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Bloom County

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  1. TXPAScot commented on Nancy Classics about 21 hours ago

    How about a First Nations scout FOR the cowboys?

  2. TXPAScot commented on Nancy about 21 hours ago


  3. TXPAScot commented on Annie about 21 hours ago

    Wow – how far ARE these guys from the days of the Great Depression?

  4. TXPAScot commented on Random Acts of Nancy about 21 hours ago

    Yeah, that’s kinda’ what it was like…

  5. TXPAScot commented on Annie 1 day ago

    Thank you; it’s actually a pity it’s ending.

  6. TXPAScot commented on Annie 1 day ago

    Thank you. Of course, there’s a difference between posting a few paragraphs in the comments section and writing for a living. Of course, if anyone out there has the urge to be a comics artist, I’ve got some ideas. (I teach at a high school, y’know…)

  7. TXPAScot commented on Bloom County 2 days ago

    Present it as a PARODY of super heroes; that worked even then…

  8. TXPAScot commented on Annie 2 days ago

    Of course, the ward of a millionaire would not be fighting Nazis and gangsters, either throughout her career. I think you’re giving the writers too little credit. And, I hope that, with the centennial of Harold Gray’s creation approaching, that a re-launch of the strip is in the works.

  9. TXPAScot commented on Annie 2 days ago

    Boca Raton, FL
    FINAL LESSON: Into the Sunset
    And so, as his sidekick, memory fully restored, sets off for points unknown and a new adventure, we also bid farewell to the case of Captain Snafu (The Phantom Commando).
    Having rode back into his forest lair, our aspiring crusader – despite making an embarrassing number of mistakes and critical errors – may fight again another day… or he may find either law enforcement and/or the masters of the spies and saboteurs he dispatched waiting for him with a lot more than a .22 long rifle.
    The main lesson to be learned is to NEVER GO INTO THIS GIG without proper training – learn from the best, which is what we offer here at FCCS. Enrollment for the fall semester is now available at our website…

  10. TXPAScot commented on Last Kiss 2 days ago

    Now, give back the hat; Goodhaven needs to call for The Mighty Heroes…