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Bloom County

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  1. TXPAScot commented on Annie 2 days ago

    Stockholm Syndrome? (Aggravated by amnesia…)

  2. TXPAScot commented on Annie 2 days ago

    Since the multitude of candles implies no electricity in his lair, it’s safe to assume there isn’t a washing machine in the joint. (I hope there’s a stream with a rock nearby…)

  3. TXPAScot commented on Nancy Classics 2 days ago

    From “Evil Roy Slade:”
    “You got five minutes to come outta there, Slade!”
    “Why are we giving him five minutes?”
    “We need the time for our guns to dry out…”

  4. TXPAScot commented on Nancy 2 days ago

    Just how many critters DO you have in that house, kid?

  5. TXPAScot commented on Annie 2 days ago

    Boca Raton, FL
    LESSON #9: Selecting the Right Costume

    Unless you are an extraterrestrial, have shape-shifting among your powers or were hired to carry out your mission by the government, the odds are you’ll have to design – and make – your own outfit, especially if you wish to keep your secret identity a secret. (Imagine going to a local tailor with your designs, unless you can swear him or her to secrecy.) Structurally speaking, this is where some basic classes in clothes-making might come in handy, especially when dealing with exotic fabrics like spandex or kevlar. Nothing tells villains that you are not to be taken seriously like a sloppy, amateurish costume.
    In the case of sidekicks, you want something that compliments, but is not necessarily an improvement on, your original design. If you decide on a cape (though increasingly passe popular among modern crusaders), then the sidekick should not have one. Imagery should also be kept to a minimum – the sidekick should have to earn their right to wear the logo, no matter how helpful.
    Also, when dealing with female sidekicks, although you want something that will permit freedom of movement and functionality, being influenced by Bob Mackie or anything from Las Vegas or Hollywood is an absolute career-killer. Especially if your sidekick is underage…

  6. TXPAScot commented on Last Kiss 2 days ago

    Johnny Storm meets his dream girl (don’t get him TOO turned on…)

  7. TXPAScot commented on Annie 3 days ago

    “Regretfully, Dave – HAL is afraid he cannot do that…” Yeah, I can see your point. Glad everyone’s liking the lessons, though.

  8. TXPAScot commented on Peanuts Begins 3 days ago

    Must have been before CB hit on “Good Grief!”

  9. TXPAScot commented on Bloom County 3 days ago

    And without hot pads, too – impressive, Oliver…

  10. TXPAScot commented on Nancy Classics 3 days ago

    I was going to say, if THAT doesn’t work…