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Bloom County

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  1. TXPAScot commented on Peanuts Begins about 19 hours ago

    There was a “regular” Patty earlier on in the strip; you usually saw her with Violet. (Just like with Shermy, they got quietly retired as the years went by.)

  2. TXPAScot commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 19 hours ago

    Hey, at least cauliflower is a normal food…

  3. TXPAScot commented on Annie about 19 hours ago

    “I wait – just like that actor, Chuck… somebody… he just has a better agent.”

  4. TXPAScot commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 2 days ago

    Flo and Eddie on the history of 70s music: “Then everyone took their acoustic guitars and they sold them, or they burned ’em one night in a chilly festival bonfire, or they ate ’em like granola for roughage… and they bought these big, flashy electric guitars and every guitar player turned into Jimmy Page – and every band became Led Zeppelin…”

  5. TXPAScot commented on Nancy 2 days ago

    First things first…

  6. TXPAScot commented on Random Acts of Nancy 2 days ago

    For a change…

  7. TXPAScot commented on Plastic Baby Heads from Outer Space 3 days ago

    I KNEW IT! (Refer to comments of a few panels back.) Now, or the connection to Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s attorneys…

  8. TXPAScot commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 days ago

    Would it REALLY matter to you if she did, Calvin?

  9. TXPAScot commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 3 days ago


  10. TXPAScot commented on Nancy 3 days ago

    That ought to do it…