners hired him to do. So really they should be co-awardees – tax exempt NFL really?

  7. amxchester commented on Wizard of Id 19 days ago

    @Granny, smart wise guys know their boundaries!

  8. amxchester commented on Red and Rover 26 days ago

    Brian, if the stupid leg lamp can sell, have you thought about a Red and Rover mobile and/or space ship? Or maybe these are better left in our imagination…..

  9. amxchester commented on Bound and Gagged about 1 month ago

    “What do you know, a cabin in the sky” from Mel B. Via Yosemite Sam.

  10. amxchester commented on Brevity about 1 month ago

    @beviek, been around a few decades and that is the first time I have heard that one, as best as I can remember. Nice!